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  1. I guess a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. 🤣
  2. I kind of hope the Seeker is Joe Diamond. I think he could balance out the grouping since the Guardian is a support instead of the muscle.
  3. Regarding Where Doom Awaits and Naomi, its spoiled in the article that an achievement called "Remind me not to piss her off" has something to do with beating the final encounter of Where Doom Awaits with Naomi in play.
  4. Kerosene- Its best out of Carolyn. Other than that, adding 1 to your deck is not the worst thing to do, as in certain scenarios you take damage/horror just for showing up, and Guardians are the High HP, Low Sanity class. Flamethrower- I'm not really impressed by it. It takes up all of your hand and body slots. You also can only wound the enemies engaged with you and your test is against the highest enemy engaged with you. I prefer Lightning Gun or Timeworn Brand if I am spending 5 exp. Pnakotic Manuscripts- Yeah, best card in the pack. Not drawing tokens is the best thing ever. Vantage Point- -1 shroud is never a bad thing, as anything that makes tests easier is nice. The clue moving is the butter. You can move clues out of terrible locations; maybe there is a big enemy there, a Locked Door, a penalty to investigating that hurts. Also, you can use this to free up Victory locations for that Exp. And in late game, its an agility icon. Not bad for a basic card. All In- Its two Wilds and the potential to refill your hand with no harassment. But 5 Exp is steep. Its not worth the 5 Exp with the word "you" in the text. If you were able to commit this to the test someone else was making and get that effect, than this card becomes worth. Borrowed Time- This looks like a card that got mangled in Playtesting. ? I think the best use of this could be in Lola Hayes(maybe?), as you can dump actions into it, and then next turn have a bunch of actions to the class you switch to. It all depends on how Lola's rules(which I don't have in front of me right now) work Forced: actions. Seal of the Seventh Sign- There is a theoretical setup with this card, Book of Shadows Lv3, 2 Counterspells, and a Cthonian Stone can really thin the bag down. Its still strong and worth the 5 Exp to add, and its easy to maintain in most Mystic decks. Shards of the Void- Mystics get more troll cards. ? I expect this card will be used for no good, or will innocently be the most misplayed card in the game. Its pretty good in Jim Culver Solo, but in groups, you will likely anger your team as you remove 1 of the 2-3 +0s from the bag to power this. Impromptu Barrier- Making tests either is always good. This card is obviously better out of Survivors than other classes, particularly Wendy Adams and Ashcan Pete, and is arguably better in them than Improvised Weapoon. I always want to use this card to trigger there abilities, because ditching a card with icons is a higher cost. Rita will obviously use this as well, because her Evades are attacks in a sense. Not bad for a Lv 0. Alter Fate- This was almost the best card in pack. The scope of this card is quite large. There are always treachery cards that go into player areas, on locations, on act/agenda decks. You can use this during any investigator turn. There is a lot of value in this card.
  5. you only discard the assets that tell you to discard them. however, if you need to make a slot(hands, accessory, arcane, body) free and the asset is not a weakness card, you can discard it when playing a card that would conflict with that slot.
  6. based on the words show, one of the words in the title of the Mystic card could be "Existence". Based off of what words are shown on the card, its probably a Fast action that when you are effected by an encounter card, you can choose to ignore one of the following penalties, and the rest still occur.
  7. i would think Patrice would be a mystic. her music is magical.
  8. C2K

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    That's just not how Lovecraftian story telling works. The "Good Guys" lose more often than they win. Lovecraft didn't write many happy endings, if any at all. It isn't a shortcoming of the game, its a part of story itself.
  9. C2K

    Wendy Winging It

    By this, I believe Winging It always shuffles into your deck, because it happens immediately after the effects are resolved and the shuffle is part of the effect. Also, Forced: is a new trigger that fires after the last trigger has resolved.
  10. I store my player cards in numerical order by cycle in binders, so whatever number they are, that is the spot they will go.
  11. C2K

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    Some of what you were saying is what I was alluding to. But I'll be more direct. That aside, I don't think you need specially structured decks to do well in FA. I think you can win with any investigator grouping still. You just need to adjust your playstyle to what the game expects of you and any balanced team can do that.
  12. C2K

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    Forgotten Age isn't difficult in the sense its difficult to do anything. Its difficult because what you think is the correct play, is actually the wrong play in some situations. It messes with the way you play the game, and add in the fact that the first time playing with the supplies will be a crap shoot, that's why I think its left a lot of people salty.
  13. C2K

    Doom Agenda Question

    You usually check for Agenda advancement after you place Doom on the Agenda at the beginning of the Mythos phase. That is the only time you check for advancement, unless the action that placed the doom says "This will allow the agenda to advance", example: Ancient Evils.
  14. C2K

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    Or that dude threw a bone to the masochists who are drawn to the game. ? I personally like when a co-op game throws everything it has at me. Win or lose, I have fun taking on what may seem impossible odds and unfortunate turn of events. I understand not everyone may enjoy that, or just get angry when they don't win. But I wouldn't call it bad game design because a designer wants to challenge the player base. Also loss is a prevalent thing in the Lovecraftian Mythos. I was told before my first game of Call of Cthulhu RPG experiences "Don't expect to survive". You rarely get rewarded in the Mythos, and when you do, it will never feel like enough. But that struggle, the "against all odds" spirit is what makes it fascinating.
  15. i feel like Thermos was printed specifically for Forgotten Age. Its an amazing card in that campaign.