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  1. I assume the intention of this is that it can only discard your own wounds, not other investigators, although it would make sense that you could use this on others. Is there some rule preventing you from using this on another investigator? Or preventing you from using it on another investigator... on the other side of the map?
  2. There's a reason why unpainted or assembled and new on sprue miniatures generally sell for more than painted... There are a lot of terrible painters out there and a lot of them think they're awesome.
  3. Been on order forever, but this is Asmodee, if they're not losing your order, forgetting your order or deleting your order then they're short shipping you.
  4. You should just rip those cards up. 2 actions to remove, plus you lose the actions for equipment, usually 2, plus you lose the resources for equipment. So for a gun and a flashlight for instance you're losing 4 actions and 6 resources. This is almost the worst card in the game, only a couple super boss monsters are as bad.
  5. Considering it's at the printers the earliest you'd see it would be end of March.
  6. I've played 6 in large home brew maps, but at that point it's really more about throwing lots of minis on the board for the Rebels to annihilate than following the rules of a mission. Since the Imperial player is taking half the turns it's important that they play very quickly. It will still be a bit slow though. You are best splitting into two groups.
  7. I'd recommend house ruling that you can split deployments across points so Fenn doesn't wipe stuff out with blast, and increase threat level by 1. I think the Imperials will still probably lose, but it should be closer.
  8. Firefly, another HotE playthrough much delayed with new year and Homebrew campaign using an enhanced IA.
  9. I assume you meant better. It is faster and decisions matter more both of which are qualities that make a game better, more so than prettier models, paying twice as much and having a third the features, although selling inferior product as a veblen good works well for Apple. IA skirmish plays very well with 30-40 models both on and off board. I do have experience with Legion, clearly you aren't familiar with things like Gencon or Youtube. Vehicle rules are better in IA. The Legion AT-ST is a bit bigger than Weiss, not a lot. You're looking at $0.001 more plastic and $0.10 more packaging.
  10. The detail on Legion minis are potato grade, same as IA, compared to their competition where you have to put the minis together yourself. I don't really see slightly less bad as being a benefit. Also with the price of things like the AT-ST being TWICE what IA's is, they've become the most expensive kid on the block, which doesn't work very well with potato miniatures.
  11. The skirmish mode in IA is better all around than Legion, you also get the campaign play and can now use an app for single player play with IA. Legion expansions are also a bit gross, the AT-ST is twice the price of the IA General Weiss which is already pretty pricey. If you like X-Wing and you want to skip the board tiles of IA then pick up Runewars. It's fantasy X-Wing with some rules streamlining and additions that make it a better game.
  12. If you're running a table-sized Surface, sure, but even on my tablet sized one passing it around doesn't work very well as a "game." You'd want the board anyway. You can already get some gridded whiteboard tiles or a large presentation sized pad of gridded paper from an office supply store and draw stuff out and proxy miniatures, print out cards etc. It's pretty easy to play IA with nothing purchased. People don't do it.
  13. Murn outclasses Gideon in a support role and can be built as a strong offense too. She is harder to use though. Mak and Diala have only ever just been good, but there are a lot of "gooder" heroes now. Fenn is strong with high defense, high damage and bonus movement, but Tactical Movement, which used to be pretty unique, is a very common ability type now and many heroes have something similar or better. While I don't think any heroes beat Fenn on all three of his strengths, a few now beat him on two, like Shayla has both better movement and better defense, and a few beat him on one and are okay enough on the rest that they often come out ahead.
  14. You ARE recording that level of detail, you're just doing it with physical dice and physical tokens and such. The app should be able to do it faster.
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