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  1. No, we are not seeing that. That's my entire point. You have no idea what's coming down the pipe. You have no idea of the release schedule. You have no idea what the contents of the expansions will be. Yet you insist on being fearful and spreading that fear. Stop.
  2. I first played this game last July, so I have almost 3/4 of a year of experience. In that time I've played many games against many different types of players and have demoed it for literally hundreds of players. I can assure you, waiqar is certainly not underpowered.
  3. He may not make that call, but I assure you he works very closely with the people that do make that call. You may not know who Frank is, and that's fine, but for those of us that do I assure you when he says you won't have to buy out of faction, it means you won't have to buy out of faction. Having doubts about that is fine, but coming on here and trying to scare people off of this game with information you have no idea about is very frustrating. Especially when this game needs all the good word of mouth it can get since it doesn't have an IP that automatically sells itself like StarWars.
  4. This isn't X-Wing. You won't need to buy out of faction. Why is that so hard to understand? How are you going to condem this when the only thing officially out is the core? Give it a rest. I get getting upset if they do screw you over, but constantly complaining about it when you don't even know yet is foolish and irritating, yet you basically post something like this every day..
  5. Right now we are still trying to see what day works with the most people and get the word out, but the launch day casual event got 12 or 13 I believe it ended up being.
  6. Well, really more of the same elves, but you get the idea https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/21/call-in-the-reinforcements-1/
  7. A few of us play at FFG every Thursday. They have their first official tourney on may 27th. You should join the "Twin Cities Wars of the North" Facebook page, we always like new blood.... I mean new people
  8. That being said, I do get that humans and undead are kind of the most generic they could have gone with. Would've loved to see the first core being elves and uthak/dwarves/whatever else.
  9. 4 factions by the end of the year isn't too bad. It seems bad coming from xwing because of the crazy fast release schedule, whereas this game is going for more longevity. Most full miniatures games dont hit their stride for the first year or so anyway. Besides, stuff coming out so quick and bloating the game is what is turning me off of xwing after 3.5 years of playing.
  10. With the oathsworn it really comes down to how you're engaging. Head on to lock someone down? Attack fast and get that extra defense. Flanking? Wait and hit them hard. Their attack back at you won't be too hardcore generally (no rerolls, sometimes less threat), especially with the 2 defense you have naturally. The spearmen however, I almost always quick attack before I lose too many guys. Once I rock shield wall I may change my mind.
  11. Yep. It's tough to pull off (need three surges and both a lancer and archers within 1-3), but glorious when you do. And the blight stays to need their attack back at you.
  12. Kari's rally doesn't help much against banes. The modifier happens after the action. She has a blight on her, she attacks, you spend the blight to get rid of a die, then she rallies and it gets her an inspiration token that only gets rid of one blight next round. You only need one blight on her the first round, 2 on her from there out to always be needing her attack.
  13. The point is that it will be good when the game is actually out. Thats why it belongs. You say you're just talking about the core meta, but calling something a "**** mechanic", and not getting the point of it is not talking about the core set. Check what you typed before you try to get belligerent.
  14. Um, are you serious? I really don't have a polite way to say this, but that statement is stupid. I know it may be hard to believe, but these abilities were not created for just the core set. Pretty much every ability seems underwhelming right now, because duh... The ability of Daqan units to get easy inspiration tokens seems mediocre at best, but once you start using a bunch of upgrades that exhaust, it's going to be huge. Complaining about abilities being lackluster right now is like watching the first movie in a trilogy and complaining that they don't wrap up all the plotlines.
  15. Great advice guys, thanks a lot. I love minis and painting even though I'm mediocre at best. My bases probably won't turn out amazing, but I'll post some pictures for critique when I finish.