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  1. Oh, hello there. I have a bit of fan art that I did, but it's not visual art; it is instead nerdcore hip hop about 40K, a topic that I'm fairly certain hasn't been touched on within the subgenre. Therefore, I present to you: The Emperor Protects EP It's a four track EP with subjects including the tabletop and Orks, what the Emperor of Mankind thinks of his people, the Inquisition's Ordos and me fantasizing on being a Space Marine. While this may seem to be an inappropriate subforum to post this in, I am, in fact, the GM of a Rogue Trader session. Currently in our second session, it's taken months to plan, and as I've been steeped in 40K lore for that time, I decided to rap about it. If you're at all interested in this, click on through that link and have a listen or two. If you like what you hear, there are links to my artist page on Facebook and you can keep track of me. And I am always ALWAYS interested in hearing feedback on my work! Thanks for reading! - Press B
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