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    Newest Update on Rules

    Oh, good catch, any2cards. He is probably after 1e based on the post.
  2. Zaltyre

    Newest Update on Rules

    Most official FAQ and Errata is v1.6, I think from Feb 2015. Sadgit's CRRG is phenomenal. EDIT: I was referencing second edition rules, my bad!
  3. To get back to the original topic, unfortunately, not really. The vault has the layout generation with headers for rules, monsters, etc and also the best map interface as far as creating pages similar to the quest guide. Additionally, it's format (when properly maintained) makes version updates/ map rearrangements trivial. To do all that with other tools is a significant amount of work. Not impossible, but generally prohibitive. The vault is a tool with great potential. It's disuse and abandonment bother me more than most issues about Descent.
  4. Zaltyre

    Noob Question

    Download the rulebook for the Trollfens expansion or Lair of the Wyrm. There will be a section in those books explaining Rumors as they come with other Rumor cards. The Hero & Monster packs just provide an additional rumor card (and paired advanced quest) each.
  5. Zaltyre

    Just got Oath of the Outcast!

    Note how the master razorwing is even faster!
  6. Zaltyre

    Conjurer ability: Channeling

    Yes and yes. There is no limit imposed ("once during your turn...") nor is channeling exhausted, so the text can be used as often as you trigger it. Notably, this is really the only way images move since they aren't familiars and don't activate. If you buy the illusory path skill, you can move the image one space when you gain the movement point with fatigue, and move it another when you spend that point. You images can be super mobile... but then you aren't moving much, and drain fatigue pretty quickly.
  7. Zaltyre

    SON Questions

    Q1: Yes, it looks that way. The rest action is "this hero will recover all fatigue at the end of his turn," and that doesn't happen until his next turn. If you need that hero to have fatigue removed immediately, influence is not the way to do it. Q2: Literally, that's exactly what "treated like a lieutenant" means, the "and can wield a relic" in the quest rules is redundant. Q3: Yes, the Barghest master in this case is a separate group, not part of the rest of the Barghest group. That being said, the Barghest group does not get an additional master, as that figure is already in use.
  8. Thank you, Descent development team at ANA. You have exceeded my expectations in this regard. This is a surprise, all signs pointed to the lights being out.
  9. Zaltyre

    Call of the Ravens

    After conferring with Sadgit, we have determined that the overlord summary card and p8 of the rulebook put "draw card" and "start of turn abilities" at the same time. p10 has drawing the card clearly first. I think since ANA is likely never going to alter these discrepancies (and since it doesn't affect much anyway) drawing anytime during the start of turn is probably the best way to play.
  10. Zaltyre

    Call of the Ravens

    I sent you an email with my last reference. It may be outdated.
  11. Zaltyre

    Call of the Ravens

    Yes. Things that happen "at the same time" (are triggered directly by the same event) happen in whichever order the active player (player whose turn it is) chooses. At the overlord's "start of turn" he can: -summon a raven servant -place a reinforcement monster (for this quest) -play Dark Charm (if he has it) He can do those three things in whichever order he likes. Notably, the FIRST thing he does is draw a card. That always happens first. This is not necessarily true.
  12. Zaltyre

    Quest bug

    It's not a problem with the browser, it's on the ANA server side. If you pull up the developer tools, you'll see the error. When ANA updated the website a few months back, they never updated the vault and the two don't communicate properly anymore. Publishing works fine, but the security check fails for saves on older quests. I'm going on two years with no response from Vault support, so I think this is a problem we just have to work around.
  13. Zaltyre

    Quest bug

    As to your first error, look closely when you save. Does it give a "saved successfully" notification? I'll bet it doesn't. If you check developer tools you'll see an error. This is an error I have with just about every quest older than a few months. The only solution is to recreate from scratch as a new quest. It's a server error I don't see them fixing (and they never added a "delete" option). I have taken to saving my quest text and edits in files separate from the vault so I can more easily get back to my current version.
  14. Zaltyre

    New expansion wanted

    Blinded is not supposed to be a fun condition to have. That being said, it's fairly simple to discard, and it can be completely ignored unless you're trying to attack.
  15. Zaltyre

    New expansion wanted

    For starters, it's Sadgit and Co. I'm just along for the ride, he's doing the majority of the work. As far as teasers, check out the weapons of war mini campaign to get a look at a preliminary form of the quests (they're getting refined a bit). I'm a huge fan of the new classes.
  16. Zaltyre

    Skarns FLAIL and (surge) Mend

    No. There is only 1 attack made, surges are never double counted. For example, monster flails and rolls 3 hearts and a surge, let's imagine he has surge: +2 , surge: curse, surge: mend 2. One hero rolls 2 shields, one rolls 3. Monster has 3 options: Option 1: spend surge on curse. Hero A will be dealt 1 damage and be cursed, hero B will be dealt 0 and not be cursed. Option 2: spend surge on +2. Hero A will be dealt 3 damage, hero B will be dealt 2. Option 3: spend surge on mend 2, healing 2. Hero A will be dealt 1 damage, hero B will be dealt 0.
  17. Zaltyre

    Descending to charity

    For 2 heroes I always enjoy Steelhorns because his ability can work no matter how many attacks I'm performing. This adds up to a lot over a campaign using the extra attack rule. He's swell as a knight, but also as a skirmisher or champion (though I find champion less helpful in 2 hero games because multi-valor never happens. "Each other hero" = "the other guy.")
  18. Zaltyre

    ACT III (ACT #3)???

    I'll second this. By all means, come up with a monster scaling factor (e.g. apply +4 to each monster's health, +1 damage to surge abilities, add a green die and a gray die...) perhaps some bonus XP and/or threat for the OL, and potentially drum up some equipment for the heroes. Power to you, do it up.
  19. Zaltyre

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    That's a neat mechanic. You could also just give him the "Stealthy" ability (see: Deep Elves) or an ability like the beastmaster's wolf (check out the Stalker skill)
  20. Zaltyre

    Connection problem

    I just got in using my phone's firefox. I'd check your connection and try again. Either there is a problem on your end or there may have been some kind of site maintenence (no idea why that would be the case).
  21. Zaltyre

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    All of these heroes are thoughtfully designed, which is great. For Mirala, I would almost turn her feat into her ability (extra gold). The feat really should be something she can use during a quest, otherwise it puts her at a big disadvantage as a character (especially since currently neither her feat nor her ability are relevant except in a campaign phase). Perhaps something which helps her get a search card, or distribute search cards. "Use when you defeat a master monster. Draw a search card." "At the start of your turn, choose a hero within 5 spaces. You and that hero may exchange equipment."
  22. I need to look at my quest guide. Will check back soon. Confirmed, the wording is indeed, "...he may instead place..." the "may instead" means that yes, he can still choose to put the monster on the Exit, but may instead place on the Entrance.
  23. Zaltyre

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Those are interesting, especially the reasoning behind the abilities. If you'd like, some people have made templates for D2E hero sheets, you could put these characters onto those for a more official look.
  24. Zaltyre


    Hexing is nothing of itself. Hexing just makes a monster hexed, and hexer skills do special things to hexed monsters.
  25. Every group's experience may differ, but I must say I'm surprised by your assessment of "weak heroes in general." I'd say the more frequent complaint is that heroes have it too easy.