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  1. Please reprint Hunt for Gollum soon! I was disappointed as a new player not to be able to get the 1st Adventure Pack.
  2. We now have a reserved table at Game Empire Tuesday nights at 6pm.
  3. Disney would be kind of dumb to cut off a company printing free money for them.
  4. Sorry you couldn't make it, Sierra. Good turnout tonight. Six people. We have a table reserved on Tuesdays.
  5. The plan for 2/13 is to meet at 6pm at Game Empire.
  6. Hi Sierra, are you still in town Thursday?
  7. I soak them in Castrol Super Clean for a day or two and then scrub them a couple of times with a tooth brush. The paint is very thin so this might not be necessary.
  8. I'm preparing myself mentally for the TIE Defender having a reverse maneuver.
  9. onebit

    wave 4 and a-wings

    We'll have to wait and see if the PS4 Z-95 gets an elite pilot talent. That's a major plus for Green Squadron Pilot.
  10. I'll start with 1 of each and then double up. I don't see a need for 3 E-Wings, TIE Defenders, or TIE Phantoms considering they are 25+ points.
  11. Drill a hole in it with a pin vice and then try and wriggle it out with a paper clip?
  12. You might get a win, but you might get a modified win. This is a major problem for games that don't go to completion.
  13. onebit

    Z-95s vs TIEs

    Wouldn't your opponent split up if faced with 5 Assault Missiles? That would partially negate the Howlrunner and Assault Missile advantages, bringing us back to vanilla TIE Fighter vs Z-95. I haven't done the math, but I suspect the 3 Agility of the TIE will win out again the 4 hits of the Z-95.
  14. So whose gonna be the first guy to blow up an E-Wing with a Proton Bomb?
  15. Honestly I never heard of any of these ships before I started reading the forums. They look very "Star Warsey" to me, though. Somebody has to say it though. The TIE Defender is just plain silly looking.
  16. onebit

    Wave 4 meta?

    Rebel swarm won't develop unless the rebels get a Howlrunner. Etahn isn't equivalent to Howlrunner. He converts hits to crits. Howlrunner converts misses to hits.
  17. Prediction: Munitions Failsafe allows you to fire your missiles if you get destroyed.
  18. I proclaim the TIE Phantom to be Buzzsaw Jr.
  19. Updating Wave 4 Summary as we find out more! Leave a comment if I messed something up.
  20. Game Empire, San Diego, Feb 22. $10. https://www.facebook.com/events/161047630770878/
  21. onebit

    3rd Core Set or...

    I also want 4 X-Wings and have two cores and 1 X-wing expansion. I'm holding out for the rebel transport for the fourth X-wing. Your situation is a bit different though, because you want 8 TIE fighters. I'd go with the third core. But then if you get the transport you'll have 5 X-wings. I hope your OCD doesn't trigger! Here are the wiki links if you want to compare the cards in the expansions to the core. That's really the only reason to go expansion vs core. http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/X-Wing_Core_Set http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/X-Wing_Expansion_Pack http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/TIE_Fighter_Expansion_Pack
  22. onebit

    Hit the asteroid!!

    It's risky. You won't be able to focus for defense. If you guess wrong you might take asteroid damage and a shot.
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