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  1. Once you get your party going one adventure i got good mileage out of is domain of evil. It is a little more advanced but makes for some good dialogue and lets the players really act it out. Especially if they can convince the gm and the failed/dark Jedi to turn...ie if you're looking for a teacher:)
  2. The original cyberpunk was great but it tended to be more of niche game. Shadowrun i found was more popular in general. Especially runs like Universal Brotherhood which was a well played out campaign.
  3. Lol I found the first Cyberpunk the best. But lets say we all have our favorites. I will throw Shadowrun 2nd Ed in the mix too
  4. Yea that's why pathfinder uses the 3.5 and people still pant about it, not the cookie cutter 4th Edition WoW wannabe of RPGs. Terrible simply terrible. D6 Still the best, it's why it still has a large following.
  5. Wanted by the First Order NYCC was so much fun. Here's an exert.
  6. In the era of the come back movie, tv series why not rpg, torg, paranoia and 7th sea are back I'm glad to see SW d6 back. It could be more than a nostalgia piece if they let it. D6 has survived in the outer rim for 20 years it's time to bring it back imo. For old and new fans.
  7. I think the turning point for Kylo is not being able to pull the trigger on his mom
  8. When Luke says 'this is not going to go the way you think' i think that was said to Kylo
  9. A good hypothesis. But how does Snoke get Rey. Is it misdirection Rey and Kylo's potential partnership?
  10. So many possibilities. What do you think the outcome will be?
  11. Are they using the Narrative Dice System with this Game?
  12. True allot to not like about the FFG system i don't like talent trees and careers to much like mmo cookie cutter characters. But despite some FFG hardcore SW players D6 is alive and well and has survived all these years with fan support. It is the perfect system to explore with ease of character creation and freedom of skill set. Throwing in talents, trees and narrative dice maybe different but it does not make it better. I and many others hope the 30th year ed is not just another joyless cash grab, who knows.
  13. I am presently trying to resurrect my star wars D6 library. I have half the adventure journals that I lines and the main 2nd ed books main 2nd ed r&e, sourcebook, imperial, rebellion. Plus about 25 sourcebook and adventures. Working on more lol