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  1. well, actually I posted it yesterday, but yeah. confirmed today
  2. Not yet as far as I know
  3. Command pack, the expansions for all the core units, and Maegan Cyndewin expansion.
  4. Also, the defense and wounds for each unit are on the back of their dial which should be facing you.
  5. What do you use to make that rock base?
  6. Having read the rules, played a few games, and watched probably well over 100 demos of it being played, I agree with basically everything you said. Highlighting the really insightful points. I still vastly prefer RW. Part of that might be star wars overload after having played 4 years of xwing, 2 of armada, destiny, etc. but part of it is just that I feel like there is a lot more room for faction identity, and it's more fresh to me. Also, the variable initiative is seriously my favorite mechanic in a long time.
  7. It officially 6x3 for the full 800 point per side games.
  8. Legion. Because Vader wrecks even more than Ardus.
  9. How does this inconvenience their customers? What company has ever put out a brand new game and was expected to let you use the pieces from an old game that isn't even a little bit the same game? It's entitlement plain and simple.
  10. Core armies can vary a lot because the core comes with a good number of upgrades. Without any upgrades it's about 400ish per side. Full games are 800 per side and they talk in the rule book about 1600 point games as well. For reference Luke is 160, Vader is 200, a squad of 4 stormtroopers is 44, and a squad of 4 rebels is 40.
  11. We don't know why they did it, but I'm going to assume that this company that has gone out of their way over and over again to be good to their customers is just scamming for a quick buck. Seems legit.
  12. Yeah, I feel like I had the best board for interesting rounds... But the worst for actually using. I almost dropped those trees on models so many times.
  13. And if they did that just to be sleazy then yes, you have a reason to be upset. Now show me where all these people have the proof that this is the reason they did it. Show me the conversations they had with Alex where he said that. And yes, GW has multiple times made models unusable in a new edition of the same game. this isn't the same game. It's an entirely new game.
  14. My favorite was one guy used Luke's jump to get him up onto the top of the Endor bunker and charge into the back of a stormtrooper squad taking out 4 of the five. It was very cinematic. This game is going to be awesome once it's full size.
  15. One plus one is actually faster than two because of accounting for his base in the middle. I measured it out one day and it was like half an inch farther. Not a ton faster, but a bit. Every time someone got him into the rebel trooper squad on my table he killed at least three troops, a few times all five in one attack. The six red are awesome, but what really makes him hit like a truck is the pierce three.