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  1. Accretion in Game design and X-Wing

    X-wing has been in "mild landfill mode" with every single successive release. Power creep is a thing. I think this is 80% the designers accidentally introducing power creep (game balance is very hard), and 20% trying to make sure the new stuff is really good. It has simultaneously demotivated me from wanting to play the stock game, and motivated me to fix it on my own. This is definitely what we will be doing for X-wing Community Mod. Squad builder support is on its way soon(tm).
  2. X-wing Community Mod

    I have a half-witty, half serious poll up on the Facebook page about how half points should be handled. Go vote.
  3. X-wing Community Mod

    Yeah, the arced jousters are way more efficient now, so we will give TLT a try as is first, with just cost tweaks. Will be able to test this right in wave 1 testing with Y wings.
  4. X-wing Community Mod

    Some tweaks. Protectorate Starfighter Concord Dawn Protector: cost reverted back to 2 / 2 / 2, and decreased all pilot costs by 2 (no net change when using the title). For simplicity I'm keeping things as close as possible to stock, like my recent TIE x7 reversion. Fenn and Old Teroch cost reduced by 1 each, although they still see a point increase relative to stock. X-wing S-foils: now primary weapon only: X-wing only. Limited. "You may equip one additional modification. If you are unstressed when attacking with a primary weapon, you may either reroll one blank attack die, or, if you have a target lock on the defender you may convert all <eye> results to <hit> results." Attack Formation: now primary weapon only, and can be equipped by TIE Fighters, Z-95s, and M3-A. (M3-A updates coming soon): Attack Formation0 / 0 / 0TIE Fighter, Z-95, or M3-A Interceptor only. Title.When attacking with a primary weapon, if the defender is in arc of another friendly ship with "Attack Formation" equipped, you may add one <hit> result. If you do and this attack hits, the defender suffers one damage, and then cancel all dice results. Engine Upgrade: wording changed, so it now simply gives a stress after use if equipped to a large base ship: "Your action bar gains the <boost> action icon. If this card is equipped to a large base ship, receive a stress token after performing a boost action." Some preemptive changes for ships that I haven't gotten to yet: Miranda pilot ability only works in arc: "Once per round when attacking a ship inside your firing arc, you may either spend 1 shield to roll 1 additional attack die or roll 1 fewer attack die to recover 1 shield." Trajectory Simulator: B/SF-17 Bomber only.
  5. X-wing Community Mod

    Norra won Chicago regionals! I feel better about essentially leaving her cost where it is.
  6. X-wing Community Mod

    Related to Engine Upgrade, I put up a poll on the Facebook page to see how people generally want to deal with it.
  7. X-wing Community Mod

    I am more than happy to discuss specifics, if you have anything in particular in mind that you are thinking of! [Edit] R2-D2 seems like a pretty simple no-brainer, regen every single turn is just way too good. Makes Corran nearly unkillable end game regardless of his cost. EU I originally just had more expensive for large base ships, but it's still super abusable. [And also harder for a squad builder to manage, which I am trying to avoid.] 3 bank + boost, every single turn on a large base. EU was literally the only reason that high PS large base ships were viable, if a card is auto-include then there's a problem with the design of the card. That definitely increases the possible builds, but also sounds complicated, especially from a balance perspective. Also more cards to keep track of.
  8. X-wing Community Mod

    In the name of simplicity... TIE/v1 title reverted back to 2 / 2 / 2 points, and pilot costs all increased by 2 accordingly. There's no net change in total point costs, unless you want to run without the TIE/v1 title. TIE/x7 title reverted to -4 / -4 / -4, and TIE/D title now -1 / -1 / -1. Pilot costs all increased by 4 across the board, so no net change... except I revised Vessery and Steele's cost each down by 1 point while I was in the neighborhood.
  9. X-wing Community Mod

