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  1. Same reason they can get away with publishing the odd character sheet and adventure module. I think the way things are at the moment, no one would be sad to see EA lose the electronic license and for the digital contracts to be renewed. That's unlikely, but we can dream.
  2. Thanks! Yours is Release (the most current) It also seems that OggDude's hosting service is allowing downloads again.
  3. The version I have as a zip is from June this year, if that helps at all?
  4. It usually ends at about 4.5hrs, and the first 15-30 mins tends to be warming up and banter. But yeah, it can feel like a long night sometimes
  5. Hoping that player recruitment posts are OK here! Recruiting one or two players for an ongoing text-only Star Wars RPG campaign. Looking for one or two players to join an ongoing FFG Star Wars campaign, with an Edge of the Empire theme. Sessions are Sunday at 6 pm UK time (currently GMT+1), with a duration of approx. 5 hours. The game is played weekly, and is planned to be long-term. Players in time zones near GMT+1 are preferred. This is a real-time text-only campaign (not PbP) played in English, using Discord and Fantasy Grounds. Players need only the free version of Fantasy Grounds and don’t need prior knowledge of the software. For people who otherwise fit requirements but aren’t sure if this format of play would be something they like, one-shots can be organized on request to see how you like it. Hard requirements for applicants: Over 21 years of age. Beyond adult language and possibly themes, all of the players and GM are above 21 years in age, and we’d prefer to keep the group that way; additionally, younger players often find the slower pacing problematic. Willing and able to attend sessions at the listed time, with allowances for emergencies of course, and pay attention during it. Have a non-disruptive playstyle and not be ****-bent on hyper-optimization or 'breaking' the game system (ie, if the only character you wanna play is someone toting Jury Rigged Auto-Fire, this isn't the right campaign for you) Willingness to flesh out a character and their backstory, at least a little bit. As a GM, I need something to work with and won’t do it all for you, although the group and I are all more than happy to discuss character concepts and help out. Able to type legible English and willing to RP via text (it's easier than you might think!) Still here and interested? Okay, more details in this document. link If you meet our requirements and once you’ve read the above, PM with some basic information about yourself and express your interest (a brief outline of the type of characters you’d like to play is a good start, as well as a Discord username). You will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire (please answer honestly) and possibly have a chat with the already present players and GM to see how you and your playstyle might fit into the group. Recruitment will close on Sunday the 29th. Please express your interest before then! TLDR: Sorry, no short version, this is an RPG using text as a medium, reading is expected. (also posted to Reddit /SWRPG and /LFG)
  6. speedMonk

    Paint Recipes

    I doubt the Rebels had a paint colour code for their ships though, wouldn't it be more a case of whatever was available/close enough?
  7. That's looking great already, can't wait to see it finished.
  8. You'd need a scale of ~1:400000 for a 30cm diameter model Even if the dreaded sliding scale put DS1 at a scale of 1:10000 you'd have a ~12 meter diameter model? That'd feel pretty big, probably over-sized for a 4x6 tabletop too...
  9. The current collection, seeing it set up like that makes me realise I don't get to play this game enough...
  10. Hi all! I'm new to the game and looking for people to play it with in or near to Maidstone in Kent. Happy to travel (within reason) or host. Would like to organise regular games and/or a player group. Drop me a PM or post here if you're in the area. Cheers! James
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