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  1. About the surges. If Khoryat gets one surge and the target has no figure within 4 spaces. Can the overlord use fire breath anyways targeting empty spaces or do they have to have a target, and therefore must spend the surges on +3 damage?
  2. thanks very much for the info, very much appreciated. Any clues on the familiar situation?
  3. Hi, me and my brother just started playing and i have a couple of questions: 1) skills that don't require an action (such as prayer of healing): they have to be done at the start of the hero's turn or it can be used anytime during his turn? (for example: move -> use skill -> attack) 2) is a lieutenant considered a monster? (for hero skills purpose) and is a familiar considered a hero? (for overlord's cards purpose) 3) when the overlord attacks a hero with a monster: can he use multiple OL cards in the same attack? (such as add damage, reroll a dice, etc.) 4) big creature's movement: Shadow Dragon has a movement of 3, but if he makes two move actions it'd be a lot, since when it ends his first move action i can put the rear in that spot and occupy the two spaces ahead, then start the second move action. Isn't that too OP or am i thinking it wrong?
  4. i don't think they'll go out of print in the next couple of months, what i want to know is, which is better, lair of the wyrm or the trollfens?
  5. I know, i played the game before and i loved it, however i don't have the money now to buy all the expansions, so my question was mainly which expansion should i prioritize on buying and which one should i leave for lets say christmas
  6. Here's the thing, i just bought the core game and i have the money to buy two out of the three expansions. Labyrinth of ruin is bigger so i thought that one for sure, but should i get the trollfens or lair of the wyrm?
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