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  1. This bears a passing resemblance to this 2+ year old design... https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Imperial-Navy-Avenger-Strike-Fighter (which GW clearly borrowed/"inspired" from an F-4U Corsair and A-10 hybrid) GW lawyers suing the Mouse? Maybe...
  2. Before radar got really good, the "T" piece was a rangefinder... Nowadays that "T" is a surface search radar (you see them at airports, spinning really fast--the faster you see a radar spinning, the shorter the desired range, usually) http://mathscinotes.com/2013/08/battleship-rangefinders-and-geometry/
  3. And then the 40k Imperial Navy comes in and B*tch slaps everything out of existence...
  4. I started reading every post in this man's voice...
  5. The Albino Space Whale has a rear arc! Woooooo!
  6. Because those frigate things look like half a Nebulon-B, i name these... a Nebulon D (a B cut in half :D)
  7. You mean like this upcoming new Thrawn book? https://www.amazon.com/Thrawn-Star-Wars-Timothy-Zahn/dp/0451486242/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1470863281&sr=1-11&keywords=Timothy+Zahn
  8. I'm waiting for Blue Space Sherlock... Gimme! (oh, and a nice SSD of course)
  9. Hey, as a GK "worker", i can tell you that "Nothing After Two O'clock" tends to have a geek night about once a quarter on base. A few of us play x wing/armada Otherwise the closest store that has tables/sells x wing is in maastricht, about 40 mins away. I'm currently tdy. Here's the FB group for the nerd group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TriborderGamelounge/844377829028747/?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1467129197123051 also this place has actual x wing tournements https://www.facebook.com/magusgames/events/?recently_added_ids=112972995799779%2C255080384849484%2C523413777850412%2C841345719332488%2C1776715262563468%2C261792194183062%2C1810056252560118%2C152049365213574%2C1760081657597906%2C519646261559922%2C554752298060409%2C888544267935404%2C1370661296283120&notif_t=event_calendar_create&notif_id=1466937625298460 except i keep missing them. It'd be good to have an illustrious x winger (if you're who i think) around
  10. From lurking and reading her background, in armada she may be an officer who grants Reiken ability to just the ship she's on. "Screw you" mechanic. Or, if i've read the internets correctly, she orders her ship scuttled, perhaps when her ship is destroyed, it gives AoE damage (1 dmg to everything in range 1 from the ship). Yes, the artwork is of her with an interceptor, but the artwork is of wildly different style to all other armada card artwork. Ergo, new artwork, so not necessarily tied to an interceptor squadron. (imo)
  11. You get only 7 dice here. Only first attack is +1 How so? Each missile is treated as a separate attack...
  12. Technically, 2x 4 dice shots (kind of 8 dice) N'Dru Sulhak Z-95 Headhunter, Unique When attacking, if there are no other friendly ships at Range 1-2, roll 1 additional attack die. Upgrades: Cluster Missiles (4) Glitterstim (2) Lone Wolf (2) Guidance Chips (0) Ps7, so more reliable getting the target lock. Pop the glitterstim 25pts of sledgehammer One shots most small base ships. An oldie but a goodie, Chimps is just icing.
  13. halfyank

    Punished One

    I had a "Blast" recently with a budget Deathrain Deathrain ion Bombs Proton Bombs Extra Munitions.. 35 pts I Dumped the ion bomb, got bumped and therefore ioned myself... but also splashed Wedge and Poe. Next turn dumped out a delicious delicious proton bomb on both of them and whoop-whoop-whooped away (luck on my part, by far the best bomb drops, in the 6 times i've used them in 2 years lol)
  14. Please be sarcasm... (AT part mostly, Hawk and Shuttle part less so) You love Turrets that much? you want nothing but Turretwing? *Edit- spelling
  15. If it were just the mechanics without Star Wars, it'd never have made it to the end of 2012 without being discontinued. Uh, Wings of War (The system FFG bases the game on) is over a decade old and is still being produced. There are differences, mind you, but the spirit of the game is the same. not to mention we have plenty of popular miniatures games without the star wars license running around, and all the non-GW ones have really solid mechanics some people love to put too much emphasis on the license without crediting the meat of the game, i.e the actual gameplay, which makes me glad they're not on the design team people will buy any garbage with a star wars brand on it but it's the stuff that's simply excellent in its own regard that will stick around Wtf is that? ^^^
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