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  1. I'll second this. By all means, come up with a monster scaling factor (e.g. apply +4 to each monster's health, +1 damage to surge abilities, add a green die and a gray die...) perhaps some bonus XP and/or threat for the OL, and potentially drum up some equipment for the heroes. Power to you, do it up.
  2. That's a neat mechanic. You could also just give him the "Stealthy" ability (see: Deep Elves) or an ability like the beastmaster's wolf (check out the Stalker skill)
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    Connection problem

    I just got in using my phone's firefox. I'd check your connection and try again. Either there is a problem on your end or there may have been some kind of site maintenence (no idea why that would be the case).
  4. All of these heroes are thoughtfully designed, which is great. For Mirala, I would almost turn her feat into her ability (extra gold). The feat really should be something she can use during a quest, otherwise it puts her at a big disadvantage as a character (especially since currently neither her feat nor her ability are relevant except in a campaign phase). Perhaps something which helps her get a search card, or distribute search cards. "Use when you defeat a master monster. Draw a search card." "At the start of your turn, choose a hero within 5 spaces. You and that hero may exchange equipment."
  5. I need to look at my quest guide. Will check back soon. Confirmed, the wording is indeed, "...he may instead place..." the "may instead" means that yes, he can still choose to put the monster on the Exit, but may instead place on the Entrance.
  6. Those are interesting, especially the reasoning behind the abilities. If you'd like, some people have made templates for D2E hero sheets, you could put these characters onto those for a more official look.
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    Hexing is nothing of itself. Hexing just makes a monster hexed, and hexer skills do special things to hexed monsters.
  8. Every group's experience may differ, but I must say I'm surprised by your assessment of "weak heroes in general." I'd say the more frequent complaint is that heroes have it too easy.
  9. Did you mean "Chains that Rust"?
  10. While I mostly agree with you, I think the feeling of incompletion is a result of it looking like everything was going to be completely rounded out. One hero and monster pack is great- but then every single 1st edition monster was updated, as well as every 1st edition hero... except 12. Big boxes had 1 of each hero/class, and the small boxes had alternating sets of 2, and Mists arrives with... no heroes. Chains follows up with new types of classes, but still no heroes. Is it fair to expect FFG to do more because they already did more than originally expected? No. The game isn't really incomplete, I agree; however, it does kind of feel like it is. The gray bar is the same color all the way across- but the colors around sure make it look like one side is darker than the other.
  11. Let me dig up an email for you. I'm in the air this morning so it may be a bit. EDIT: Found a topic with link to the uFAQ.
  12. You are incorrect. The scourge's ability cannot trigger off itself (and neither can word of misery). They can work together once, but there is no loop.
  13. "Just" let him move monsters. Yeah, it's a card that , when played properly, helps balance out the hero advantage of moving without actions. It's easy to waste, but in the right circumstances it can be devastating. (Like when a hero is attempting to fatigue up to a monster in order to attack it twice).
  14. Ah, I see. No, I don't think you can. "Moving a space" is not gaining a MP, and moving off the map requires spending a MP. A knight cannot advance off the map, Jain cannot heroic feat off the map, Astarra or Thorn can't hero ability off the map... you've just got to spend a MP. That requires 2 things: -You have a MP -You have a time window in which to spend it.
  15. I'm not suggesting the card triggers every time a fatigue is suffered, I'm suggesting it triggers each time a fatigue is suffered to gain a MP. At that time, a monster is selected. When the hero who gained the MP spends that MP, the monster can move 1 space. This is the punishment for fatigue movement (as intended). This is as clearly as I can state my reading of the card:
  16. The heroes from the hero and monster packs actually predate the second edition, so they're not created for a specific class. Part of the fun (in my opinion) of choosing a hero/class combo is looking for new and interesting ways for that hero's stats and abilities to interact with class skills. You can read the little paragraphs about each hero and get a sense for their "thematic" class (Raythen is clearly a treasure hunter or thief, for example) but that won't necessarily be the class they play best as.
