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  1. How come they INDENT Player actions after that step to make it look like its the only time to play actions like that?
  2. I hope I played this card correct. He gets the resource token AFTER he attacks. This meant for me that during his first attack he only had 3 attack points. After this 1st attack he got his 1st token. We could destroy him with our player attack. He could never attack a 2nd time with his boosted 5 attack points. Is that right?
  3. I noticed that some cards like "O'Lorien" are worthless if you play one deck and not two. Mainly because due to the action window you would never get to use O Lorien on another player since you cant use it on yourself. You can only play allies and attachments in that particular phase...THEN actions are done. So as a single player I play my allies and attachments in that phase....then can play actions. Exhausting her does no good since I have already played my attachments (and thus cannot bring in a Sylvan Ally) and the phase is about to end. I could see where its good for 2 players but not one. I also noticed that RANGED characters are worthless as well (unless they have good abilities) since you cannot shoot any creatures that are engaged against someone else since....there is no one else but you and your deck
  4. And Wandering Dragon as well in Plainfield: https://www.facebook.com/events/1392233791068321/ They have a draft even going on Saturday
  5. I would play you Im a noob also. Just started. I practice the rules online with OCTGN and play face to face with my buddy but I live in Chicago However we could always play online
  6. My friend had ICE Wall of Thorns up in front of his HQ (I had forced him to Rez it previously with an event card) I had Corroder Installed and made a run I had 4 credits left. Initiate Run 1 click (im now out) Boost Corroder to 5 : 3 credits 1 credit to break Sub Routine of my choice on Wall of Thorns. I picked End Run so I could keep going past it. I suffered the 2 net damage since I could not break that other sub routine and discarded 2 cards randomly I hit his HQ and I RANDOMLY? Picked a card from his hand. It was a Operation with no Trash cost. So I had to leave it. So basically I made the run for nothing
  7. Like Honor and Profit you get three identity cards. What do you do with the extra two? You only need one of each identity card right? ALSO: how do you tell the difference between Corp Neutral cards and Runner Neutral cards? Just the way the layout is?
  8. Ah I didnt know about the ICE just being able to still be fought through. Didnt think there were ICE cards with no END RUN. So basically you could get slapped around through all the subroutines on an ICE with no END RUN and still get past it but be really beat up as you go on to the next one
  9. Ok One last question. Was wondering if this ever happens when you play: You approach ICE. You try to break it as a Runner. Have you ever seen where the Runner does not have the proper cards in his hand to break certain types of ICE at all. So lets say are there there decks of nothing but Code Gates and have you ever been stuck as a Runner with Ice Breakers without the Break Code Gate subroutine. If so what would happen
  10. Ah oops ok I see now. And assets COULD be played on top of other remote servers? But if that server is not R&D then snare wouldnt really do anything except whats listed below that "if accessed through R&D" part
  11. Yeah I have spent a week watching vids but wont get my first playthrough till this weekend. Do the expansions add new hackers and corps? Or is that always the same? I guess what is confusing is when cards say things like: "If Snare is accessed through R&D, the Runner Must reveal it" What does that even mean? I know runners can make a run on the "DECK" or R&D, but what does that card mean? isnt that an ICE card? If so how could it be accessed from the Draw Deck?
  12. One thing I hated about the old version was the fact that you had to ignore rules for two player games. Will that change at all with this version?
  13. is this the most complicated card game...ever (besides the star wars CCG) my eyes turn blurry just watching the tutorials and trying to grok this game what is the easiest way to learn this game? I dont even understand the victory conditions
  14. cant seem to find a space labeled start on the setup for this expansion
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