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  1. Talents like these don't stop players from Buying Someone Off if they don't have the talent; they create the opportunity to do it more often. Or when the GM hasn't given context clues that the person may be bribable. Talents are expansion on character options. Some talents are exclusive, but generally try to look at them as "Something More" that PC can do because of their innate qualities or training. Not as a limiter because they didn't select the talent.
  2. I like ESP77's idea. Plus your players aren't in an impossible fight if they don't have silver; just a very long and tough fight.,
  3. You are over thinking it. It is a narrative game and the stats are for rough approximations not a perfect simulation. You can choose to make tweaks and modifications to find a deeper granularity; but for most games just roll with a 5 being a 5.
  4. Like Richardbuxton said I have the players do it. Once the players have a feeling for Threat and Advantage, and their respective limits; I tend to push much of the decision making to the table. Many GM's run it as PCs decide how to use PC Advantages and Enemy Threats while GMs rule PC Threats and Enemy Advantages.
  5. Tear44


    I like that idea, but aren't Reflect and Parry Strain balanced? Would you reduce the cost there?
  6. Tear44


    Forgive me as I am no Dune expert; but I thought that attacks through shields had to be moving at slow speeds to breach through them. Mostly I am recalling the duel with Gurney before they left for Dune. To me that sounds like special training. So a talent, But I could see Adv or Tri doing similar. But that is just me, and the above was just an off the cuff suggestion that feels right-ish. I don't remember all the details of shield tech other than Las and Shield equals near Atomic level destruction for both.
  7. Tear44


    Perhaps treat Shields as armour {10 soak per point} vs ranged weapons and have special interaction rules for Las Guns and shields. The "slow weapon" talent allows you to treat shield armour value as soak when using melee weapons?
  8. Do you think Luke got a conflict assigned for each person who died on the Death Star? I would had out conflict for each case of Torture, because it is TORTURE. Regarding the items being stolen, it depends. Were they critical to an important mission, 1 source. Was the player taking multiple un-needed for laughs, maybe multiple sources. Conflict awards should be relevant and important to the narrative.
  9. Too Long; Didn't Read
  10. http://feeds.feedburner.com/HeroesoftheHydianWay The Tales from the Hydian Way crew just started an Age of Rebellion actual play podcast. Doing the adventure from the GM screen.
  11. I feel this isn't a problem to solve with mechanics. He should roll his dice at the table with the GM present, but what if he does and rolls spectacularly well?Will you be okay with that? If he rolls poorly, how will that play out. This isn't about the dice results, it is about how the player is engaging the game and your disconnect with that behaviour. The problem sounds like it is about playing the game in a way everyone can enjoy. It is a player issue and maybe even a play style issue. Talk to him to get him on the same page as everyone else. Because if you let the dice decide, and dodge the source of the problem, you may end up enabling the behaviour you have challenges with.
  12. Wow, it is almost like planning to fool the system needs some kind of referee or games master to intercede and apply the rules as intended rather than blindly. Narrative game with crunch still means the story and theme are just as important as rules.
  13. Your table, your choice. But keep in mind the Gunslinger has a 25xp talent that lets them multi target with 2 weapon fighting. Devs feel that option is a powerful one.
  14. Two Weapon Fighting is against the same (one) target. Checkout autofire for when the rules factor in multiple targets.
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