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  1. What happened, did Jesus call?
  2. This is a massive jerk of with none of the associate pleasure. A ridiculous waste of people's time. It is a fantastic game with plenty of ready players and support but the lumbering ffg obviously is the one legged man at an **** kicking contest. This game is very obviously not a major concern for them and or the by product of pissing a portion of their fan base either. On the boat....my **** it is...
  3. The adherence to original concepts was not lost on me and probably Rebels will be the best thing to come out of Lucas for a while in regards to Star Wars.
  4. What, you had a social justice droid in your party?
  5. No, he was the only one who shot!
  6. So i got to see the movie today. I was left meh about it. It was an ok movie. What was not so Good It failed to wow and Alden failed to fill a scene as Harrison Ford did, it seems Harrison's shoes are just to big to fill. The social justice droid didn't help either i found it a poor attempt at emulating the current political/social climate. Emilie i found without allot of depth and her sudden reappearance after Han's escape from Correlia a big stretch. What was Ok The story was somewhat pedestrian with more fluff than substance. The train heist was nice but the whole Han academy exposition was erratic and skimmed over what could have been great material. Sooo...as i said meh. What was Good Chewie was great, to see him unleashed was fun. The actors emotes of Chewie's personality come right through. I spoke to the actor at the last Rhode Island Comic Con and he would only say that it was hot in the suit and the closed sets could be very stiff-ling anyway i digress. I liked the final realization of Kessel though the ground shots was a little to setish but overall a great concept. I liked Donald's portrayal of the smooth criminal Lando. Woody did a great job as the mercurial rogue. I know i glossed over allot of factors and just tackled immediate impressions. Feel free to say what you did or did not like i would be interested in a fan base that obviously loves the setting. But for myself i would give it 6.5/10 nice try could have been better. Maybe it was the original directors imprint that weighed it down i don't know. /shrug just leaves me with the impression the best days of SW movies are behind not ahead of us. I hope im wrong.
  7. I admire how Torg is doing their current setup specific source books to specific realities while having a mashup of a number of things it remains specific to a core subject such as like when WEG did for their movies or novels. I do think for star wars those days are gone until the licence goes done place else. Fans have cobbled together some fantastic new galaxy guides and all credit to them. I loved the star wars rebels season 1 source book. Hats off to those good folk.
  8. My comparison wasn't aimed at the rule systems but a look at how WEG presented their works compared to FFG. WEG did like to have dedicated sourcebooks for gear, ships, and episodes. Do you like the current mash ups that FFG does for their products?
  9. I know this is maybe slightly off topic but this is more an a reflection on current trends. With the successful relaunch of many old RPGs such as 7th sea and Torg, whose second kickstarter is now live i wonder if their is a place for old style models. This circles me back to Star Wars. WEG made imo fantastic sourcebooks that made invaluable resources for player and authors alike and i wonder if that old template can be brought back IE Force Awakens Sourcebook etc. Or are people satisfied with the current format?
  10. This is taking entirely too long to come out!
  11. Solo Poster artists rip off Sony album covers lol
  12. One thing i saw was the part between the front prongs of the falcon is detachable. But as for the rest i just see a hard worked ship but generally well maintained. Like an old Ford Cortina.
  13. I got to see Jedi Knight this morning and i can only say their has been some great story telling from the Star Wars Rebel crew and this episode does not shy away from hard choices. We have all been speculative about Kanan's chance of surviving the series and they delivered the answer in a bitter sweet moment as Hera finally acknowledging what she has always known between her and Kanan. It also makes me sad to accept that this great series is also coming to an end. I hope the characters are not abandoned and that they continue to develop in other star wars series. Dume was also good and to see how his friends handled their grief in different ways. Also to know Kanan's sacrifice was not in vain.
  14. Screen shots and toys from the new movie. Also confirming the new shape of the Falcon http://www.superherohype.com/news/411997-the-crew-assembles-in-new-solo-a-star-wars-story-poster#/slide/7 http://www.superherohype.com/news/411963-solo-action-figures-and-lego-sets-take-you-to-the-kessel-run-beyond#/slide/1
  15. A very generous interview by Ron Howard on why he took over the Solo movie. Which counterpoints the staff and production crews sigh of relief when he came aboard which was reported by many sources also how pissed Lawrence Kasdan was about the deviation on the script. http://www.darkhorizons.com/ron-howard-on-why-he-took-over-solo/