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  1. Daredevil has a radar sense he gained after being doused in chemicals gaining superhuman senses. Chirrut abilities similar to DD stems from the force. I don't buy the blind master nonsense when framed in the star wars universe and not have it attributed to the force.
  2. I found this succinct examination of Chirrut. It seems to me to underline that he maybe no Jedi but he is a force user He's not outright stated to be Force sensitive, but he sure does things that can lead no other conclusion. Quacks, walks, and swims like a duck Force Sensitive. All quotes below are from Alexander Freed's official novelization: Aside from his fighting abilities (See Terriblefan's awesome answer) he: Sensed that Jyn wore a Kyber crystal necklace (while it was hiddent beneath her clothing) “Would you trade that necklace for a glimpse into your future?” The voice of the pilgrim. Jyn frowned and took another step forward, trying to locate the source. ... “Your necklace?” the man repeated. Jyn felt the crystal against her skin. Her necklace was still hidden, buried under layers of cloth. And the man was blind. “I am Chirrut Îmwe,” the man said. “How did you know I was wearing a necklace?” Jyn asked, and felt like a fool, like a mark, even as she spoke. ... It was the reply of a con artist. Jyn shook her attention from Chirrut to search for his partner (he must have had a partner, one who had spotted her necklace somehow) and immediately found her quarry: a hulk of a man with hair as wild as Chirrut’s was neat, in a filthy civilian flight suit and battered red plastoid armor half concealed under a wearable tarp. On “How did you know I was wearing a necklace?” Jyn asked the second man, who shook his head slowly and snorted. ... (Chapter 4) Not only that, but he knew it was a Kyber crystal shard!!! “What do you know of kyber crystals?” Chirrut asked. His tone was patient, prompting. Called Cassian "Captain" when he had no way of knowing his rank “There is more than one sort of prison, Captain,” Chirrut said. “I sense that you carry yours wherever you go.” ... Cassian frowned and turned back to the lock and the cavern. It was some minutes later that he realized no one had told Chirrut he was a captain. (Chapter 5) Spotted someone (ended up Bodhi) in the next cell. Blind. NEITHER Cassian nor Baze noticed anyone was there. “Who’s the one in the next cell?” Cassian tore his eyes from the guards and glanced over to Chirrut. It was the first time the blind man had spoken for nearly an hour. ... Baze grunted and shuffled to his feet. “What? Where?” He crossed the alcove, lightly shouldering Cassian aside to make room at the door. He peered into the darkness of the cell across the way; all Cassian could see was shadows, but Baze pulled back abruptly, snarling. “An Imperial pilot.” (Chapter 6) Realized that earth shaking while in the cell wasn't Proton Bombs but something worse (Death Star blast) “Proton bombs,” Baze said, turning his eyes to the ceiling. Chirrut shook his head. “No.” But he ventured no alternatives. (Chapter 8) Claims to be able to sense when someone has dark intent She should have been irritated by the curt explanation. Instead she could muster only vague confusion. “Why do you ask that?” she said, looking to Chirrut now. “What do you mean, Does he look like a killer?” “The Force moves darkly near a creature that’s about to kill,” Chirrut answered. (Chapter 10) Claims to sense anger in Baze (though that could just be knowing his close friend) Baze readied himself to pull the trigger on his cannon. To burn the platform with more blaster bolts than there were drops of rain on Eadu. “I sense anger in you,” Chirrut said. Baze himself, internally in his head, claims that the Force helps Chirrut They hunted in sync, Chirrut always prowling near the rebels and Baze always prowling near Chirrut. Baze did not limit his targets to those who might spot the blind man, but he kept Chirrut under observation nonetheless; where the Force would fail Chirrut, Baze would not. He himself doesn't outright deny it, and claims the Force protects him, whatever that means: Cassian, evidently, had other things on his mind. He watched Chirrut’s partner. “Is he Jedi?” he asked, with the hushed doubt of a man on the verge of a great discovery. ... “No Jedi anymore,” Chirrut’s partner said. “Only dreamers like this fool.” Chirrut shrugged mildly. “The Force did protect me.”
  3. Then his abilities doesn't make sense. To be able to fight like that sightless. Nah for me he maybe no Jedi but he has the force.
  4. I like it allot but Chirwut is defiantly a force users. I would have treated him as a sense force user like the Miraluka and see through the force. I would have put his sense at close to 7d
  5. Looked all around for some stats on the FA characters and vehicles but coming up empty. Anyone seen any fan made ones?
  6. http://www.theforce.net/story/front/Will_There_Be_An_October_Trailer_Release_For_Star_Wars_The_Last_Jedi_175895.asp
  7. I agree with much of what you said and i think he has to take bold steps to deliver a 'new' star wars movie than one that bears some similarity in context to the other saga stories. I think we all demand this of him. The bar for the OT is very high. Lets see what happens. But i remain hopefully.
  8. To change the narrative of the Jedi at this point would be insulting. Though the Jedi could and have been zealots on occasion if only in the EU Legends now.
  9. While i agree in part Rogue One was already written in part or near whole by 'A New Hope' their was much more at stake for TFA, he pulled off a soft relaunch and restored allot of faith. But now he has to produce something wholly new for IX
  10. No what has happened is you graded it as a C the average was higher. I could show you reviews and metrics till you went blue in the face but because you see C it's a C. Not going to debate with an unmovable object I got other things to do.
  11. I would not count ST the motion picture among the best, it was stilted and boring. It was just nice to see the crew before they devoured the buffet cart. The latest installment was horrible. Into Darkness should never have been made, it was not like they were relaunching the chain at that point and wanted to give us something familiar. Benedict Cumberpatch is a great actor and while he made a good Khan he wasn't my Khan. First Contact was way better than the motion picture. The acts were solid and the combination of Trek adventure and humour was perfect. Picard was off the hook good. As for Undiscovered Country it was a good send off for the crew and wrapped it with a bang. The Final Frontier was a character piece and yes was shaky in a lot of spots but the trio together was gold, very sentimental but that's what sold it. Abrams Era lost alot of the trek feel and it was star wars orientated so when he got the Directors chair i was like, yea i see it. I know this is a ramble...oh well lol
  12. Lol hey if you want find reasons to hate go ahead not my job to show you the truth. Yes bad movies do make money so hey https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/star_wars_episode_vii_the_force_awakens go look at the reviews then, enjoy
  13. To compare to OT is a bar unlikely to ever be met again just because of the legend of it and how ingrained it is in our culture. Not many movies do that. To get "ESB"special would be a monumental task. Tfa did it's job well relaunch and continuation. All nods were fine and the magic was back and that was a monumental task all by itself. I will require more from his next outing we will require something all new. But I have faith in him. Unlike how we felt about Lucas after tpm...