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  1. My position on MP spending sometimes leading to interrupts has less to do with the spending of the MP and more what happens as a result. Essentially, my stance is that interrupting movement occurs when you do something during a movement other than continue moving (I'm using a slightly looser definition of "move" here than usual, akin to Syndrael's hero ability). Categories 2-4 are not inerruptions. Category 5, mostly yes (though I might regroup a little). In "Army..." Tyrus can move between unique spaces, for example. "My House..." is weird too because the movement continues after the test- test just determines to where. Consider that trading items between heroes is an interrupt (you can't do it while sharing a space with that hero) yet there is no cost associated with it.
  2. In the English quest guide, infected villager token and fatigue are both discarded. There is no way to cleanse a refugee that has not been infected. If all the refugees get infected, the OL wins. "As an action, a hero or Tyrus may cleanse an adjacent infected." (Note, NOT "refugee").
  3. Spending a movement point does not interrupt movement. It IS movement. The only real difference between moving off the map and ordinary movement is that there is no entered space. If spending a movement point interrupted movement, a large monster could expand every time it spent a movement point. There are special cases where spending a movement point leads to interruption, but that is almost always when spending a movement point is a cost to trigger another ability such as making a test. I am in full agreement that Grease Trap doesn't slide a hero off the map (again, because there are no spaces to enter).
  4. Though it pains me to admit it so casually, I agree; physical Descent is done, and I will continue to believe so until such time as ANA announces otherwise.
  5. This can't be just coincidence... can it?
  6. Time for a New Vault?

    The autoformatted pdf is a big part of what I'm after, as it's key to taking quest ideas and giving them a polished look. Memory of previous quest versions is "nice," but not a mandatory feature in my personal opinion. There are also a number of little features available in the official quest maps not available in the Vault- multiple color unique spaces, crumbling terrain, unique search token markers (really) which would be great to add.
  7. Crow Hag / Dark Minotaur ?

    The whole "Chains" expansion is still missing, not to mention any hero and monster collections.
  8. I know some of you are as disappointed with the apparent abandonment of the Vault by ANA as I am. The Vault is a great resource for creating custom quests, and a platform to share those quests with the community. I realized some time ago that we really don't need ANA for that. There is enough web development talent here in the community to make a tool serving all the functions of the current Vault- perhaps even enough to do it better. I've kept silent about a project like this in the hope that ANA would pick the Vault back up or firmly dissolve it. After this amount of time with NO communication, that hope is gone. I am convinced the Vault is doomed to a slow and quiet decay. Any change will have to be self-effected. I am aware that such a task would tread interesting copyright ground, so I want to make clear that I'm interested in keeping a project like this legal. I have some questions I think worth exploring: -How many of you out there miss an active Vault? Is this a demographic I'm imagining, or is it really significant? -How many of you would be willing to take steps toward creating an alternate vault? Do you think a project of this type is worthwhile? -If you're nodding your head in agreement to those first questions, do you have a preferred platform/language to work within?
  9. Oops you're right. HF is indeed an action. Subtract 5.
  10. There are a number of really fast heroes in the game under the right circumstances. There are also a few who can be just a little slower, but can move a lot more regularly. That Jain combo is indeed crazy fast. For the sake of equality, let's leave out stamina potions. Her heroic feat let's her go 10 spaces (speed x2), 10 from 2 move actions, 5 from her fatigue, 1 from dead man's compass. That's 26 max (she wouldn't go any more spaces with dungeoneer/gold rush even though she'd get to attack). Yes, she could go farther with gear like Elven Boots or the Ring of Power, but so could anyone. She's also limited to one of these sprints per encounter as her heroic feat is spent. (Note, if she's not a treasure hunter, but a wildlander with Fleet of Foot, her fatigue will get her 10 spaces instead of 5. She could- one EVERY turn- move 5, suffer 5 fatigue to move 10, and rest.) EDIT: Charmy beat me to the punch on Fleet of Foot. A character like a Astarra the Conjurer can move 4 spaces using 1 fatigue and an image token with her hero ability and Illusory Path. She has 4 speed and 5 stamina, which allows her to get a pretty decent move on, too. High Mage Quellen can boost his stamina up to 8 with his heroic feat, and that adds up to a fair bit of movement especially in combination with a skill like Ways of Stone.
  11. If hero activates both on same trigger (start of activation of 1 monster), OL would choose order I believe.
  12. Yeah- for me the most important bit is separating used from unused. If it's not used in the quest (and not going to be), it stays in the box and off the table. For heroes, I help keep their areas simple by having 4 1oz plastic cups which each contain: -all the hero tokens of a given color -8 fatigue -3 "5" health counters -5 "1" health counters This way, the heroes aren't constantly reaching for a pile (or piles) of tokens. The OL has his own supply of health, and fatigue when necessary for a quest. I keep a lot of the other tokens in plastic boxes (again, to cut down on loose piles): I have another box with the conditions, influence tokens, crumbling terrain, etc.
  13. Thanks- but it'a not the 1st anymore and false hope is just mean.
  14. Thought it might be good for a laugh. April 1st doesn't come around all that often.