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  1. use milk of the poppy (core) on danaerys and the dragons will no longer be a threat.
  2. you will need to have an additional copy of the lannister cards from core to make your lannister deck stronger. in particular, enemy informer, cersei attendant, lannister pays his debt, and i'm you writ small.
  3. riders of red fork. die by the sword, no quarter are also good if you want to convert this to a stark murder deck
  4. a very interesting deck if able to pull off. you definitely need 3 copies of each in the deck. put in stark locations and use the deck as a tool box to get strategic stark locations, to help you get draws (harrenhal), improve your claim (winterfell), improve your defense (frozen outpost), improve the power claimed (winterfell practice yard) and improve your economy. etc. you can put 2 limited locations into play with maege mormont + rickkon stark. will write more when i can find the chance to.
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