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  1. TallTonyB

    More Terrinoth world building

    If you can get a hold of the book, it's well worth it. As far as I know, in the Minneapolis metro area, the only place that has them is FFG event center, and it sounded like they were running short already also.
  2. TallTonyB

    New Content?

    Dwarves in Terrinoth are not tech dwarves. They are usually drunken dwarves though.
  3. TallTonyB

    column tactics timing

    They did rule it that way. On a 2x3 cavalry you can decide to change it any time before you take the third reroll roll (second reroll).
  4. TallTonyB

    How are players beating Uthuk?

    Not sure about other store champs, but the one at FFG very few of us had ever played against uthak so that was a big part of it. Not to take anything away from @tgall, he ran them very well, just saying that they may have been closer games vs the slaughter that they were with a little more experience against them.
  5. TallTonyB

    I want a ticket!

    Before the lottery a couple of seconds could make a difference. So, yes it did have something to do with it. Here is the problem with the whole situation: everyone thinks the way that works the best for them is the way it should be. No way works for everyone. FFG has never wanted their tournaments to be only hardcores. Gotta live with it.
  6. TallTonyB

    I want a ticket!

    So your computer and internet speed should determine how hard core you are? Seems legit.
  7. TallTonyB

    Runewars TMG Tabletop Simulator Mod

    Has anyone tried this in TTS VR? I haven't gotten around to buying TTS, but probably will for this.
  8. TallTonyB

    The Price of a Legion Commander

    The legion and IA sculpts are different sizes, not sure how much that makes a difference price wise....
  9. TallTonyB

    Uthuk Army + Command Release - Nov 24th

    Whisper? You're doing it wrong....
  10. TallTonyB

    Worlds Winning List

    - Kari (32) Heartseeker (10) Wraithstep (1) - Spearmen 3x3 (59) Shieldwall (5) Lance corporal (6) Front line rune golem (7) Raven tabards (2) Aggressive cornicen (5) -Oathsworn 2x1 (20) Rank discipline (4) -Oathsworn 2x1 (20) Rank discipline (4) -Oathsworn 2x1 (20) Rank discipline (4) total 199
  11. TallTonyB

    AAR Team Runewars Event at Worlds

    The funny thing was, because of maro Curt added more than he lost and ended the game with more figures than he started with. Was a great time, really had fun.
  12. TallTonyB


    Lost my last game 2-9. ended up 6th, 2 points behind 4th >.< I didn't even need to win my last game, I just needed to not lose it so badly. Oh well, made top daqan player for the sweet range ruler.
  13. TallTonyB


    Same. The first game against them I underestimated just how hard Aliyana hit, and the second game I really didn't know what to expect from the leonx riders. They can move some odd ways.
  14. TallTonyB


    Fourth place going into final round. Gotta pull out the W to make the cut.
  15. TallTonyB


    Not well for me lol. My spear star tanked a lot of damage and Kari was raining death, but I, for some reason, expected a 2x1 of oathsworn to hold off Aliyana for more than one round. She killed them without even rolling dice. Then she was on Kari, and her back was to terrain so I couldn' wraithstep behind her.