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  1. It depends. The entry-standard is like an i5 3.0GHz Processor and a GTX 900-series GPU. But I imagine those will get a bit outdated in a few years time. If you have a specific one youre looking at, shoot me a PM and I'll help ya out.
  2. It's entirely possible, and pretty shady. There are ways to turn off ads like that, though. I highly recommend AdBlock, which will turn off ads entirely. However, if he must still see them, I'm pretty sure you can disable the specific ads in browser settings somewhere. Honestly, I'm disgusted that alcohol companies target their ads towards people seeking help.
  3. Probably dice. Especially green ones
  4. Just make it an E-wing only modification. Makes more sense to not have to remove the Mod slot, because E-wings don't have title options
  5. I'm sure someone would kindly be willing to post a synopsis on it, though...or provide a detailed BatRep on their playing of the said mission...
  6. FFg can be so cruel. Now I can never change, for fear of losing my beloved crest
  7. My girlfriend and I went on a little road trip today. We caught: Jigglypuff Wifflytuff Charizard Pidgeotto (failed at getting the Pidgeot from Best Buy) Psyduck Poliwag(s) Taurus and a Bellsprout as strong as that Charizard.
  8. Not these again...that mk1 should not exist lol
  9. Best of luck to ya. Hoping for good news.
  10. After years of youtube/pandora/8tracks/spotify, I'm finally rebuilding an actual, physical music library. Only, I've outgrown my old stuff. So! Gimme ALLLLL your music recommendations!
  11. UnfairBanana

    Let's go Lego!

    That black N-1...mmmm...Much better than the traditional yellow
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