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  1. If the Striker using ailerons overlaps an obstacle and the template overlaps the same obstacle in the following move, does the obstacle effect also trigger two times?
  2. Is the damage card now exposed after step 4 or step 6? Is there a reference meanwhile on how this was ruled in an official tournament?
  3. You guys all want this card to be crap, right? Spending die charge is not Part of the attack itself you perform again. All other Cards with charges clearly state when to spend a Change
  4. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Vader can't be a Squad Leader? Somehow I expected that Vader and Luke both have a force and a talent slot... but it turned out that force users are talent-free otherwise...
  5. It does also not say to spend another charge to perform the Bonus attack
  6. So you spend a Change, do the attack and a Bonus attack, if the condition is met, to do this attack again without spending another charge
  7. This would mean you would not need to stop performing bonus attacks until all your charges are gone in a single turn, since if you do it all over, you would get to chose to spend a Charge to do a Bonus attack after each attack
  8. I had the impression that you don't spend a Change for the Bonus attack? ?
  9. It may be. But then the work of the Game Designers kicks in to extrapolate the given information and create a role for it in X-Wing, especially for 2.0
  10. I don't think that the game would need this...
  11. Just no. This ship is ot be the new Imperial Firespray w/o shields. Maybe even on a medium base.
  12. Read Disneys description of this ship. Compiled to X-Wing it should have a rear arc.
  13. The description of that ship on die official page does not justify an attack of 4.
  14. It would be perfect fine with me if epic would stay within the Era of Rebellion.
  15. I havn't put that much thoughts into the Tie Brute, but I would design it a bit like a weaker and cheaper replacement for the now missing Firespray: 3 front arc, 3 back arc, 2 agi, 6 hull. Built-in ability: Integrated droid: After you execute an action, you might execute Calculate as a red action
  16. Maybe you can choose the order? First you get the Bonus dice because ist obstructed, thereafter you ignore the obstacle
  17. FFG already ****ed it up. The Proton Torpedo Card in den Renegates Pack also has a differend design and the "Missile icon" that indicates that nö range Bonus applies is missing ???
  18. Perfect to set up an Alpha strike with Proton Torps.
  19. I think the E-wing with LRS will be pretty decent.
  20. Back then it won't because of Biggs. Super-hard counter against any non-unique Tie Bomber list with ordnance. And every rebel list hat Biggs in. The Power crawl even did ease things in that regard because Biggs was encoundered lass frequent. Yes in 2.0 Biggs wont be that kind of an hard counter.......
  21. If this would be a thing, it would be meta;) My gaming experience is that 4 Bombers w/o LRS are frustration in Most cases or just no fun. I had some Tournament success with 4 naked bombers and 3 Tie Fighters, when I just gave up on ordnance, pretending there is non in the Game
  22. Oldskool don't worked back then and it wont Work out in 2.0 I bought 4 TIE Bombers back then when they came out. It was an uphill fight in any match. And you could boil the game experience down to wether you are able to fire ordnance with all of your bombers in the first round of combat or not. Beides that, it don't feels good if you can't get a target lock. With LRS however, when you are able to lock in a target in round 1, you influence your Opponents decision process. He could let the locked vessel behind and take influence in your acrions: so you Switch target? if it is too near you cant lock any more... This leads to a very pokerlike game which is so much more fun then without LRS. Tl;dr: Tie Bombers with LRS is much more fun.
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