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  1. I think Nephren-Ka would be part of a Nyarlathotep cycle, not its own.
  2. I haven't had the opportunity to play all the available scenarios yet, but make sure that it wasn't special scenario rules that would have the act advancing remove doom in play. While it is standard that the doom sticks around until the agenda advances, specific scenarios might bend or even break the rules.
  3. I don't think you can compare this game to WFB just yet. RuneWars doesn't have the variety WFB has, at least not yet, to cater to different player types. I have a friend(table top miniature enthusiast) that is intrigued by RuneWars, but he's not sold on any faction that RuneWars has to offer currently. Its not a faction power argument more than it is a faction theme issue.
  4. Always play on Hard, and I would try expert if the table agrees. I teach the game to people on Standard and I encourage people to play on Hard. Standard seems a little too easy, and the one thing about Co-op games is if they are not a challenge, they become tedious to play. Its the reason why I stopped playing Elder Sign pre-Gates of Arkham. (still haven't played it yet, but people have told me the last 3 expansions for Elder sign increased the difficulty of that game)
  5. This event felt flat because it didn't align with the release of Labyrinth of Lunacy. If you compared this event to the LotR Fellowship event(which cost the same entry fee), the LotR Fellowship event crushes the Invocation event, because players got a special scenario(not everyone can make it to GenCon you know, and even fewer can make it to Arkham Nights) along with the promo and Playmat included. We had a good turnout at the local Invocation event, about 17-21 people(not sure if there was another group). Most of the complaints were in regards to not having something new for this event, whereas they could have just met up at home or some other place then coming to this event specifically.
  6. I've seen competitive players quit GoT 2e because the first cycle took too long and the meta was stagnant. GoT was in a good place competitively from 2nd cycle onward. I've heard stories of how one sided Netrunner was during its first cycle, because runners had lackluster economy and breakers. Even Conquest needed a cycle to get in a good place. With L5R, you have clan loyalty, to the point where playing the best deck means forfeiting playing your clan. With the Hatamoto system, FFG wants clan loyalty to some extent. Considering from what I've seen in tournaments briefly over the weekend, two clans are dominant, four are in the middle, and one is at the bottom. Its not realistic to have all clans at the top, but, if the first cycle will allow there to be a 3rd or even 4th clan to be favored at a tourney and the others to have an outside chance, then it succeeded.
  7. I like it better than Emergency Cache (2). Still, I suppose you are better leveling other cards. It all depends what you are building up to.
  8. And if you are not playing it competitively, you can buy the packs at your leisure. You might not even want to buy all of the packs. Having played the other LCGs, sometimes I get packs that is uninspiring and not worth looking at till the meta changes.
  9. I think people are getting carried away. This seems like a 1 time thing to jumpstart the game. Game of Thrones 2e could have used this, as it took 1 cycle for all the factions to be tournament worthy. And with kotei arriving in such a short time, i think they want to add more variation to the tournament scene. As for deluxe boxes, they will probably follow the new GoT initiative of "when its ready, its ready."
  10. Luckily, Minh is a seeker, so she can use Old Book of Lore and No Stone Unturned to try and avoid the King in Yellow.
  11. Just remember, this is a game about "cardboard samurai". And the samurai battle cry was "Banzai!!".
  12. At some point in history, somebody has conquered and oppressed somebody. That's human nature. The Chinese, The Greeks, the Romans, the Turks, the Mongols, the Vikings, the Spanish, the Church, the British, the Japanese, the French, the Germans(Prussians), the USA, and of course, Russia. We should certainly remove the culture from all of these people away from the public eye because at one time, they did terrible things to a group of people. That's basically the argument here.
  13. For the record, Banzai means 10,000 years, as in "May you live 10,000 years". How is that offensive? Unless... life offends you??
  14. I think I would add Yorick to the list I made earlier. I think any Survivor so far can solo, because Survivors have ways to mitigate failures, and it helps make a solo run smoother.
  15. They might errata "Banzai!" to be instead referred to as "Here I come!" or "Not In The Face!"