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  1. My friends and I started playing AGOTTBG early this summer and fell in love with it, however, recently we lost one of the siege engines for Martell. We are really disappointed that we haven't found a way to get our hands on any replacement pieces without having to buy another copy of the full game (and then we are still are down one piece in one set). After checking on FFG to see there were any replacement/extra piece sets for sale (there are none), we tried looking into the POD expansions we wanted to play, and found out those don't have pieces (thought was to buy two with Arryn pieces, so we would have extras and be able to paint them ourselves). However, the only things provided are new cards and rules, not even new house shields or markers for house Arryn. Disappointed, we went to multiple board game shops and minifigure makers in the local area and found no extra pieces, or the shop won't make a replacement do to infringement on the game. We checked online and found no where that had pieces for AGOTTGB. We really enjoy the pieces for the game, but are quite unhappy with the availability of replacement or extra sets of pieces. We hope that FFG and other fans can see this and start down a path to make pieces available for sale. We came up with three suggestions: 1. Sell complete sets for each house. These sets would include: ~ full set of house colored footman, knights, siege engines, and ships ~ 3 Influence track tokens ~ one supply barrel token, and one victory track token ~ 20 Power Tokens The numbers for the pieces could be cut in half, and the same with the power tokens for houses in the base game (but Arryn would have full numbers). 2. Sell compete sets for colors (all house colors, plus light blue, bright orange, dark blue, pink, and purple). This would allow fans to buy "official" pieces for fan made expansiona ~ full set of colored footman, knights, siege engines, and ships 3. Sell complete-replacement box ~2 of each unit, in each house color (2 footman, 2 knights, 2 siege engine, 2 ships) ~5 power tokens for each house This would allow for fans to buy in addition to their base game a replacement set. FFG would print an even number of pieces for each house, and fans would have additional replacement pieces for each house in case of future misplaced pieces. I hope FFG soon opens sales for replacement pieces at least here online, as some sort of POD system.
  2. Yes, Arryn pieces should have been included or at least have been able to buy separately.
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