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  1. I haven't listened to much Kryat much. This thread is making me think I should git gud and start listening more. Shoot, I change podcasts, and I still have the spectre of long episodes overshadowing me! I'm a menace to short podcasts everywhere.
  2. Minor updates. The Biggs / Lowhrick / Jess / Rex list made Top 4 twice. Once by Erich at 4-1 who ended up winning, and once by Trevor going 5-0. 17 Rebel lists 7 S&V lists 7 Empire lists 11 of the Rebel lists had Biggs. 7 of the lists were Biggs / Lowhrick / Rex / Jess. [edit]: List Juggler is up: Winner Erich Ridlon (4-1 / 764) (100) Biggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech Lowhhrick + Draw Their Fire + Wookiee Commandos Captain Rex Jess Pava + R2-D6 + Autothrusters + Primed Thrusters + Selflessness Runner Up Chris Borzumato (4-1 / 645) (99) Dash Rendar + Lone Wolf + Heavy Laser Cannon + Rey + Outrider + Smuggling Compartment + Burnout SLAM + Counter-Measures Poe Dameron (PS9) + Black One + R2-D2 + Vectored Thrusters + Intensity + Primed Thrusters Top 4 Trevor Ward (5-0 / 877) lost to Chris (100) Biggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech Lowhhrick + Draw Their Fire + Wookiee Commandos Captain Rex Jess Pava + R2-D6 + Autothrusters + Primed Thrusters + Selflessness Craig Murphy (4-1 / 731) lost to Erich (99) Poe Dameron (PS9) + Black One + R2-D2 + Autothrusters + Intensity + Comm Relay Rey + Adaptability + Millennium Falcon (2) + Kanan Jarrus + Finn Incidentally Chris and Trevor both had SC wins already. Also, on a related note, the Biggs / Lowhrick / Jess / Rex list is worth in the ballpark of 115 - 120 points of jousting value because it splits fire so effectively. This is worth its own post later but wanted to tease the summary here. I had to go back to the analytical drawing board to derive that one, because it's the first squad that can focus fire its enemy while nearly completely defocusing incoming attacks. The previous record holder was Parattanni at around 115 points of raw dice with all the synergies working.
  3. Hey, I'm actually done all the: TIE Fighters TIE Advanced TIE Interceptor TIE/fo X-wing's a start. There's 248 pilots to work through.
  4. For some, yes. For example, recall the snippet I had posted in the other thread had a different ability for Biggs, essentially range 1 reverse rebel captive. Nope. Just a teaser for X-wings here:
  5. That is strikingly close to my house rules. Just add in the obligatory cost adjustment.
  6. Norton MA (31 players) was won by Erich Ridlon flying Heaver's version of the Biggs list.
  7. Jesper Hills in the UK recently went 7-0 with Ion Control Bots before wave 11 at a Store Championship. I did pretty terrible with the same list last Thursday, I went 1-2. I made some minor mistakes, and there's zero margin for error in 60 minute rounds. Against most lists you bleed MoV and then lose at time in 60 minutes.
  8. Yeah. That's the irony in all of this! Outside of some really weird corner cases I'm not sure how effective it will be. In general, when you leave a mine on the field without it detonating, that's a bad thing.
  9. I believe that FFG has ruled the other way. Once you're in a new round and thinking about dials, you're in that round regardless if you have physically set a dial. I am pretty sure that they have ruled this way to extend games before.
  10. I believe this is also how FFG has ruled it in person, @phild0 feel free to chime in. You actually go to Nationals and stuff.
  11. Extra Munitions triggers after Minefield Mapper triggers, exactly the same way that it triggers after any other bomb deployment. So you discard an EM token to place the bomb during setup. Repeat for as many bombs as you want, up to the limit of how many equipped bomb upgrade cards you had when you originally triggered Minefield Mapper.
  12. [redundant / triple post, get a forum n00b cookie]
  13. There's a lot of evidence for evolution. There is zero evidence for his theory. If there is, I would be legitimately very interested to hear it. I am still waiting for a reply back from Frank on this ruling, but it looks like we will have to wait, and wait, and wait, for an FAQ. Definitely sucks. FFG, up your game. Until then, we will get people arguing about RAW and RAI. And the more that people argue, the more they get entrenched regardless of evidence to the contrary - proven psychological trend. So it's largely a waste of time even discussing it, and is why I have generally even avoided talking about it. Do as the card says. Do not do as the card does not say to do. Extra Munitions tokens do not count as cards. Extra Munitions upgrade card does not count as a bomb card. The Minefield Mapper is 100% unambiguous that you can only drop one bomb per equipped bomb upgrade card. People are trying to argue bolt-on RAI, "well, the extra munition token should work differently..." Argument irrelevant. Card says what it says. Minefield Mapper has a timing window. Executing the card text once is still a rule. RTFM. And we're still going to keep arguing about this until FFG FAQs it.
  14. Most TOs make rulings based on Rules As Written. Maybe you think it's more fun to play a different way, and that's your right as a TO. But most TOs are going the opposite way on this ruling, certainly all the ones in New England are. As a competitive players we are preparing for what we expect, and it would be annoying if a rogue TO wanted to judge his event differently, contrary to RAW and consensus.