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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking not in dual wield a pair of double-bladed lightsabers but just one. But I didn't notice double-bladed saber is not marked as two-handed weapon, as both GM and Donovan have pointed out. So apparently is legal.
  2. Hello, is it possible to use a double-blade lightsaber with the rules for dual weilding? Or are them restricted to single-blade lightsabers?
  3. I've been taking into account what's been said here and some of the homebrew rules and finally I've come to some modifications to combat. I admit it, I rather go with a longer combat with ships more resilient and able to soak more damage. With that in mind: a) Missiles, torpedos, turbolasers, tractors and battleship cannons are going to have more difficulty targeting ships of silhouette 1-4 at speed 4+ and in close/short range. Ships with silhouette 1-4 are going to require to use Stay On Target maneuver in order to achieve a lock and be able to shoot torpedo/missile (with no upgrade to the shot, but other ships upgrade their rolls to hit the ship) b) Starting from medium range, all ships are goint to increase difficulty to hit a ship (once per medium, twice per long, maybe this makes impossible to hit a ship depending on difference of silhouette) c) I've added the Snap Roll rules for ships with silhouette 1-4. d) I am adding more points to hull and strain per ship. Not sure about quantity yet, but no less than 50% to fighters. Maybe less to silhouette 4 ships.
  4. Emperor Norton I didn't know of your rules, I've downloaded them and at first glance looks like a major improvement. Definitely going to try them next space combat. I love all of them, specially the smart use of sensors and Active Targeting. One think keeps me wondering about, is using a Pilot's roll (as an out of turn incidental) to try to evade a hit. I know this can slow down things a lot, but maybe using it instead of changing shields to a passive defense like you propose in your document. So shields would still be black dice and now a Pilot roll (benefiting from high handling) vs number of hits can work to soak some damage? average for 1 success, hard for 2, etc. If success, you can soak 1 point of damage + 1 per success, or +1 additional per two advantages. A triumph allows you to soak half the damage automatically and counts as a success for soaking the rest. This would cause strain to both the ship and the pilot (3 minimum, can be more depending of number of successes in the initial combat check, this is a DM decision). The strain to the ship cannot be restored while in combat (has to be taken into account apart) Just an idea.
  5. I like the Snap Roll mechanic but yes, a freighter full of PC's taking Damage Control every round can break the game. What if that strain cannot be recovered in combat? What if you can only recover 1 strain per round of that loss? That would require a "separate" account of strain ofc but may balance things a little bit.
  6. Daeglan, sometimes you don't have the time to set up any scenario at all, sometimes you are suddendly in the middle of a space combat and you have to adjudicate rules and run it as it is. I am not saying that was my case, because I goofed and i admit it, but as rules are written they are pretty deadly regarding dogfight, and happyDaze is right when saying that good gunnery and high initiative beats a good pilot since pilots cannot use that skill to completely avoid a hit (something possible in sw d6, i.e.). That's what exactly happened in my game: good initiative rolls, deadly first shots and rebels unable to do almost no damage to the PC's. Regarding the Empire counting missiles shot: maybe it's a valid point after all, remember Episode IV when they didn't shot C-3PO and R2-D2 in the escape pod. Maybe they are on a short budget. I guess building Death Star imposes a heavy toll on resources... xD
  7. Wow, really good advices here guys, thank you, much appreciated. I am newbie in this type of combat and coming from sw: saga I expected it to last a little bit longer: I reckon that due to time matters I didn't prepare the combat in advance that much and made some mistakes. I agree the first was opposition, I should have given the rebels more firepower (the idea of using the dp20 instead of the cr90 is a really good one) and I am going to take a look to the Gm Kit and Stay on Target to look for squadron maneuvers and astropilot droids, next time I'll use it. Also good one the idea of minions - although I provided good stats for rebel gunners so that shouldn't be that important - I think that initiative also was key. Pc's manage to populate nearly all main slots of initiative so they moved and fired first. Given the level of lethality I think that was also crucial.
  8. By the way something that happened ... when you get a Triumph one possibility says "do something vital like destroying capital ship's shield generator". But I find this too poweful, I mean, with a critical result you can lower defense until critical is repaired, and now a single triumph totally disables shields?
  9. Hi all! I've just run my first big-scale starship combat. The PC's are an Imperial elite group and they have 5 TIE-Defenders, 1 TIE Bomber and a Marauder Corvette. I pitted them against a CR-90 Corvette, 2 X-Wings (one of them an ace pilot) and two Y-Wings. After a single round of combat, the four rebel fighters were destroyed. I don't know if I've done something wrong, but TIE-D used them all missiles and were able to activate linked property. With the breach property (it does affect to every missile, not the first one shot, isn't it? they were delivering 12-16 points of damage. More than enough to vaporize fighters in a single shot. The amount of damage sustained by the CR-90 was tremendous as well. It started at 50 and after the first round was 22, and that only because I didn't use oll of the turbolasers of the corvette to prevent the game to go too slow. Since it was ny first attempt to run such a combat I didn't add complicated terrain except some debris that was providing cover. Maybe I should do that next time? Opinions? Any advice will be appreciated.
  10. IIRC Imperial Sourcebook doesn't bring any names on this topic, I think it's prior to the appearance of Isard...but anyways I've got a physical copy, I'll check it out this weekend, thank you!
  11. Nightone, Ysanne commanding ISB via II was something hinted in the legends entry of the wookiepedia IIRC, but my main source of lore is Imperial Sourcebook (from WEG) and it says there that ISB and II are antagonists and even go as far as to sabotage each other actions. That's why I find weird than a single person can command both organizations. Anyway if there's no other info I'll go with that, thank you.
  12. Hello everybody! I am currently running a short campaign where players are Imperial soldiers. I am planning to add several NPC's both from Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence. But I cannot find who's in charge of these two organizations by the time of the battle of Hoth. I don't care if info comes from canon or legend since my "universe" is pretty much a "what if?" one (in fact, Luke Skywalker has been captured due to the actions of the PC's so canon is already changed) I've read the name of Ysanne Isard (daughter of Armand Isard) but it's unclear if she's chief of II or ISB. Please can anyone help this padaw...err...dark side student?
  13. Hi all, Can anyone confirm if damage listed is character-scale or planetary-scale? Because if it's the last it severely wound an AT-AT and totally destroy an AT-ST...
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