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  1. Please reprint Hunt for Gollum soon! I was disappointed as a new player not to be able to get the 1st Adventure Pack.
  2. We now have a reserved table at Game Empire Tuesday nights at 6pm.
  3. Disney would be kind of dumb to cut off a company printing free money for them.
  4. Sorry you couldn't make it, Sierra. Good turnout tonight. Six people. We have a table reserved on Tuesdays.
  5. The plan for 2/13 is to meet at 6pm at Game Empire.
  6. Hi Sierra, are you still in town Thursday?
  7. I soak them in Castrol Super Clean for a day or two and then scrub them a couple of times with a tooth brush. The paint is very thin so this might not be necessary.
  8. I'm preparing myself mentally for the TIE Defender having a reverse maneuver.
  9. onebit

    wave 4 and a-wings

    We'll have to wait and see if the PS4 Z-95 gets an elite pilot talent. That's a major plus for Green Squadron Pilot.
  10. I'll start with 1 of each and then double up. I don't see a need for 3 E-Wings, TIE Defenders, or TIE Phantoms considering they are 25+ points.
  11. Drill a hole in it with a pin vice and then try and wriggle it out with a paper clip?
  12. You might get a win, but you might get a modified win. This is a major problem for games that don't go to completion.
  13. onebit

    Z-95s vs TIEs

    Wouldn't your opponent split up if faced with 5 Assault Missiles? That would partially negate the Howlrunner and Assault Missile advantages, bringing us back to vanilla TIE Fighter vs Z-95. I haven't done the math, but I suspect the 3 Agility of the TIE will win out again the 4 hits of the Z-95.
  14. So whose gonna be the first guy to blow up an E-Wing with a Proton Bomb?
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