    There are quite a few abusive cards that need to get reigned in, which you can't really fix with just cost changes. Things like R2-D2 regen every round and Engine Upgrade on large base ships need to get mechanically tweaked. Cost adjustments really aren't the right way to deal with this. If you make R2-D2 more expensive then Corran Horn just ends up being a bigger point fortress. I don't think it's worth sacrificing balance integrity (which is the whole point of the mod) just to make it marginally easier to deal with updated card text for the well-known OP cards. Also, some pilots... just need their abilities changed. For example, nobody is going to argue against Lorrir's ability getting changed, or giving Horton an EPT. So updating some upgrade card text, and updating some pilot text is fairly non-negotiable. It's fundamental to nerfing OP stuff and making useless pilots playable. In regards to ships, rather than talk globally about no chassis updates, I think it's more constructive to talk specifics about each ship. Cost-only adjustments will work better on some ships than others. Some ships need tweaks that go beyond cost. For example if you make TIEs cheap, they still can't hit high agility targets, and they still die stupidly easily. So if you make them ultra cheap to compensate but limit ships to 8, then if you want to fly a TIE Swarm you really have to throw all the low PS Fighters in the trash and replace them all with TIE Interceptors. That's... not exactly what I'm going for.
  10. X-wing Community Mod

    Thanks for the sanity check @Jeff Wilder! Braylen Only version I looked at is the gunner/stressbot version, and compared to what a "fair" jousting efficiency of a stresshog should be. Braylen's efficiency largely depends on how often he can pull the 2nd stress off so he can get an action; at 55 points I have it ranging from 64.5% (0% actions) to 78.8% (100% actions). A reasonable number is probably in the 30% action (69% efficiency) to 60% action (73% efficiency) range. Ok, so what's a stresshog worth? That's a harder question. Back in the day, an actionless stresshog was around 73.7% efficient, using the wave 3 meta power curve as a baseline. Using the new power curve it's 68% today, which partially explains why it doesn't get used. Braylen's better in that he has a rear arc, but worse in that he sometimes doesn't trigger gunner. I'm going to spitball a guesstimate that we want him around 70%. That would correspond to a 40% action rate. Now, a good argument can be made that the rear arc really does make him worth more even -- if the target efficiency number is more like 65% (ouch), then his cost would have to get increased a point or 2. I wouldn't be surprised if we tweak Braylen's cost later once we get to beta. First I need to go back to the Y-wing BTL title and give it a buff, so the new stresshog gets a boost, and then run it through wave 1 & 2 beta testing. Ok, fair enough, I bumped his cost up 1 to 43. He still sees a pretty significant drop in cost though. Thane Thane is pretty straightforward, he sometimes gets a free action, which I model as a free TL for his attack. At 46 points and no upgrades, that puts his efficiency anywhere between 85% (never triggers his ability) to 104% (always triggers his ability). If he triggers his ability half the time then its 95%, which is about right. Probably will get tweaked later during testing, but it's pretty close. Since there's a lot of counterplay, he might need to be cheaper, but I would rather take a "wait and see" approach. He's also got both droid slots open at cheap tier 3 pricing, so that's a plus. Shara Shara's pilot tier is 3, so that helps a lot with upgrades. So I baselined Shara Bey around the really simple case of equipping Adaptability (-1 points) and Weapons Engineer (+3 points). If she grabs a target lock about every round then she essentially has ATT3 + TL for attack (native ATT3, plus the differential buff to her buddy). Her durability depends if she has a focus for defense. At 55 points that gives her a jousting efficiency between 92.4% (never has focus) to 95.7% (always has focus). I went with an assumption that she will have focus on defense about 60% of the time. There's my problem - if she's always target locking she never has focus. Other intangibles working against her: 1) target locking your desired target is hard if they move after you 2) target locks have to be on different ships which precludes focus fire. Intangibles working for her: 1) the droid slot is still open, 2) combo shenanigans may be better than the simple approach I assumed. Net result: I just dropped her points by 2, so 51 base. Loaded up with Adaptability / Weapons Engineer, she's 53 points, and Jousting efficiency is still 96% even if she never gets a focus on defense. Should be about right with the rear arc. Norra The jousting efficiency at the new power curve of the three Nora loadouts above are 103% (R2), 100% (BB-8), and 108% (R2-D2, regen every other turn). She's stuck on greens so I could probably risk lowering her a point, but I would rather err on the side of caution. Meta-Wing has her as pilot #20 going back to November 1, so she's not in a terrible place. P.S. All jousting efficiency numbers are relative to the new power curve unless otherwise stated, which is pretty close to the current state of the game.
  11. X-wing Community Mod

