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  1. I believe the intention is some weaknesses are player cards and some are encounter cards. Also, you can't Deny Existence negative effects generated by player cards.
  2. I look at the old "multiple core" system as safe buy ins to the game. $40 is an easier initial investment than $80. and ffg probably needs to charge around $80 to make a profit printing a full core playset. its a business after all. I don't know much about Marvel Champions yet, but i am concerned, especially if the card pool is small. There might be little to no customizability in the decks, and thats the one thing i enjoy in card games. its very possible, with the success of keyforge, ffg might be looking at card games that don't require deckbuilding because they fit the casual player. so atm, i don't know if Marvel Champions will be for me.
  3. Depends on the game. Arkham wouldn't have had the card pool it started out with if it was only 1 core.
  4. I missed this topic the first time around, but i will contribute now. Guardian: Mark Harrigan is my favorite in this class because of his risk-reward mechanic. He is arguably the best slayer in the game, but you have to balance this power, otherwise he becomes one of the worst overall characters. Zoey is a close second only because recent cards make deckbuilding for her fun, such as Blood Eclipse. Seeker: Rex Murphy was my favorite in Eldritch Horror because of his mechanic, but in the lcg, its Ursula. The deckbuilding is very toolbox with the relics she can take and you can customize her to fit the role needed. Rogue: Skids was my favorite because of the combos and amazing turns he can have. However, Preston is my new favorite because he has a unique playstyle. Fragile at first, but a powerhouse a few turns in. Mystic: Agnes Baker because of, again, risk-reward. Marie Lambeau is risk-reward as well, but i prefer Agnes more because I don't want the rest of the table to pay for my sins lol. Survivor:. Calvin Wright. This guy is insane, especially in one-shots. In campaigns, it can get scary if you keep drawing his weakness. He really got better with the Circle Undone cycle as well.
  5. Another thing about the 2 bonded cards is they are Occult lv 0,. which can be used by Marie Lambeau. Might guve her a playstyle, and at least add more cards to your deck to avoid Baron Samedi.
  6. Lure is a solo play card. It has a lot of value there. That value diminishes the more players you have in the game.
  7. The max hand size is a permanent effect. You only check for your max hand size during the upkeep phase, but you have a max hand size.
  8. This. Uncaged the Soul wouldn't be so good if it cost you an additional action. If a card tells you to play a card, that is part of that card's action.
  9. You can take the Agency Backup your Guardian can't afford.
  10. The time before Path to Carcosa is a bit muddled because they had that big leak. Should be noted that Path To Carcosa was announced in April, so they did announce some mythos packs, but July was all about the impending release of the deluxe box, which would be at GenCon.
  11. Its GenCon time and FFG drops a big seminar on upcoming products. They probably have their resources concerned about that and not what is immediately dropping currently. This tends to happen around this time of year a lot.
  12. I really like the design of that set of Hidden cards, and hopefully there are more like it. While the "I have a card that prevents me from helping you" is nice twist, the card that is "I am forced to do this routine to prevent bad things from happening" is harder to work around and changes the game. I have found Path to Carcosa to be the easiest of the campaigns, so I am really looking forward to some increased difficulty.
  13. yes you can. but you will have to manage your cards as you might find your group wanting to use cards that you won't have enough of, specifically core set neutral skill cards. but it is doable.
  14. I think that is up to the creator of the thread. Also, I think it is a very subjective topic. I can make a good deck/build with any of the non-promo investigators(though Silas is actually easy to do). I am sure there are quite a few people on this forum who can do so as well. What it comes down to is playstyle knowledge of the investigator you are using. Everyone who says making a deck for Calvin is hard has probably only given it one or zero tries and gave up or is just intimidated by the card.
  15. I personally don't think any list is an accurate representation of the "worst investigators in the game". Just by looking at your list, I can see you don't really like using Survivors much, and thats ok. Perhaps the Survivor class doesn't fit your playstyle, and being a co-op game, Arkham is all about playing the game to your style rather than the deck that will competitively stomp the competition. But in the same vein, I do believe and have tested that Survivors are very powerful in this game. Its possible to solo with all the survivors, though you do need some luck with Calvin not losing the game to his weakness. They have the tools to keep your tempo up when it should be going down and that helps when you are on a clock.
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