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  1. But they should have foreseen this. Is what I can not understand... maybe as a part of a future season kit?
  2. Downside of this useful fligh assit astromech is that there is only 1 in the shatipede expansion, who is going to get 3-4 of them to be able to play 3-4 xwings or t70? Since having such amount of shatipedes is useless. It should have bring 2 copies or lets see if FFG decides to include it in further expansions.
  3. This weekend I attended Spanish Nationals, and some weeks ago I attended Asturias regional. I saw Kotei (leyend 5 rings) was played at the same time xwing Nationals and I still surprised how they gave a lot of prizes even just for participating, game maths, counters, lot of cards, dials, etc much more things than in xwing championships. Is there a reason for this? because participation dropped from 450 players expected to final 180 more or less, and people was saying they were happier playing Kotei rather than xwing National because of prizes. After 4 years playing xwing I am not able to understand why top32 gets NOTHING, finalist gets NOTHING and players not making to the top just get one single card. Championship participation ticket is getting more and more expensive each year but prizes are still the same and people is very dissapointed. I know there is a trip payed in Open and Nationals, but official requirement is 64 players participating so I do not see this an explanation for 150-250 participants.
  4. I do not understand why other counteries having much less attendance to such events are still having an Open series tournament scheduled. Just that. Most of Spanish players are not going to travel anywere as far as I have been hearing around.
  5. will we know about the regional kits for nov'17-feb'18 regionals?
  6. Just to remind you about this, now you can go and check there is no Spain Open this year. I think because someone on FFG staff did not liked something in the last one. Punishment to one of the greatest game communities. Thank you FFG.
  7. Is not only not knowing which prizes are but also I am almost sure the prizes are not distributed already so people will leave regionals without them.
  8. Thank you for the clarification. Honestly I dislike this new format because in the end, tournament would cost 60$ as you explained unless you have the luck to make it to stage 3. And do not forget to add other costs like flight, acomodation... for sure it does not help too much to motivate people attending to Open tournaments. In other level... it boost competitivity since now we will have money behind "each" match result. So I think it is not good decision to involve money in having fun playing xwing. At first sight it looks a very bad decision from FFG, but we will see. As soon as I let this know to my playmates I started hearing opinions about attending or not to Open series (mostly negative opinions, just to clarify).
  9. I read, the question, is... is it free, I mean to participate in hangar o hyperspace qualifier? Read before giving an answer, I ask the same thing in my last 3 posts here. thank you
  10. I do not know where you read all that because what I read here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/11/13/claim-your-bounty/ Says that participants will get: - a double-sided upgrade card that features the Millennium Falcon on one side and Slave I on the other. - a copy of The Force Awakens™ Core Set damage deck, themed with a custom Boba Fett card back. Participating other tournaments I am not sure if will be no cost for the participants.
  11. Wait and see... nothing. But apart from that we are also complaining about the new format of the open and how 3 rounds can be the most you play after having huge expenses to attend. Also I heard alternative tournaments for eliminated players may cost additional money to the player, I am not sure about this, is just a rumour, but I am here asking about it to get more information and find some answers. Thank you for helping.
  12. Sorry but is there are prizes announced already? because regionals start this weekend in my country and there is no information about prizes. thank you in advance
  13. I agree Malazath, this kind of tourneys having a long travel to attend and acomodation costs... so I think players deserve to at least play the main tournament for all day. I also want to say I am very surprised because Spain is not having an Open, and last year tattoine open was the 2nd biggest in the world. I do not understand what is FFG doing.
  14. It is in the first post but here you have: http://labsk.net/index.php?topic=108684.msg1816506#msg1816506 This is the thread of a boardgaming forum where we talk about xwing,but it is mostly used for other boardgames. Specific xwing forum is at: http://escuadronpicaro.foroactivo.com/
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