    Arc-170 Overview The Arc-170 just gets some cost tweaks. Pilot Tiers Norra Wexley is tier 2. All other Arc-170 pilots are tier 3. Pilot Costs and Ability Changes Braylen Stramm (PS3): cost reduced from 50 to 43. Thane Kyrell (PS4): cost reduced from 52 to 46. Shara Bey (PS6): cost reduced from 56 to 51. Norra Wexley: cost remains 58. Key Card Changes None Sample Loadouts Braylen + Gunner / R3A2 (56 points) Thane + Jyn (49 points) Shara Bey + Adaptability / Weapons Engineer (53 points) Norra Wexley + Push the Limit / Kyle Katarn / R2 (71 points) Norra Wexley + Push the Limit / Kyle Katarn / BB-8 (73 points) Norra Wexley + Push the Limit / Kyle Katarn / R2-D2 (75 points). Note: R2-D2 nerfed, see X-wing post
  12. It's time for a TIE fighter title!

    TIEs need a defense boost as well, as the OP said, so the second half of the TIE Fighter fix is: Evasive Thrusters Modification. 0 points. TIE Fighter only. When defending, you may discard this card to reroll any number of blank results. When you are dealt a damage card that is not due to being the target of an attack or overlapping an obstacle, you may discard this card to discard that damage card.
  13. X-wing Community Mod

    Wording update for Engine Upgrade, so it doesn't have to be a dual sided card. The text is long, but mechanically it is pretty simple. If you're a large base ship, then put a stress on the card after boosting. Can't boost while there is stress on the card. Remove the stress by performing a green without removing a stress from your ship. Your action bar gains the <boost> action icon. You cannot perform a boost action if there is a stress token on this card. If this card is equipped to a large base ship, place a stress token on this card after performing a boost action. If you execute a green maneuver and do not remove a stress token from your ship, remove a stress token from this card.
  14. X-wing Community Mod

    If you look at the cost:performance ratio for the Firespray and the Starviper, then their action economy isn't actually "broken good" even with the free action, unlike the action economy of stock Inquisitor or 35 Fel. The Firespray has 3 actions on its bar, plus potentially action bombs, but can only take one action, so it is very action-deprived. Getting a free focus is a major help because now it can grab a free target lock or evade. I modeled them with both, but evade generally wins out by a hair on most configurations. Of course tactically, a good player will be able to optimize the evade vs target lock. And getting barrel roll is a game-changer for actually being able to use the rear arc. That being said, there is a lot of counterplay against this new mechanic: if the Firespray gets blocked then it loses two actions, not one. So the strategy to killing them, is block their large base and then focus fire them down -- a Firespray with two focus and an evade is WAY more durable than a tokenless one. The only question is now what the target jousting efficiency should be. I pegged my initial estimate lower than an ideal jouster (due to rear arc and barrel roll option), but higher than a high-PS dual action arc dodger. Beta testing will show out how often they get gummed up by blocks, or how often they can really utilize the barrel roll shenanigans. In the case of the Starviper, it's still a very pricey ship for being a generic, so some sort of action economy buff was needed to keep it up to par without significantly dropping its price. It has exactly the same jousting action economy as before, but now gets a free purely positional action instead. I decided to double down on what makes the ship fun and unique, so now you aren't heavily punished for taking the banked barrel roll, especially versus turrets.
  15. X-wing Community Mod

    Quadjumper Overview The Quadjumper gets some increased durability if it takes the Spacetug Tractor Array, but otherwise only gets some cost updates and a pilot ability tweak for Sarco Plank. Pilot Tiers All Quadjumpers are tier 3. Pilot Costs and Ability Changes Jakku Gunrunner (PS1): cost decreased from 30 to 28. Unkar Plutt (PS3): cost decreased from 34 to 31. Sarco Plank (PS5): cost decreased from 36 to 32, and ability changed to: "When defending, if you executed a speed 2 or speed 3 maneuver this round, you may roll one additional die." Constable Zuvio (PS7): cost decreased from 38 to 34. Key Card Changes Spacetug Tractor Array Quadjumper only. Cost remains 4 / 4 / 4. Increase your hull value by 1. Action: Choose a ship inside your firing arc at Range 1 and assign a tractor beam token to it. If it is a friendly ship, resolve the effect of the tractor beam token as though it were an enemy ship.