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  1. You can derive the answer from the rules in post #10. The FAQ answer strengthens the position: No. Advanced Sensors don't work while Ionized.
  2. onebit

    Paint Recipes

    What color are X-wings supposed to be? I've seen everything from white, to light gray, to a kind of bone yellow.
  3. onebit

    Paint Recipes

    I'm interested in reference photos people are using.
  4. onebit

    tie int

    The card says TIE Interceptor so you can use any TIE Interceptor with the card.
  5. My money's on FebruaryApril.
  6. I think that would make a great Elite Pilot Talent.
  7. Receiving a stress token is pretty severe as it greatly reduces your maneuver selection on the following turn. Besides, its easier for high PS pilots to avoid collisions because they can fly into the voids left by low PS pilots.
  8. Unless two ships with the same PS kill each other...
  9. +1 I love Chromecasting X-wing battle reps!
  10. Buhallin is just pointing out that we have to take a leap of faith to arrive at the conclusion. His blog is pretty interesting regarding asteroids and barrel rolls.
  11. The second appears to favor the player who had weaker opponents.
  12. Looks like I'm gonna have 5 TIE Interceptors when Imperial Aces comes out. That's legal, right?
  13. That doesn't explain why imperials don't get initiative against rebels.
  14. After reading the rule in post #18 do you reach a different conclusion?
  15. It's worth noting that FFG has ruled twice that the FCS target lock goes on the defender.
  16. I'm going with FCS puts the target lock on the defender. FCS forbids any other target.
  17. Here's what the rules say. The difference between the core rule and the FAQ rule is that the core rule might be construed to allow the player to change his mind even if the barrel roll is possible. The player should only use the 1 Forward movement template to determine if the barrel roll is possible, not to measure arc. This being said, if most of your group prefers lax measuring its fine to house rule it.
  18. The Target Locks would be easier if they were like VASSAL. There is only 1 lock token and it has a number on it that corresponds to the attacker. It is then placed on the defender. Putting the blue target lock and focus tokens on the attackers ship card sounds like a good idea to reduce mistakes and clutter.
  19. onebit

    Countering Y-Wings

    Yep. Y-wings have 1 agility. Pick one and keep shooting it until it dies. Ion Turrets only do 1 damage so it might be a good idea to save it for later until the X-wings and B-wings are dead.
  20. More ships > torpedoes. A decked out 3 ship rebel list with torpedoes up the wazoo will lose more than a vanilla rebel list with 4 ships. The reason is simply that 4 ships shooting is better than 3 ships having one round of slightly more powerful shooting. If I were to run a rebel list with torpedoes it would have 4 ships and I'd squeeze in a torpedo(s) with my last 4-8 points. I'd also have a specific delivery system in mind. Rodent's advice on this is good.
  21. onebit

    card sleeves

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