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  1. looks awesome! If I said I wasn't at least a little aroused, I would be a filthy liar....
  2. I'm starting up an in-person table next weekend and was wondering what resources you guys used to make tracking characters cleaner. I'm looking at using OggDudes Character Creator and note cards for gear and weapons since my players often end up with an armory and 'forget' which weapons they have on them between sessions. This way too, modifications should be tracked more easily as well. I hope. Any ideas?
  3. I'm up to helping with this. I'd think that, in this case, you might be best served playing a bit with talent trees. Specifically, there's the Soldier Talent Tree, which is a universal talent tree. What if there were a Clone Talent Tree that opened up 3 other talent trees. Commando, Operator, Support. Commando would be for running the big guns, being Rambo on the field of battle. Operator would be for vehicles and some amount of maintenance. Support would be the medic class with some branching into 'recon' based intellect skills. Perhaps two halves of the tree, that one.
  4. Kainrath's loot table format is kinda.... Off.... So, I reformatted and slightly revised it. Mostly shortening entries, but I also got rid of some of the 'deeds' and replaced with 'map to' or 'schematic of' in some cases. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WVl7G9cTwrn81pfHbHCubfrrv3gYGgu3X2fbx8_m9HI/edit It's still his roll table, but a much more print friendly version. Also, since I can't find a single file for this anymore, I made a printable format for the EotE page backgrounds. mfluder photoshopped them into images, and I just put the images on the same document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lFpeFN7wcdC2R9eiJ6hpEpNT1MdPfg3su19yPGXLKNE/edit Should work without issue. I don't think I have to do anything with my printer settings to make it fit. It does print out with a small white border that is uniform all around, so don't worry about the formatting of the images on the document.
  5. Our shields can't repel cuteness of that magnitude! D:
  6. Did someone say, "Mockingbird?" May I just say that I love the synchronicity of this response to a picture of a Marvel character is of a bird, taken by someone named Sam Wilson. I think we're done here.Gg everyone
  7. " I hate you!" Are you an angel? Now THIS is podracing YIPPIE!!! If you are suffering as much as I am please tell me. From my point of view, the Jedi are evil! Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever! I don't think she liked me watching her Excuse me, I believe I am in charge of security here, my lady. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have the high ground!
  8. " I hate you!" Are you an angel? Now THIS is podracingYIPPIE!!!If you are suffering as much as I am please tell me.From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever!I don't think she liked me watching her
  9. " I hate you!" Are you an angel? Now THIS is podracing YIPPIE!!! If you are suffering as much as I am please tell me.From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!
  10. " I hate you!" Are you an angel? Now THIS is podracing
  11. Very off topic, but I saw the movie yesterday. As Spoilerfree as I can manage: I don't think anyone expects it to be horrible, just seems like a horrible load blow in the second movie of the new DC movie universe.Marvel took several movies to build up to the huge cast movie, and it paid off. DC is directly responding to the large cast Marvel movie that's on the way. Too much, too soon.
  12. Ah, he wasn't too bad in Django Unchained, even without being surrounded by much better talent. But then he was playing a smarmy bastard, so I guess that apple didnt fall too far from the tree. I think he is a great actor Actors often get blamed for bad direction.... Just look at the prequels Now, let's not take all the blame off of bad directing.... And writing....
  13. I feel like Leonardo at the Oscars.That joke doesn't work anymore.Though, I think it's funnier that he gets one NOW after brutalizing himself for that role.
  14. Haley, if it isn't done before I get off work, I'll type it out for you then. The image is really blurry, but I can read it well enough, just there's a LOT to type out.
  15. Hey, since my thread is about to be locked thanks to a certain someone I called out at the start, I just want to reiterate the original point. You guys bicker and argue over the nerdiest stuff, and I love you for it. Except for the people who try to drive in a wedge. When the argument is less about the game and more about the individual, we've made a horrible turn, and I'm sorry that I was a part of it happening. But that Daredevil/Haley thing is happening. I have EMT class tonight, and on Saturday, but I'll find the time. >
  16. I think "Jim Kerr" would be a great name for Haley's nemesis. Cookies for you if you get it (not that difficult. )
  17. I've never seen you be anything other than friendly and helpful. Chalk it up to blame shifting, or ignore it.
  18. So, yeah, that fanfic thing might actually end up being a thing.... Message me with ideas.
  19. To add to the image, I take Tae Kwon do classes! Never ceasing to amaze me. Image from HeroForge miniatures. A miniature in the vein of a female Daredevil with escrima sticks. Now cannon.I know a bit of escrima, so that helps.
  20. I've always imagined that haley looks a bit like her avatar (that whoever helped her choose it, recommended one that looks sort of like her) Personally I have a goatee and light brown hair so I "sort of" look like my current avatar (the beared male jedi guardian in the force and destiny set of avatars) but don't have nearly as much hair on top as I used to. Way back in high school (early 1990's), people told me I looked a bit like Han Solo (for among other reasons, I did the slightly lopsided smile thing when I thought something was funny, and I had the thick full hair in a similar cut). I look exactly like my avatar.Black. But only when the lights are off. And it helps if you close your eyes.
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