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  1. TheRealStarkiller

    Adaptive Ailerons And Asteroids

    Ok, thanks
  2. TheRealStarkiller

    Adaptive Ailerons And Asteroids

    If the Striker using ailerons overlaps an obstacle and the template overlaps the same obstacle in the following move, does the obstacle effect also trigger two times?
  3. TheRealStarkiller

    Timing for: “After this attack hits...” in 2e

    Is the damage card now exposed after step 4 or step 6? Is there a reference meanwhile on how this was ruled in an official tournament?
  4. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    You guys all want this card to be crap, right? Spending die charge is not Part of the attack itself you perform again. All other Cards with charges clearly state when to spend a Change
  5. TheRealStarkiller

    When are two smaller ships better than Darth Vader?

    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Vader can't be a Squad Leader? Somehow I expected that Vader and Luke both have a force and a talent slot... but it turned out that force users are talent-free otherwise...
  6. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    It does also not say to spend another charge to perform the Bonus attack
  7. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    The would be broken of course
  8. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    So you spend a Change, do the attack and a Bonus attack, if the condition is met, to do this attack again without spending another charge
  9. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    This would mean you would not need to stop performing bonus attacks until all your charges are gone in a single turn, since if you do it all over, you would get to chose to spend a Charge to do a Bonus attack after each attack
  10. TheRealStarkiller

    Bombers Incoming!

    I had the impression that you don't spend a Change for the Bonus attack? ?
  11. TheRealStarkiller

    TIE/ln article is up

    Backstabber ? Dark Curse ?
  12. TheRealStarkiller

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    It may be. But then the work of the Game Designers kicks in to extrapolate the given information and create a role for it in X-Wing, especially for 2.0
  13. TheRealStarkiller

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    I don't think that the game would need this...
  14. TheRealStarkiller

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    Just no. This ship is ot be the new Imperial Firespray w/o shields. Maybe even on a medium base.
  15. TheRealStarkiller

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    Read Disneys description of this ship. Compiled to X-Wing it should have a rear arc.