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  1. I have a few questions: 1. granted it gives you the steps for the 1st player it doesn't however say if the 2nd player follows the same rout such as pulling the mythos card. Also if you go to a location does that automatically mean you pic out a card for that area. 2. I noticed on the locations there are 2 markers in a circle with one of the symbols on the investigator cards. the book only mentions the one in black is guaranteed at certain locations like the sanitarium,south church,mary's hospital etc. however it doesn't mention if you need to pull a card for the other or if you pull one at all for the locations that don't have the guaranteed black circle with symbol. I played a mock game with myself to learn the rules, im kinda liking Amanda sharp. the rle book doesn't state if there is a card limit per investigator cards. the rules are rather confusing.
  2. sure Joe; oh btw a Bash is taking either handmade items with store bought stuff for 1/6th scale and putting them together to achieve the look of a certain character. I know I can make 12" versions of the investigators. Im actually asking one of are horror sculptors if they would be interested in doing some of the monsters. Some would be quite large for 1/6 scale and might cost a fortune. Id estimate cthulu would be at least 15- 20" tall in compairison to a 12" figure.
  3. thanks Joe; Im also on a different blog it's odd to me the way the setup here, it's totally different setup than from sideshow freaks or one sixth warrior. I make custom bashes. I wonder if anyone would buy Arkham Horror figures 1/6 scale? that's 12" for those who don't know the lingo.
  4. Ilove horror and some of the hp lovecraft movies. I just baught call of cthulu game and waiting on it to show up in the mail. is there any advice for a novice on here and in the game. I have no idea what AO means. Also id like to pick up some of the mini pieces before I play does anyone know the 16 investigators that are in the base game. and what key monsters I should get. Please feel free to PM me I can use any advice and help. I added Mandy to the top of my list to buy.
  5. Hi im in Chicago is there many players in chitown. also im very new just purchased the game and while im waiting for it to come in the mail can anyone tell me what are the names of the 16 investigators I want to buy the minitures. I have the call of cthulu board the main one not the extensions.
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