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  1. Even if its not a forced revelation, you always have to choose the effects you can fulfill. In the rare case that you cannot fulfill any of the effects in an "or" situation, the card simply resolves and is discarded. But you simply cannot choose an effect that cannot occur in favor of one that can change the game state.
  2. If you can't do it, you can't choose it.
  3. Fortuitous Discovery sounds amazing.
  4. I think Eat Lead (0) is pretty good early on in a campaign. Guardians don't have much token manipulation, and this is like a Grotesque Statue for shooting your guns.
  5. Mists is better because it has charges, which means it can be used more than once. Ethereal Form is a strong one shot though. I don't think its comparable to Astral Travel, because Astral Travel can put you in any revealed location, where as Ethereal Form could require multiple actions for the same effect. I agree Blinding Light is still going to be used in Agnes, and will add Banish is something special in Jim Culver.
  6. hungering blade was spoiled on Whisperer in the Darkness yesterday. i saw it on youtube.
  7. Versatile is pretty strong in solo play. You might be able to solo with more investigators now because you can add the Shortcuts, the Delves, etc. to investigators who needed something like that to do campaigns solo. Outside of the Preston/Ross combo(which I don't think is OP. Preston could use some love), I feel like Versatile diminishes its returns the more players you add to the game, because you can specialize in a multiplayer variant and it does make scenarios easier.
  8. Surely Lola has to be easier to play with the dual faction cards in the environment now.
  9. it will take a minimum of 7 turns to break even with agency backup. thats a long time, unless you a hit on the ally, in which case you are sacrificing its utility. I also believe agency backup is a card that you don't want to leave the table. you want to play emergency aid, trusted, inspiring presence, etc. to keep it doing work. Armor of Ardennes costs 4 and, when defeated the natural way, will give you 4 resources or ammo. you only get the payoff when the asset defeated anyway.
  10. its more synergistic than agency backup. also, late in campaigns, you are taking more punishment from nasty monster, unfair treacheries, and Ancient Ones. The Armor will pay for itself, or give your gun 4 ammo.
  11. I don't see Tommy's endgame buys being Agency Backup. its probably Key of Ys and/or Armor of Ardennes
  12. I think Guard dog might be better for Tommy than Brother Xavier. I feel like Brother Xavier is just way too expensive unless you find a way to have him absorb everything. It might even take too long. You need cheap damage soaks that will either pay for themselves or grant you more than you invested if you want to use Tommy's ability economically.
  13. He would benefit from the Leveled up version of Peter Sylvester, and his Elder sign ability would be able to move horror on to Peter . The real econly is in Leather Coat/Cherished Keepsake though. Free soak items that constantly recur, give you two resources when they leave play.
  14. I disagree. if he was just 0-5 guardian, he would be a weaker mark or zoey and wouldn't be worth playing over them. I personally think he is guardian 0-5 and survivor 0-2. Wild speculation because it looks like he is on the survivor card Close Call, and that sometimes means that investigator can use that card. And if this is true, there would be a strong reason to use Tommy over Mark and Zoey.
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