  17. Sadgit is indeed away, so he's free to disagree with me when he returns. We've discussed this card before. I'm of the opinion that it works like you outlined above; the trigger is "a hero suffers a fatigue to gain a MP" and each time that happens, the effect is that a chosen monster can "move 1 space". I am not aware of an FFG response that alters the effect to "monster gains a MP", but that doesn't mean Sadgit isn't. However, I'd be surprised if he had a ruling and didn't add it to the uFAQ.
  18. Healers: Disciple: Avric Spiritspeaker: Ashrian Apothecary: Ulma Prophet: Augur Bard: Rendiel Scouts: Thief: Tomble Wildlander: Jain Treasure Hunter: Logan Stalker: Roganna Shadow Walker: Tinashi Bounty Hunter: Thaiden Mages: Runemaster: Leoric Necromancer: Tarha Geomancer: Quellen Hexer: Dezra Conjurer: Ravaella Warriors: Knight: Syndrael Berseker: Grisban Champion: Reynhart Beastmaster: Durik Skirmisher: Orkell Marshal: Alys Notably, there is absolutely nothing in the rules about these heroes being paired with these classes. It just was FFG's decision to put in each box with a class a hero who had complimentary abilities and characteristics. The hybrid classes do not have any such associations.
  19. Believe it or not, that diagram has been confirmed by FFG to be accurate on multiple occasions. 7, 8, and 9 DO have LOS, as mind-bending as it may seem.
  20. And that new content was the Frostgate DLC. Ask yourself how long it has been since a physical product release, or a FAQ update... or even a news post.
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    Road to Legend Feedback

    Yeah, Master Thorn kinda looks like Mad Carthos on laundry day.
  22. I know some of you are as disappointed with the apparent abandonment of the Vault by ANA as I am. The Vault is a great resource for creating custom quests, and a platform to share those quests with the community. I realized some time ago that we really don't need ANA for that. There is enough web development talent here in the community to make a tool serving all the functions of the current Vault- perhaps even enough to do it better. I've kept silent about a project like this in the hope that ANA would pick the Vault back up or firmly dissolve it. After this amount of time with NO communication, that hope is gone. I am convinced the Vault is doomed to a slow and quiet decay. Any change will have to be self-effected. I am aware that such a task would tread interesting copyright ground, so I want to make clear that I'm interested in keeping a project like this legal. I have some questions I think worth exploring: -How many of you out there miss an active Vault? Is this a demographic I'm imagining, or is it really significant? -How many of you would be willing to take steps toward creating an alternate vault? Do you think a project of this type is worthwhile? -If you're nodding your head in agreement to those first questions, do you have a preferred platform/language to work within?
  23. While I acknowledge and understand that some (most) of the Mists quests are very difficult for the heroes, I wouldn't go so far as to say Mists disappoints me. Rather, I think Mists offers a collection of quests which provide a difficulty level otherwise mostly missed by D2e. Descent quests don't have fixed difficulty. As you stated, you can adjust quests by adding or removing plot decks, choosing better or worse heroes and classes, and picking different OL cards. In my opinion, much of the content out there for D2e really gives advantage to the heroes. A "cheap team" of Mok, Astarra, etc can usually pull a win out of most campaigns even with a tough as nails OL. Players can choose to add or remove content to adjust the difficulty to their enjoyment. Mist tips that to the other side, and puts the power on the side of the OL. Just as heroes can pick fun but not optimal class combinations in other campaigns, Mists allows the OL the chance to deviate from efficiency without getting clobbered. For tough competitive play, maybe that's unsatisfying. For friendly rivalry games, I personally found it refreshing.
  24. Two points: 1) No, the spaces do not have LOS to each other. The black borders block LOS. 2) LOS is not the issue for howl. For abilities that rely on "within X spaces" you need to count spaces, which is independent from LOS. In this case, you can't count between the unique spaces, either. Check out my guide to range and LOS for specific explanations and examples.