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  1. For those that are not at Adepticon, official word is FFG will be making 3x3 mats of grasslands, etc. made out of the same material as the X-Wing/Armada mats. Also, two more factions by the end of the year.
  2. Picked these up from the Gale Force 9 booth at Adepticon. In person they look super detailed and very well painted. They should be a really nice size for runewars. A steal at $25.
  3. He isn't replaced by a tray of spearmen if he is the last tray. If he is killed while there are still spearmen then he is replaced by a tray of them that is still in the formation.
  4. Now that so many core sets are out in the hands of people not locked under an NDA, I can only imagine it will be a day or two tops before someone posts all the upgrade cards and rules. I'm a little surprised that the rules pdf isn't up yet to be honest.
  5. I can't tell you how many people I had come up to me today for a demo because "I have never heard about this game, but I got the free copy and want to learn to play". Pretty sure we made a bunch of new fans today.
  6. If any of you are at Adepticon and got a copy and want to learn how to play, come find me. You can't miss me, I'll be the giant behind the runewars table.
  7. Core sets for sale at Adepticon! Scratch that... being given away at Adepticon
  8. FFG isn't generally too keen on thier employees posting on the forums, and stuff like this is why. If I was an employee I wouldn't even be able to read the forums at all. I would be fired in a week because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. At any rate, all I tried to do was correct your assumption. You came back rude and dismissive, I gave back in kind. The difference is I realized I was in the wrong, and apologized. For some reason you can't seem to do the same. That's ok. I won't pollute the thread any further. Have a good day sir.
  9. Who's flying anywhere? Would you like me to take a picture next to the FFG and Asmodee NA signs next time I'm there? That being said, I do apologize for getting a bit... snarky. If you would like to learn more actual info about the game, swing by Chicago next weekend for adepticon. I would be happy to teach you all about it.
  10. Ok, I guess I have to spell it out to you. You're wrong. Period. The formations have nothing to do with the sales model, and everything to do with it being a rank and file game. You can keep trying to troll me, but it doesn't really work when I know for a fact you are wrong.
  11. I assure you, A) I am not naive when it comes to business B) I would bet I know a good bit more about this game than you do
  12. Really? What do you notice about those numbers you quoted? 2 trays = 2x1 4 trays = 2x2 6 trays = 3x2 9 trays = 3x3 ... they aren't trying to sucker money out of you... that's just how a square works.
  13. No panic token. Just an extra Red or blue die (attackers choice), and when the flanked unit attacks they get no rerolls and determine threat from the contacted edge.