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  1. We're getting off topic, but with Advanced Sensors the Lambda can "K-turn" in two turns instead of three. I think it comes down to personal preference. Attack vs maneuverability.
  2. Assuming you can turn around to get a shot.
  3. Here's one I've been toying with. I like the idea of Carnor debuffing and Howlrunner buffing. Everyone is PS 8 except the Lambda. The Lambda is there to soak up hits. It has Advanced Sensors and Engine Upgrade to turn in two turns. Gunner lets it do some damage. Carnor Runner Carnor Jax (26) "Howlrunner" (18) Royal Guard Pilot (22) Veteran Instincts (1) Omicron Group Pilot (21) Advanced Sensors (3) Gunner (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  4. Could Hull upgrade be better than it sounds? I've been playing a lot of interceptors lately and it's pretty painful when you get one-shotted. So many attacks are attack 3 that 4HP may be a sweet spot.
  5. To summarize, pick, measure, then perform the action. If the action isn't legal after measuring repeat.
  6. onebit

    HWK-290 questions

    I'm starting to believe that the HWK is underrated. I played against a Kyle/Garvin/Dutch/Rookie list last night and it was brutal. Kyle, Garvin, and Dutch pass out focus and locks. Rookie Pilot got boosted to PS6. My PS4 list got whooped! I think my opponent only missed a shot or two due to having plenty of focus and rerolls. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/35191/pcgamerpirate
  7. I ignore it all day. When it turns around, it discovers it doen't have any friends left. Then it gets a hurtin' from behind. Sure, you can ignore it, but its going to do some damage. In my experience a shuttle can get at least two rounds of shooting before the enemy can maneuver behind. Odds are some hits will be scored with gunner. Lambda/Gunner shooting is superior to interceptors. I see the shuttle as a cheap way to boost hit points. Four interceptors have 12 hit points. This is their Achilles Heel. Three interceptors and a shuttle have 19 hit points, 5 of which are shields. If you can find a way to encourage the enemy to shoot the shuttle it takes some heat off the interceptors. For instance, if the interceptors are range 3 and the shuttle is range 2 one might be tempted to shoot the shuttle. Also you can try to move your interceptors in such a way as to draw the enemy back into the frontal arc of the lambda.
  8. I'm starting to change my opinion on the shuttle. The problem with interceptors is their low hull. A shuttle gives the enemy 10 more hull to chew through. With gunner on the shuttle it can't be ignored.
  9. Actually the X-Wing that comes with the transport expansion IS a repaint. Wow. Can't believe I missed that. I'd say this probably is X-wing Aces then.
  10. No repaints in the transport expansion, though.
  11. I don't think there's enough posts to justify an art section. List building may.
  12. onebit

    advice with repaint

    I use an oil wash. Apply a gloss coat to the model, and then dilute some black oil paint. The gloss varnish helps it stay in the cracks. Since its oil paint the excess can be wiped off.
  13. onebit


    This is pricey, but I played against Ibtisam + Advanced Sensors + HLC and it was brutal. Advanced sensor, focus, K-Turn, then fire the HLC with a re-roll since Ibtisam is stressed. A defense die can also be re-rolled. If the enemy is stressed because they just K-turned they're going to take a beating.
  14. 3 hull is rough! Does Imperial Aces have staying power? I can see a lot of people going back to X-wings and B-wings about a month after it comes out. Mixing Interceptors with TIEs for a 6 swarm could be an option, but I'm having doubts about 4 TIE Interceptor squads. If there's a wave 4 Imperial ship with 3 attack and shields I predict it will be very popular. If only Storm Squadron had EPT for Opportunist...
  15. onebit


    Wow. Thanks for the dimension info on that mat.
  16. onebit


    Speaking of mats, where can I get a neoprene space mat that isn't garish like the coolstuffinc one?
  17. onebit


    It makes it so you won't perform a random maneuver if the ship is stressed, e.g. Tycho Celchu.
  18. With 2 ships an ion cannon is going to seriously hamper damage output.
  19. @oneway 105 point games would go a long way to "fix" the TIE Advanced. But then you screw up everything else!
  20. What if the TIE Advanced is priced right, but the problem is 100 point games? The Storm Squadron pilot is 23 points. This is a terrible points value for 100 point games, because it rules out 3 point upgrades. If the Storm Squadron pilot was reduced by a mere one point, to 22, I predict a resurgence of TIE Advanced in tournaments. Both Stealth Device and Push the Limit could be taken in 4 ship squads. The other issue is, of course, Storm Squadron needs an EPT slot. I would suggest a card that gives 4+ PS TIE Advanced an EPT slot and reduces the points of one EPT or Modification by 1 to a minimum of 1. Either that, or errata it to 22. Tempest Squadron may be OK at 21 because it can already take Stealth Device or 4 point Missiles. Vader seems OK at 29. He is the most widely used. Not sure about Maarek.
  21. There was talk of going to Game Empire on Wednesday. However, it is Warhammer 40K night. It may be crowded. We might be able to set something up, Sierra.
  22. Sometimes the dice beat me, but its usually bad maneuvering. I've realized how important it is to perform actions to tame the dice. My recent VASSAL tournament losses were due to bumping friendly ships too often.
  23. onebit

    Skipray Blastboat

    Reading the ships description, a 360 degree HLC is hard to justify. This ship's primary armament was three forward mounted ion cannons. The turret is pretty small. PS: 2 Att: 2 (360 radius) Ag: 1 ( Its maneuvering performance was not as remarkable out of the atmosphere) Hull: 4 (it is smaller than a Firespray) Shield: 6 (shielding caused some registries to designate it as a capital ship itself.) Action Icons: Focus, Target Lock Upgrade Icons: System Upgrade (only on higher PS; GAT-12p), Crew, Cannon, Proton, Missile Dial: Similar to b-wing with 4 forward being white, 3 k-turn (often relied on swift first-strikes) Points: 30
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