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  1. C2K

    New Investigators

    Derleth coined the phrase "Cthulhu Mythos", so its possible Patrice could be involved in a Cthulhu adventure.
  2. C2K

    New Investigators

    i still think Amanda Sharpe would be involved in a Cthulhu story since she dreams of R'lyeh. i can see Kate or Harvey in the Dreamlands box.
  3. C2K

    New Investigators

    I expect new investigators to much more complicated in deck construction. I can see Diana as 0-5 Occult Cards, 0-3 Rogue, 10 0-1 Mystic or Survivor cards. Or something of that nature.
  4. C2K

    New Investigators

    Depends on the adventure. Whenever the Cthulhu adventure gets released, I would expect Amanda Sharpe to be the Seeker and Silas Marsh to be the Survivor, due to their backstories. (though Silas appears in a book as a promo soon)
  5. The more i thought of this, i think the confusion could have been avoided by adding "additional". Like this perhaps: "Take an additional Investigate action." Because then players would know its an action a la Daisy's ability or Skid's ability.
  6. I think they should put them in bold to denote "you are taking this Action".
  7. they are reactions, so they do not trigger an attack of opportunity.
  8. I think I have moved away from putting 2 copies of every neutral core skill card in my deck, but I do find myself still considering other skill cards. I still run Unexpected Courage x2 in every deck. I usually use the other cantrip skill cards to fill weaknesses. I do make use of other skill cards though. Inspiring Presence is a must in Pete IMO, and probably in Leo now as well. Eureka is Old Tome without the 3 cost or hand slot. Vicious blow, deduction, and fearless are obvious. Will to Survive is combo-rific, especially if you can play Taunt. I could go on. Skill cards do have their place in my decks still.
  9. C2K

    Thinking About Finn

    i would choose Peter Sylvester because he is cheaper. Ultimately it might depend on if any in your group are using one of them. I also like Charlie Ross for Finn, but that might not be the type of deck you are going for.
  10. C2K

    Thinking About Finn

    You have access to Logical Reasoning in Seeker to heal horror and you have access to Dig Deep in Survivor to boost Will. Lucky! seems like a good card too, but you only have 5 slots to play with Seeker/Survivor.
  11. Calvin is the one investigator I would try those Desperation skill cards with. Taking 3 horror helps him and unlocks those cards.
  12. I don't know why you would want to draw your whole deck to begin with. You theoretically just want to draw until you get your setup and then you want to finish the mission as fast as possible. If I learned anything playing through the Dunwich Legacy campaign, going through your whole deck is bad.
  13. C2K

    The Next LCG

    I think that was just the boardgame Rex that was affected by the Dune license, since Rex plays very similar to the old Dune boardgame. The Shattered Imperium was made specifically for Twilight Imperium, but FFG is getting a little more confident in their own IPs and was a good substitute in the re-imagining of the Dune boardgame.
  14. My group puts them all together, shuffles, and then the investigator to the left cuts the deck. The top card after that is the weakness we get.(because Indebted is shuffled face up because its permanent). I will be playing with Doomed and Dark Pact in my weakness deck, because why not? Its not like its kills you in the first scenario, and if anything it takes 5 scenarios to manifest. Some games you won't even draw it.
  15. C2K

    Jim and the seals

    I don't know how viable it was before The Forgotten Age because I haven't tried, but I think you could probably solo with Jim Culver now.