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  1. Road Tower House Skull Sewer Is what we always have used.
  2. I'm not one of those things, but as a standard firefox user who keeps Chrome around mostly for extensions like the cardviewer, please help. I'd love to have D2e card viewing function in Firefox.
  3. I've thought a considerable amount about this, and the consensus between myself and most of the group I play Descent with is the following (for these 4 heroes): Varikas the Dead: Same as the CK except a tweaked hero ability. Hero ability: At the start of your turn, you may suffer 1 wound to recover 2 fatigue." Red Scorpion: Same stats as CK, but with a new hero ability and feat. Hero ability: "At the start of your turn, you may suffer up to 3 wound to recover an equal amount of fatigue. At the end of your turn, you may suffer up to 3 fatigue to suffer an equal amount of wound." Heroic Feat: Use at the end of your turn and test each attribute. Until the start of your next turn, your defense results gain shields equal to the number of successes. Brother Glyr: Same stats as CK. New hero ability, slightly tweaked feat. Hero ability: At the start of your turn, choose 2 heroes within 3 spaces of you. Each chosen hero gains up to 2 MP. Heroic feat: (Same as CK, but an adjacent hero gains the damage reduction as well). Mad Carthos: Same as CK, with minor changes. His hero ability should work for first use of EACH skill that costs 1 fatigue, not just first use of 1 skill. His heroic feat should apply to Rune weapons in addition to Magic weapons. We played with this party a few times, it worked rather nicely. I would have liked for that campaign to have gone further...
  4. I buy Illusory Path first (espescially with Astarra, as it unlocks key mobility for her and the images: -Place an image 2 spaces away (free if only image) -Suffer 1 fatigue to gain a MP -Because of the above, you can move the image 1 space further away. -Use the MP gained to use Astarra's hero ability and teleport to the far sife of the image. Congrats, you've just moved 4 spaces away with 1 fatigue and no actions. Other skills are really your preference as far as order, depending on whether your party needs ranged attack (refraction) or crowd control (vortex).
  5. Thank you for doing this to bring visibility. In addition to liking your post, I quoted it and made an additional question about the state of the quest vault, my new favorite example of an initiative shooting itself in the foot.
  6. I am very interested in the answer to this question, as I'm sure many Descent players are. However, I would also like to add: Are there any FFG efforts to patch or update the Descent Quest Vault? There are open technical bug reports which have not received responses since before 2017. A number of users are actively trying to build a fan-content community, but are hitting a stone wall. A "development suspended/cancelled" notice as a bare minimum would be polite. Thank you for your time!
  7. He would be, as long as we're assuming that after he performs a move action that's the end of his turn. Since he's treated like a hero, the monster ability "Hive Defense" would apply to him.
  8. Super, super frustrating. It would require a little code updating on ANA's side (which should be straightforward given they've definitely corrected this issue for other online tools like X-Wing).
  9. I very much agree. I don't know about the general legality of gaining a condition card you just discarded (seems like one of those nonsensical things that no one figured needed an explicit rule), however I am pretty certain that "Blight Extraction" should not work when you're removing the condition from yourself to gain 2 essence. Alternative reword: "Each time you use Stream of Life, the chosen hero may also discard 1 Condition. If another hero discards a Condition from this effect, you may gain that Condition and place 2 damage tokens on Essence Harvest." All-knowing is its own beast.
  10. I agree, the necromancer and the conjurer have entirely different playstyles. The Geomancer and the conjurer can be played similarly, but they also have different strengths and weaknesses. Summoned stones use their own MP and tend to be a little harder to destroy than image tokens. Stones also don't hurt the geomancer when they get destroyed (though the geomancer burns an action to resummon one). Image tokens are really just waypoints the conjurer can use for attacks or buff/debuff. They cost fatigue to summon (not an action) and the conjurer has to be careful not to sacrifice too many without resting/healing. With the right hero, I think conjurer is more powerful overall, but both are quite a lot of fun to play.
  11. I just got my copy this weekend, I'm looking forward to the chance to give these classes some play and figure them out. I'll try to keep feedback for this patch in mind. Timing inconsistencies are so troublesome...
  12. No. Star of Kellos adds to your attack pool, it does not add to your weapon. Brightblaze and some stone attacks are based on your magic weapon pool.
  13. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2182765/can-we-use-blood-rage-monster-cannot-attack-turn
  14. That's an excellent question, and a proper answer will require some thought.
  15. Whoever it's supposed to be, it's clearly the "elementalist".
  16. Ooh, pretty. I like. It's also one of the few "magic,blade" weapons out there.
  17. I'm very glad to see this expansion. I've been hoping for this specific content since we saw the other hybrid classes released with Chains. I would love to see the last 12 heroes from first edition, however I'm grateful to the FFG development team for at least getting these out.
  18. Oh, good catch, any2cards. He is probably after 1e based on the post.
  19. Most official FAQ and Errata is v1.6, I think from Feb 2015. Sadgit's CRRG is phenomenal. EDIT: I was referencing second edition rules, my bad!
  20. To get back to the original topic, unfortunately, not really. The vault has the layout generation with headers for rules, monsters, etc and also the best map interface as far as creating pages similar to the quest guide. Additionally, it's format (when properly maintained) makes version updates/ map rearrangements trivial. To do all that with other tools is a significant amount of work. Not impossible, but generally prohibitive. The vault is a tool with great potential. It's disuse and abandonment bother me more than most issues about Descent.
  21. Download the rulebook for the Trollfens expansion or Lair of the Wyrm. There will be a section in those books explaining Rumors as they come with other Rumor cards. The Hero & Monster packs just provide an additional rumor card (and paired advanced quest) each.
  22. Yes and yes. There is no limit imposed ("once during your turn...") nor is channeling exhausted, so the text can be used as often as you trigger it. Notably, this is really the only way images move since they aren't familiars and don't activate. If you buy the illusory path skill, you can move the image one space when you gain the movement point with fatigue, and move it another when you spend that point. You images can be super mobile... but then you aren't moving much, and drain fatigue pretty quickly.
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