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  1. I think you missed the point being that the expanded universe was in play rather than that marvel is also owned by Disney. Well that was my point at least
  2. That is also true and their is a thriving expanded universe product line. Revan figures etc
  3. A contact is a contract. The fine print is something we are not privy to. Their are other Ip properties that were done with kick starter or their equivalent, the expanse, star trek, judge Dredd. Of course this may bear no resemblance to the contract that ffg has with the house of mouse especially as had been noted that star wars is such an expensive ip. I just see such ambitious and fun things coming out of kick starter for tabletop rpg I thought maybe just maybe ffg had a chance to take on something ambitious. Anyways another fun one Torg the Nile empire wraps in 5 hours. They made it a pleasure to engage the product in this fashion. Live chats, live q and a, just nice to get some personality behind it all.
  4. A jovial turn on the position of FFG is in and people get all dark, beginning to think is not only FFG they have control over for people to get all dark over it lol
  5. Torg Eternity RPG has done a sterling job of expanding their source material and offering what many in house funded rpg would not, unlocking novels, counters, maps and celebrity authors etc. I personally think FFG could benefit with more fantastic elements and propose this on KS as a test to see if they have an audience for it. It would also serve as a wider platform on which to promote such products. Just my 2 cents.
  6. The attachment went beyond friendship and loyalty.
  7. He was in love with the robot dude...no telling what attachments it had:p
  8. JWP I agree has been very good at least initially with product releases. Though 7th 2nd ed does not have as good of set of rules as the 1st and I don't like the social shift in context in some of the content. I had to eye roll through some of the first novel but I digress.
  9. This was a horrible easily forgettable/regrettable movie going experience. The lead lacked all the charisma of Han, everyone in his scenes outshone the actor, pansexualising of Lando was ridiculous and Emilie Clarke was dull. The original directors train wrecked it and it was beyond Ron Howard to jump in the directors chair and apply the breaks to prevent it hitting that wall. I had hoped this was going to expedite Kathleen Kennedy's departure and hoped Dave Filloni would take the mantle but it wasn't meant to be. At least it put down a couple of dumb movies in development, namely someTatooine movie and Rian Johnson's Trilogy. They need time now to re-evaluate what works. This clearly doesn't hence the box office slump.
  10. Thats a shame because I've been on the receiving end of some high quality kickstarters, 7th Sea and Torg. I have also backed Torg: Living Land, The Expanse and Khitai. Torg has been the most impressive so far. Both in detail and quality. The Judge Dredd one i backed just a week ago is a finished product with a sourcebook. The game designer has done a number of interviews showing the finished product and the kickstarter was merely for a production run and was funded in 9 hours and has far surpassed that minimum. So yes i try to research who puts the stuff out there before purchasing. As for FFG i know they are a decent scale gaming company. But if they chose something more experimental and are concerned for a welcoming response then kickstarter may be a good forum for that.
  11. Increasingly is the case that many independent and corporate game makers have switched over to kickstarter as a production model for finance and distribution and even marketing for tabletop rpgs. I wonder if that it would be more useful to FFG to produce games that way for certain lines at least that would show interest in certain products over others. I've seen some interesting games come out of kickstarter in recent months. Torg 2nd ed, The Expanse and currently up for kickstarter and funded in 9 hours the new Judge Dredd rpg. So it makes me wonder if such products would have gotten a greater hit like the 30th ed of Star Wars D6 or lead to developing larger campaign products for star wars it might have even have served Genisys well. Your thoughts?
  12. Well for those who are more interested in the architects of the original game John Wick held a kickstarter that was highly successful for the Khitai expansion for the 7th line which delves into the Eastern Lands.
  13. Changing the dice system to this narrative Genesys is another example of fixing what ain't broken
  14. This is a massive jerk of with none of the associate pleasure. A ridiculous waste of people's time. It is a fantastic game with plenty of ready players and support but the lumbering ffg obviously is the one legged man at an **** kicking contest. This game is very obviously not a major concern for them and or the by product of pissing a portion of their fan base either. On the boat....my **** it is...
  15. The adherence to original concepts was not lost on me and probably Rebels will be the best thing to come out of Lucas for a while in regards to Star Wars.
  16. What, you had a social justice droid in your party?
  17. So i got to see the movie today. I was left meh about it. It was an ok movie. What was not so Good It failed to wow and Alden failed to fill a scene as Harrison Ford did, it seems Harrison's shoes are just to big to fill. The social justice droid didn't help either i found it a poor attempt at emulating the current political/social climate. Emilie i found without allot of depth and her sudden reappearance after Han's escape from Correlia a big stretch. What was Ok The story was somewhat pedestrian with more fluff than substance. The train heist was nice but the whole Han academy exposition was erratic and skimmed over what could have been great material. Sooo...as i said meh. What was Good Chewie was great, to see him unleashed was fun. The actors emotes of Chewie's personality come right through. I spoke to the actor at the last Rhode Island Comic Con and he would only say that it was hot in the suit and the closed sets could be very stiff-ling anyway i digress. I liked the final realization of Kessel though the ground shots was a little to setish but overall a great concept. I liked Donald's portrayal of the smooth criminal Lando. Woody did a great job as the mercurial rogue. I know i glossed over allot of factors and just tackled immediate impressions. Feel free to say what you did or did not like i would be interested in a fan base that obviously loves the setting. But for myself i would give it 6.5/10 nice try could have been better. Maybe it was the original directors imprint that weighed it down i don't know. /shrug just leaves me with the impression the best days of SW movies are behind not ahead of us. I hope im wrong.
  18. I admire how Torg is doing their current setup specific source books to specific realities while having a mashup of a number of things it remains specific to a core subject such as like when WEG did for their movies or novels. I do think for star wars those days are gone until the licence goes done place else. Fans have cobbled together some fantastic new galaxy guides and all credit to them. I loved the star wars rebels season 1 source book. Hats off to those good folk.
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