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  1. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    I can say with certainty that FFG reads (or at the very least used to read) these forums. There have been numerous rule answers including references to topuc threads. It is not their policy to post.
  2. I would not include tainted cards in rumors similar to how allies are not used. I do not know if this has been asked as a rule question before. Have you checked the crrg?
  3. Charmy, I like that breakdown. For the record, my opinion would be "no, you cannot attack a guardian you're standing on".
  4. Treaty of champions advanced quest card

    There are quests in certain campaigns that do allow "hot" open monster groups. It's the flame symbol.
  5. Heirs of blood was loaded with story, though most of it was setup for the campaign. The only other official full campaign is Labyrinth of Ruin, or the combined Mists/Chains campaign. As far as the vault goes, I made a custom campaign which I tried to give a cohesive story to (though the names are not any better). I'm a little biased as I wrote it, but I really like it!
  6. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    August 2017, at the in flight report, this was said. Then, nothing happened for a little while, and in late September, we saw this. Since then, silence. There's nothing wrong with the Frostgate DLC, it's an enjoyable game mode. At the same time, however, it does not seem like the sort of oroject that would explain a year of development time (and it was entirely DLC, no physical product). I'm glad that Terrinoth is being utilized, it's a fun universe with a lot of potential.However, Descent can be forgotten even while Terrinoth shines. Runebound 3rd ed, Runewars miniatures game (see original Runewars for an example of future expansions dying quietly in the dark, there are still people waiting for another expansion to that 5 years later) etc. You mention Terrinoth as source material for new expansions- yes it is- but one (or three) of the expansions a number of us were hoping for require no invention, as they're just the last 12 heroes from first edition. 36 heroes from first edition arrived in hero and monster packs and then the line went dark... Manor of Ravens (a few years back) gave us 6th scout and warrior classes, a lot of us would have liked to see mage and healer classes to balance that out. These are not far-fetched ideas. To be clear, ANA has no obligation to release anything for any of their games, including Descent. We bought what we bought, and if that's not satisfying without additions.... that's kind of our problem. And, it's reasonable to close a game line 5-6 years into its lifespan. That being said, the fans of said game line want some closure- whether that be products to complete the set or news that the line is retired- and that's reasonable, too.
  7. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    I wish I could 'like' this several more times. There has been no physical content in more than a year and a half (Sept 2016, Chains that Rust) and nothing announced since well before that. I'm pretty solidly convinced there won't be any physical content going forward, but that's been true for months. The lack of physical content is accompanied by a lack of a FAQ update (2 years) or a vault update since the release of Mists. In my opinion, the physical arm of D2e was retired with the ANA changeover. The time lines up.
  8. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    I mean... that's not accurate. The dice system in genesys was actually a star wars rpg first, now they're expanding to other settings.
  9. Good place to upload pictures?

    That is, [img]URL[/img]
  10. Cannot access any official Game Tools

    I think the problem is possibly on your end, I can access the vault just fine (though it hasn't been updated in many months.) Try the quest links in this thread. Any difference?
  11. Right. The notable exception to "anything wielded by anyone" is class specific gear. That stuff cannot be traded. (Tis magically biometrically locked ).
  12. Decampaigning

    There are rules toward the end of the base game rulebook which are instructions for standalone map- "epic"- play, with a couple levels of gear: Basic (act 1, like a new game) Advanced (act 1, with some xp and gold for heroes to spend before the quest) Expert (act 2, with more xp and gold to spend before the quest). Is that what you mean?
  13. Small Tiles

    I'm not sure I understand your question. All tiles needed are pictured in the quest setup. If you're worried about mixing up the pieces, as far as non-numbered tiles, there are only a few different types: 1x2 extenders 1x2 ends 2x2 extensions (usually flip from A to B) entrances and exits The artwork on these tiles pretty clearly keeps them from being mixed up. That is, there are "classic" woods/castle like in the base game, Nerekhall city/black realm, Mists swamp/indoor, and Manor woods/manor. All of these look distinct. Did you mean something else?
  14. This might help. There are only 4 cases (aside from total health not changing): You are alive and... your total health increases: your remaining health increases by the same amount (damage tokens unchanged). your total health decreases: your remaining health decreases by the same amount to a minimum of 0. (damage tokens unchanged). You are KO and... your total health decreases: your reamaining health remains 0. (discard damage tokens down to new total health). your total health increases: your reamaining health remains 0. (add damage tokens up to new total health).
  15. Like so many things, it's not perfectly consistent. My undersranding is that while stamina and health are lumped together in the rules, different rules apply. Namely, it is possible to have more fatigue on your sheet than your current stamina (such as if you are fully fatigued and then unequip the ring of power). However, it is NOT possible to have damage tokens in excess of your current health. The difference between your damage and health is your remaining health, and it can never be negative (whereas your remaining stamina can be negative). If it happens that you would have equal or more damage on you than your health, you are defeated, and any excess damage is ignored. This is why a battlemage could have 1 health remaining, be attacked and dealt 4, recover 1 from dath siphon and not be KO. Those extra 3 damage just disappear. It is confirmed that if your max health is reduced, you must compare your damage to your new max health and can die (again, excess damage is discarded). If your health is changed while KO, it is my opinion that your damage would increase or decrease to match. Equipping leather armor while KO would not stand you up. That is, I think my stance is summed up with this statement: While KO, your remaining health is defined to be exactly 0 and cannot change except by healing.