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  1. True, deathstars are pretty prevalent here so far. The moving early thing isn't such a problem for me since I have aggressive cornicen. If I need to move late I just dial up the 4 speed that isn't blue and it's still a charge.
  2. The daqan vs daqan mirror is very dependant on charges. If you have two golems led deathstars, the one that charges first usually gets a big advantage, especially if you have shield wall. It's why I almost always run raven tabards.
  3. That's fire at the top of the staff? I just thought it was a gnarled piece of wood, and painted it all brown. Oops
  4. I got one eye to look good and couldn't get the other, so now my Kari wears an eye patch.
  5. Yeah, not sure why they changed it up, especially since the underline is easy to mistake for decoration.
  6. Didn't even think of using the blade from the sword as the spear tip... that looks way better than mine. Nice idea.
  7. Upcoming page updated to shipping now.
  8. So, I made a thing. It's a java based RuneCaster app for people who either don't really enjoy the cardboard runes, or end up with them rolling around all over when they throw them (I've already lost two). It's pretty simple and the code is probably super nasty to anyone that actually knows java, but I mostly threw it together as practice for my java class in school. No idea if anyone will find it useful, but if nothing else it was a passing assignment Works just like you think it would. Push the Cast Runes button to randomize all 5 runes, if you have something that lets you recast just tap on the runes you want to recast (darkening them out) and hit the button again. Hitting New Round will reset all of them and advance the round tracker. There is also a checkbox for the Confluence of Magic objective that doesn't reset the runes between rounds, but still lets you recast any that you want. You can also hit the RuneWars logo to switch between three different themes. Now the problem, I just use command prompt to run this because I really don't know how to do anything else with it. Pretty sure it can be turned into an Executable file somehow, but I have no idea how (one semester of java and I really didn't do that well in it >.< ). If you know how to run java programs from command line you can find the files in my shared onedrive folder here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlhMRiHvIbW-iRRGpY4CY1w-3t1P Feel free to do what you want with them, download and use them, "fix" them so the code isn't so ugly, turn it into a single file program so it's easier for others to use, whatever.
  9. I actually just made that one completely from scratch just using green stuff. If you go that route, make sure to use more blue than yellow in your green stuff (I did equal parts and it's a bit too bendy for my tastes). Then just use the pose where he has his sword more away from his body, cut right at the seam between the gauntlet and his arm, spin his hand down and chop off the sword parts. For my next one, I might just try rolling the green stuff for the shaft around a toothpick for rigidity if it doesn't make it too fat.
  10. You ever have a model you finish up and think "Wow, this looks really good" only to take pictures and the bright light shows all the flaws.... So this oathsworn....
  11. I do the exact same thing. I also cannot stop referring to Banes and Boons as Buffs and Debuffs.
  12. That's pretty nice. Do you think that you could be mobile and fast enough with this list to engage ranged units before they chewed you up? That seems like the only weakness I could see, but not sure how bad it would be. If you pulled one of those units of reanimates, what do you think would be a good replacement?
  13. In the rules.... under Unique page 20 rules reference. #86: Unique Names "A card's name is unique if there is an underline under it's name." 86.1 "An army cannot contain more than one card with the same unique name, even if those cards are of different types."
  14. That's true, good catch. Has anyone tried that combo? I feel like if you are getting hit by 3+ attacks, and then another 3+ attacks from Hawthorne, it's probably not that the combo is OP, just that you are getting outplayed and his Hawthorne is positioned better than your troops. I'm going to have to try that out sometime.
  15. No, the second attack is a new event. Pretty sure 83.8 means: "an 'after' event occurs immediately after the specified event (trigger, the first attack) and cannot occur again for that instance of the event (still the first attack)" The second attack would be a different instance of the same type of event (melee attack).