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  1. It's a metaphorical statement don't be so literal:p
  2. LOL TLJ was anything but a horrible re-imagining of anything Star Wars. It has the least feel of a Star Wars movie thus far. Bulldozing childhood lol, good job:P
  3. Yes IMO and a number of people share that opinion and putting your text in bold won't change that:)
  4. IMHO it improves functionality and efficiency. You can always get along with out them but i don't to pool money into bad structure. You can use a pipe wrench for most bolt jobs it doesn't make it easier and you waste more time not using the right tool or doesn't that logic float your boat.
  5. Im quite aware that having players actually play their roles helps game play. Right now I'm in the middle of star wars d6 campaign and getting a Torg and expanse together so yea ffg system is on the back burner. I have very finite time for this unfortunately leaving more time to read than play
  6. Sad that you still need to have all these ponderous tomes that you have to scurry through to find something you need instead of having a comprehensive dedicated sourcebooks, cause that would just make to much sense...
  7. Isn't it bloody sad that players have to do what game designers won't. This is why these dedicated sourcebooks are essential for smoothing gameplay,
  8. Nostalgia lol no, practicality and feed back from players who have played both systems. If you love it then great but the rules for FFG i find clunky, the forced dice narrative is halting for story telling and the space combat just plain diabolically bad. Mean while i like their source material. So i take what i want from it and put the rest in the airlock and flush. You may maintain your opinion of my thoughts but i've stated my view, take it or leave it:)
  9. I prefer single core rulebook and then captain guides as it would be more efficient to find relevant information and that the tip of how much fluid that makes things
  10. I'm more interested in that they had to separate the rules for the roles in the which ffg easily made more unified by keeping it under one title, present lore would have made a thicker book but their was no good reason to storage the scoundrel, rebel and force user when it is more of the case that it is a blended universe
  11. Funny that WEG managed to incorporate all the above in to one rulebook. Rules that were fast moving, emulating the cinematic action of the Star Wars Universe....and went on to win awards.
  12. I'm going to agree to disagree with you on that:)
  13. I never got for one why their was three lines in the first place it seemed chaotic or a chance to gouge the player for unnecessary core rule book purchases. I do agree that a condensed gear guide or faction guide would work wonders to stream line play instead of having to hunt down gear spread across dozens of books. Same goes for a race guide, ship guide etc maybe the emphasis was on ffg garnering extra money in shoddy tactics than letting players have what they need at their finger tips. I still can't fathom their reasoning.
  14. What you are saying isn't a revelation to me. The telling from one media to another is very self evident take the recent amazing 'The Expanse' compared to the book run. Glaring differences in context and story. Often budget restrictions and length of program dictate that transference.
  15. Absolutely i think you nailed some primary gaps in the library an updated comprehensive Imperial and Rebel sourcebooks would be very welcome. Also the Bounty Hunters Guild would be very cool much like GG10 from WEGs. Good call:)
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