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    BattleZone got a reaction from CommissarFeesh in So..did I do this right? (first time player)   
    My friend had ICE Wall of Thorns up in front of his HQ (I had forced him to Rez it previously with an event card)
    I had Corroder Installed and made a run
    I had 4 credits left.
    Initiate Run 1 click (im now out)
    Boost Corroder to 5 : 3 credits
    1 credit to break Sub Routine of my choice on Wall of Thorns. I picked End Run so I could keep going past it.
    I suffered the 2 net damage since I could not break that other sub routine and discarded 2 cards randomly
    I hit his HQ and I RANDOMLY? Picked a card from his hand. It was a Operation with no Trash cost. So I had to leave it. So basically I made the run for nothing
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    BattleZone got a reaction from Ddrumss2112 in Where do investigators start in Yellow Sign expansion?   
    And right as I say that I find it...
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    BattleZone got a reaction from Emirikol in A few general rules questions from a newbie GM   
    1) What happens when a monster suffers recharge tokens on all his attacks and his turn comes up next and none of them are recharged? Is there such a thing as a free attack? Or does he have to pass?
    2) In the Tome of Adventure under ORC (page 61), there is a white die symbol next to his toughness, what is that for. I know the STR one is for when he fights dwarves but what is the one next to his toughness for?
    3) some of the crits for monsters make no sense. For example I flipped over a wound card and the crit was merely "increases severity" but really who cares? Its not like the monster is going to get treatment so basically for the players the crit was worthless
    4) what is the general consensus on how to use Aggression, Cunning and Expertise with monsters?
    I dont understand when I as a GM would want to burn these points or how
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