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  1. the time for a round is still the same and the winner is determined by who sploded the most points out of thier opponents fleet. shoot thier most expensive ship first. get the most points off the table that you can....win.

    Each player calculates his

    score by adding together the total squad point value of his opponent’s destroyed ships, including

    Upgrade cards equipped to those ships. The player with the greater score receives a Modifed

    Match Win, and his opponent receives a Match Loss. If the winning player’s score is at least 33

    points more than his opponent’s score, he receives a Match Win instead. If both players have the

    same score, the game ends in a Draw.

    You might get a win, but you might get a modified win. This is a major problem for games that don't go to completion.

  2. Wouldn't your opponent split up if faced with 5 Assault Missiles? That would partially negate the Howlrunner and Assault Missile advantages, bringing us back to vanilla TIE Fighter vs Z-95.

    I haven't done the math, but I suspect the 3 Agility of the TIE will win out again the 4 hits of the Z-95.

  3. Honestly I never heard of any of these ships before I started reading the forums. They look very "Star Warsey" to me, though. Somebody has to say it though. The TIE Defender is just plain silly looking.

  4. Rebel swarm won't develop unless the rebels get a Howlrunner.

    Etahn isn't equivalent to Howlrunner. He converts hits to crits. Howlrunner converts misses to hits.

  5. I also want 4 X-Wings and have two cores and 1 X-wing expansion. I'm holding out for the rebel transport for the fourth X-wing.

    Your situation is a bit different though, because you want 8 TIE fighters. I'd go with the third core.

    But then if you get the transport you'll have 5 X-wings. I hope your OCD doesn't trigger!

    Here are the wiki links if you want to compare the cards in the expansions to the core. That's really the only reason to go expansion vs core.




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