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  1. TallTonyB

    Health of the Game?

    Well... and there it goes
  2. TallTonyB

    Health of the Game?

    He wasn't the CEO of fantasy flight for awhile. He took over as head of asmodee NA, which is the North American arm of the parent company of FF, Plaidhat, Spacecowboys, Catan, Ect… His leaving really doesn't change anything at Fantasy Flight itself AFAIK.
  3. TallTonyB

    woah woah woah

  4. I wish they would do an award for best customizing as well. Thats something I don't see a ton of, but is always interesting when I do.
  5. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Well, to be fair, 2.0 is really pretty new, so we haven't had a chance to see if it will work. That being said, It's an objectively better system compared to costs on cards. Thats not a debate. If they use it correctly or not, is.
  6. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Runewars 2.0. Run it on an app with no points on the cards themselves. Seems to work well for Xwing. Now we just have to wait a few years for the new edition >.<
  7. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    This I agree with. It's been big for me a handful of times ever, but mostly just isn't for how expensive it is. Also, the few times I've really liked it, I've also been using heartseeker. Now that is an expensive Kari.
  8. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Maybe I just need a nap
  9. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    It has been a bit better. He has been making a good bunch of things better IMO. I've been running them both together for a bit now, and he helps her not insta-die, but against a good opponent, you still won't get her ability off more than 1-2 times per game, and the two of them together in a list can get spendy fast. I've found that Wraith Step helps keep you alive once you are engaged, but then that takes up turns you are not doing anything offensive. I really don't mean to sound so combative, its just that seeing someone claim her ability is TOO powerful just seems super hyperbolic to me, which makes me wonder about how seriously to take anything else on that list.
  10. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    I don't understand how you could think her knife ability is that good then. I'm sorry, but I really don't. I've been playing her for over 2 years now, and I have never once thought that her ability was even a little OP. If you didn't have to take a squishy hero into the middle of melee, and attack at a 4 (later than a bunch of other heroes and even a few units) to do it, then yeah. But, you do have to do those things,which means its very hard to get off without her getting rocked right back... as it should be. How exactly is it OP?
  11. TallTonyB

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Maybe it makes me an *******, but I really couldn't take anything in this post seriously after reading this... Have you played daqan much?
  12. TallTonyB

    Is Badpenny a Terrible Card?

    Seeker Needle*
  13. TallTonyB

    Is Badpenny a Terrible Card?

    My girlfriend used her today mixed with the seeker missile (?) Shadow card to make a good bit of aember against me. Any turn she called shadow, she would just tap bad penny to reap, tap seeker to do one damage, kill bad penny, gain an aember from killing something with seeker, then play bad penny back out. It was pretty effective.
  14. TallTonyB

    Some Clarification Required

    The QR code on each deck will be scanned into the app at each tourney, then the decks will be tracked that way. A certain deck wins enough tourneys, it becomes "ascended". Ascended decks can not be used at official tourneys. There may be tourneys later on that you can only play in with an ascended deck. All of this is what they told us to tell people when we were demoing it at gen-con. It keeps balance in OP by not allowing a super strong deck to keep smashing tourneys. You win a few, you have to find a new deck to play. Since decks are only $10, its not like you are out a lot, and you've probably gotten at least that much out of it if you have won multiple tourneys with it.
  15. TallTonyB

    Hedge shroud and figure upgrades

    Doesn't it just replace the units printed armor value? That wouldn't have any effect on the champion upgrade.