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  1. Yesterday I attended the Athena Games (Norwich, UK) regional event! Here is a summary of how it went and what I faced! https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/02/25/A-fish-out-of-water---Norwich-X-Wing-Regional-Report
  2. Dan took his Darkness (Kylo Ren Deci) list out to two store championships, his reports are below, and his thought process behind the list! Report 1 Report 2 Thought process behind the list
  3. Cards were amazing! Many thanks again! I will be using these very soon!
  4. With the x-wing store championships around the corner Dan has looked at an idea for a Kylo Ren build. What do you think of the build and his strategy behind his list? http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/05/08/X-Wing-Ideas-Hello-Darkness-My-Old-Friend
  5. I will be there! I really want some details these cards!
  6. Hi All, Here is my brief report from Yavin, if any of my opponents would like to correct anything, as I may have got a few games a bit crossed! http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/02/23/Fishy-Wargaming-at-the-Yavin-Open-2017
  7. Day 2 pulls! Also make sure you follow the Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1280794641960154&id=881169275256028
  8. Just pulled my second Han! (Yay) and a storm trooper! Just need plasma now!
  9. Sounds like there has been some good success with packs so far I plan on getting some more today!
  10. Nice! I got both starters too!
  11. I have chucked some pictures up of what I have pulled day 1! More updates to come as I pick more up tomorrow and when my holster box arrives. I love this game so far! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1279603295412622&id=881169275256028
  12. Most Kanan and Biggs builds I see include the phantom. But I not keen on seeing a ship explode to use the little guy inside! So how about... VCX-100: · Kanan Jarrus (38) Plasma Torpedoes (3) Autoblaster Turret (2) Fire Control System (2) Recon Specialist (3) · Jan Ors (2) X-Wing: · Biggs Darklighter (25) · R4-D6 (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Z-95 Headhunter: Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Z-95 Headhunter: Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)
  13. Loving this still! Also if anyone does want to enter. Competition ends tomorrow! Again worldwide!
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