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  1. On the most recent podcast, at 2:12 in, this literally describes how I got into the game... I saw the core set at Target, and bought waves 1-5 from Miniature Market / Cool Stuff Inc without ever having stepped foot in a game store. The notion that people even go to a store to play games was a foreign concept to me. I thought that only weird smelly people did that, for really weird games. (I'm still partially correct on the last point, although the X-wing crowd is pretty good about staying hygienic)
  2. I might have to EchoLocation that, because... that's truley a stupid amount of options just on a 2 turn.
  3. After the Mynocks talked about Kylo pilot in their last episode, I* posted on their Facebook page... MYNOCK SPECIAL KYLO (100) ** Kylo + Advs + PtL + title + AT (45) Omega Leader + Juke/CR (26) OGP + Palp / detectors (29) Scum and Villainy podcast has stolen the List Building Agency of both Mynocks and Krayts Kry-ats! * the list idea came from @Starslinger72, Hero of the Empire. ** I originally called it "Mynock Special Wave 13", which sounds lame. Special Kylo is more fitting.
  4. I'm slacking, I'll try and at least get List Juggler links that are posted here.
  5. That probably sounds about right, although I haven't looked at the tournament data in excruciating detail since wave 11 launched. That number is narrower than even the 'Pareto Rule', which would say that 20% of the pilots should represent 80% of those used.
  6. I didn't win Deep Core! I came in 2nd, same record, but lost on MoV. Ryan Flemming beat me out, although I did won our head to head which kept him on his feet the entire time. The previous season I won my division and had the best record / MoV in the entire league, but that was in Core, not Deep Core.
  7. I have not handed out any bounties from getting 100-0'ed! ... but I also play about 1/3 the number of games as Blair, if even that much...
  8. [emphasis added] I'm not sure if those two thoughts were intended to be directly related. It is implied that they are. To the first point, calculating a ship's jousting values is a necessary but not sufficient condition for obtaining game balance. Every ship has a target cost efficiency that hits the "sweet spot" of being neither overpowered or underpowered. The bullseye arc is a pure dice modification, so it is easily translated directly to jousting values. On the contrary to making math obsolete, math can tell you what percentage of your shots you want to be in the bullseye to hit your target efficiency metric. Players may or may not understand this math directly, but they will figure it out empirically. To the second point, I don't know who 'the math guys' are that you are referring to, but if you are equating that with 'anyone that does math for X-wing', then you are confusing an analysis method with preferred playstyle. If you have listened to my battle reports for the last few years you will note that I almost never play a purely jousting squad. The closest was Brobots, but even then I played a highly positional game. The entire point of using math in the design process is to maximize the different kinds of playstyles and archetypes that are viable, not reduce the game to pure jousting!
  9. Hm, plugging in 9 rounds into Swiss with 475 people would get you about 9 people at 8 wins or higher. A graduated cut doesn't change the top distribution, it just lops off people early that can't get there. I'm getting more like about 225 people total between both flights to get four 8+ win players after 9 rounds. Anyone there know what the count was?
  10. Anyone know how many players there were in Flight 1 and Flight 2?
  11. Thanks guys! Complete brain fart on my end. I had forgotten the European Championships were a few weeks back. I'll have to go dig up those results. On travel today. I think I was thinking about a more recent tournament over the last week that had nothing to do with the FFG national-level event.
  12. Possibly -- did it grant a bye to Worlds 2018? I thought I saw a picture where it was [technically] a glorified Store Championships. But I could be mistaken. Edit: I was thinking of the more recent European Team tournament. The nationals level European event definitely belongs on the list.
  13. [reserved]
  14. [reserved]
  15. This thread is to discuss anything related to the 2017 X-wing Nationals level tournaments. This includes any tournament where the winner gets a first-round bye for Worlds (2018 calendar year), and includes country-specific tournaments like at Nova Open (United States Championships), as well as region-based tournaments such as Gen Con (North American Championships). 2017 X Wing European Championships Date: June 2, 2017 (wave 10 + Heroes of the Resistance) Players: 320 List Juggler: Winner: George Dellapina (100 points, Heroes of the Resistance content) Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + Extra Munitions + Advanced SLAM + Cluster Mines + Seismic Charges + Sabine Wren Leebo + Heavy Laser Cannon + Lone Wolf + Counter-Measures + Outrider + Rey Runner-Up: Bartosz Wojcicki (100 points, Heroes of the Resistance content) Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + Extra Munitions + Sabine Wren + Conner Net + Ion Bombs + Advanced SLAM Dash Rendar + Lone Wolf + Heavy Laser Cannon + Rey + Outrider + Smuggling Compartment + Burnout SLAM Top 4: Shane Hibbard (100 points, wave 9 content) Fenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + R4 Agromech + Rigged Cargo Chute + Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Boba Fett + Guidance Chips Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + Overclocked R4 + Rigged Cargo Chute + Plasma Torpedoes + 4-Lom + Guidance Chips Top 4: Faan Langelaan (100 points, wave 8 content) Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + R4 Agromech + Plasma Torpedoes + Guidance Chips + Intelligence Agent Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + R4 Agromech + Plasma Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Guidance Chips + 4-Lom Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + R4 Agromech + Plasma Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Guidance Chips + Intelligence Agent 2017 North American Championships (Gen Con) Date: August 17 - August 19, 2017 (wave 11) Players: ~230 List Juggler: Winner: Nathan Eide (96 points, wave 11 content) Captain Nym + Bomblet Generator + Havoc + Twin Laser Turret + Veteran Instincts + Advanced Sensors + Genius + Engine Upgrade Corran Horn + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade + Advanced Sensors + R2-D2 Runner-Up: Zach Mathews (100 points, wave 11 content) Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + Long-Range Scanners + Sabine Wren + Bomblet Generator + Concussion Missiles Biggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech Lowhhrick + Selflessness + Wookiee Commandos Top 4: Andrew Bunn (99 points, wave 9 content) Fenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters Asajj Ventress + Attanni Mindlink + Latts Razzi Contracted Scout + Attanni Mindlink + Rigged Cargo Chute Top 4: Thomas Buis (100 points, wave 11 content) Karthakk Pirate + Twin Laser Turret + Long-Range Scanners + Cruise Missiles Karthakk Pirate + Twin Laser Turret + Long-Range Scanners + Cruise Missiles Trandoshan Slaver + 4-Lom + Zuckuss + Dengar