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  1. I like it, but I would definitely consider trying to add Mists of Ry'leh in there for more monster avoidance.
  2. Its only 3 Resources. That is the same amount of resources you will pay for Old Book of Lore. Perhaps you are thinking of the Level 3 Book of Shadows that Daisy can't play. Costs of Spells are also mitigated with Uncage the Soul.
  3. C2K

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    I think the obstacle is that FA changes the way you approach the game, as the punishments you receive are due to doing things the game had taught you that it was the correct way to play. I can see even Easy mode not helping people who first play thru it, as its something you need to adjust to in order to mitigate the consequences. I have enjoyed it thus far though, even if I have been getting beat down through the scenarios, and I do think the aggressiveness of the campaign matches the theme of the story. I think in the end, some people will just like some arcs more than others. Same thing happens in LotR, as Heirs of Numenor and Lost Realms are brutal compared to other arcs, at least IMO.
  4. I don't think Song of the Dead is great in Daisy. The way it works, its much more of a Jim Culver signature card. Shriveling and Rite of Seeking at basic levels are better for Daisy, even Mist of Ry'leh if you have that card if you want to just focus on clue gathering rather than fighting. Ultimately, using any spell casting Daisy build begs for Book of Shadows (1) from Unspeakable Oath. With Daisy's free Tome action, you get a free(action-wise, still costs 1 resource) charge on one of your spells every turn.
  5. Its unlikely because Diana and MArie share the Mystic class. But there is always a small % chance since we don't know the rest of the investigators.
  6. My guess is the next cycle will be announced at Arkham Nights.
  7. Haven't noticed a power creep. TFA does force you to rethink the way you play the game though, so I agree Dunwich Legacy is the best big campaign to start off with.
  8. My issue isn't the bragging. My issue is the lack of demonstration. If you claim something is OP, show us, like Seastan does with LotR lcg. Claiming a combo breaks the the game when it clearly doesn't in a majority of situations is bad for the game, because then you get the devs thinking they have to fix a problem that doesn't exist. That said, this combo seemes like it will make you waste time to set up, and you are relying on two exceptional cards. I would argue a good number of scenarios will end the game by the time you set up, esprcially on hard or expert. Borrowed Time never stacks past 3 and always gives you your actions on the next turn you take. It can be strong, but game breaking? In a game with a clock, I don't think so.
  9. The auto-fail token is also treated as lowering your result to "0" for purposes of needing a value on certain checks, along with the caveat you can never pass the check.
  10. it definitely does not work with arcane research, because the scenario never ends, it just resets. you can argue adaptable perhaps, because adaptable says between games, and perhaps you can argue its between games. though i would think a scenario is a game.
  11. its not an infinite loop anyway, because it doesn't work within the rules. nice try though.
  12. 1. It sets up faster than the boardgames for sure. The lcg has varying difficulties, so in some difficulties it will be easier than the board games, but you can play on the challenging difficulties to remedy that. It plays different than the board games though, and in fact will have you getting hints of RPG gameplay. The LCG will take you on an adventure based off the Mythos where your actions will have consequences, for better or worse, as campaign continues. Choices, successes, and failures will impact you as you continue, as well has being to "level up" your deck as you gain experience. 2. as everyone said, yes. The game does seem to scale well based on the number of players most of the times. There are only a few scenarios where this seems out of whack. 3. as answered already, each campaign cycle(deluxe box and 6 packs) is its own standalone story in which all you need is the core set. While player cards from those cycles can be used no matter what, Encounter cards for one campaign are not used when when doing different campaign. As for the question of whether its hard to play/master, its not as difficult as Lord of the Rings LCG, where deck building truly matters. On low difficulties, you can get away with even playing with 1 core decks(because you only have 1 copy of cards) and do well. If you do plan to tackle the higher difficulties you will need to streamline your deck more, and hence more card selection. There are also a few investigators that are very new player friendly, which I would say 3 of them are in the core set, that would be good first investigators to play. I've taught this game to many people now who have had no experience with Co-op card games, and they picked it up really fast.
  13. I would never play a card how I feel it should work; I would play a card as the rules define it would work. What I am afraid of is if a developer feels that a card should work a way other than it is worded or if the majority of the community feels this is the way the card should work, abandoning the definitions of the rules. If design wants to come out and say "hey we messed up on our templating", that would be upsetting, but at least accepting accountability and acknowledging they will get better at it. Heck, even if they throw something in the next faq that adds the word "set" to the card print, that would have the same effect.
  14. Unleash the Djinn has the word "set" in it, which is defined in the reference to be absolute. What bothers me about this is there needed to be a ruling in the first place. Waning Hostilities was worded poorly and thats why we are where we are at. In the same vein, I'm pretty sure Hawk Tattoo wasn't meant to be a harpoon, but here we are. 😏
  15. My problem with this is there is nothing i can find in the rules reference that states Waning Hostilities "sets" the number of challenges. The ruling appears to be "um... yeah so this is how we wanted this card to work so thats how it works". They set up a templating for their card game and then they poorly word cards by going off their template.