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  1. Thank you so much Zaltyre. I see you on here lots, are you one of the developers?
  2. I am playing the Fortune and Glory quest next week as the Over-Lord and am doing some prep. In encounter 1, I don't see anywhere that says the prisoner is dropped if a hero is knocked out. If a hero picks up the prisoner, and just sits there, how do I win?! What am I missing? Text says "The prisoner can be targeted and affected by monster attacks while not being carried by a hero." - So a hero could pick up the prisoner, and just hold onto it forever? It doesn't say if a hero is knocked out the prisoner is dropped or goes in it's space, so how does the overlord win? Am I missing key text somewhere, I've read it like 45 times.
  3. If effects trigger in the order determined by the player who's turn it is, could the OL say that Set Trap triggers, and since there is no trap token, ambush cannot trigger?
  4. So question in regards to the Stalker class in the Trollfens expansion. First the Stalkers base card, Set Trap, says "if a monster enters a space adjacent to a trap token discard that trap token from the map and the monster suffers 1 (damage)". Simple enough, however, when combined with the Stalker card Ambush, some questions were raised. Ambush reads "Exhaust this card when a monster enters an empty space within 3 spaces of a trap token to immediately perform an attack targeting that monster". The question that arose is that if a monster is both moving adjacent to a trap token, and the stalker is activating ambush, is the token discarded before Ambush can be activated, or does the monster get attacked and then if he is not defeated the trap token is discarded and he suffers an additional damage. If the monster is defeated during the attack, does the trap token still get discarded? Thanks
  5. I would say definitely not. The hex tokens don't directly have an effect unless used with a skill card. Conditions have their own effect regardless of the skills possessed by any one hero.
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for your opinions on the new Infection class for the OL that comes with The Trollfens expansion. I was playing a campaign with some friends over the weekend and the question came up as to whether or not the Infection tokens are discarded when a hero gets knocked out. As the OL naturally I wanted them to stay on. My argument is that no where in the rules does it say that Infection tokens are conditions, the only thing that gets removed when a hero is knocked out are condition tokens. I believe they would work similarity to the hero's Champion Class Valor tokens, which the FAQ says stay on when a hero is knocked out. Can any of you suggest as to why or why not these would get removed? Cheers
  7. You do not need to declare a move action to spend movement points if you have them to spare. With the ring, you can attack, spend the surge to gain movement, move two spaces, attack again, spend another surge and move another two spaces. The same way that spending fatigue to move does not require an action, you may spend accumulated movement without using an action.
  8. And if the card read "an adjacent hero" or "a hero within 3 spaces" or "a hero within your line of sight" I would absolutely agree with you, but since it clearly says "you or 1 hero of your choice", the target hero doesn't need to be on the board. Example, Augor Grisom's Heroic Feat uses the words "all heroes in your line of sight" and therefore would not affect a knocked out hero.
  9. Hello dungeon dwellers, I have a question in regards to the Trollfens expansion and the Insight Token. Can anyone see a reason why the Prophet's "Soothing Insight" ability could not be used to revive a hero without spending an action? The text on the card reads as follows; Exhaust this card during your turn, you or one hero of your choice gains the Insight Token. When a hero gains the insight token, he gains 1 (damage) and 1 (fatigue). A hero may discard the Insight Token at any time during his turn to recover 1 (damage). (Cost 1 Fatigue) Because the text doesn't read "an adjacent hero", or "a hero within 3 spaces" and says "one hero of your choice", it could be given to a hero as a means of revival. The downside to doing this is that they won't recover as much damage as they would with 2 red dice (presumably), the upside it doesn't cost an action, and it guarantees the target hero recovers a fatigue. Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
  10. You may also want to consider this when moving large monsters, you can always interrupt movement to perform another action, then carry on with your movement afterwards. For example, let's say that there is a shadow dragon that has three (horizontal) spaces in between him and a hero. He can "shrink", move one space, expand to occupy the three spaces and be adjacent to the hero, attack, and still have two movement points to spend after the attack.
  11. All the situations you described are absolutely plausible.
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