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  1. Has anyone ever tried to come up with a way to play Talisman using just the cards? Like a Magic The Gathering concept?
  2. I am trying to figure out a space-friendly way to play this game. I have a very small amount of space, and this game is huge. I was thinking perhaps having a list of board spaces, clockwise order, in a document on the computer. You type in where your character is, and count the spaces (the written text in the document) as normal when you roll a die. You still pick up cards as usual, and fight as usual. When there is something left on the board, you type the card name under the name for the space on the computer, and put the card aside. I'm thinking this might be okay for just the main expansion. What other ideas do you have when it comes to limited space? I know there's always just playing one expansion at a time...
  3. I had a question... If Harry Potter Fans are called Potterheads, and Michael Jackson Fans are called Moonwalkers....what are Talisman Fans called? If we don't have a name for those of us who love playing this board game, we should.
  4. What are some home rules you have for the Dragon Expansion? I was thinking, instead of drawing a token every turn, you draw only when you roll a one for movement. Also, is it absolutely necessary to use the draconic lord cards? I would think so, but...
  5. I drew a Woodland Card that says to look at the top 3 cards of the Adventure Deck. Does that mean the Main Adventure Deck, or the Woodland Adventure Deck? I know I've seen a rule for this somewhere, but I don't remember where. I believe that no matter what region you are in, if the card says Adventure Deck, then it means the Main Adventure Deck. Is that right? If the rules wanted you to draw from the Woodland (or Highland, Dungeon, etc) wouldn't it say?
  6. Which is a better strategy: Lightbound, Darkbound, Unbound, or Fateless? I've got my Ancient Oak Character as Darkbound right now, and he's not having a very good time. I drew the Titania (Stranger Card) and the Darkbound effect is very unforgiving: Lose ALL Dark Fate, half your lives, and all of your Spells. Nasty!!
  7. The Remnant Cards are supposed to be placed on designated spaces on the board facedown at the start of the game. When you encounter those spaces, do you encounter the Remnant Cards, and then encounter the space as normal? What happens when there are no more Remnant Cards on that Space? Do you add more Remnant Cards to that space?
  8. You cannot flip your fate tokens once you have decided whether to use Dark or Light, right?
  9. I'm using all the card expansions: reaper, blood moon, frostmarch, sacred pool, all the cards are in there. That epic Talisman sounds great.
  10. Just curious as to what kind of Talisman game everyone is playing right now. I'm playing a solo game (as usual, sadly) with the Main Game (no Cataclysm this time) and the Woodlands Expansion. I'm embarking on my Talisman Quest as the Ancient Oak.
  11. talicat


    Hi guys. I have started this cool project with the Talisman Cards. I am investigating all the decks, and seeing what is in there, and how much of each thing there is in the game. I was looking at the Magic Objects just now, and finding out how many Cursed Magic Objects there are. I have a question about the False Talisman (It's in the Talisman Deck, from the Cataclysm Expansion). Although it does say it is cursed, it does not have the word Cursed in bold above the text as with other Cursed Objects. I think I should still classify it as a Cursed Object for my project. What do you think?
  12. talicat

    Cards Project

    Hi everyone, Someone was asking about a project they were doing with the Characters, so I thought I would post about a project having to do with the Talisman Cards. One thing I would be interested in finding out is, Which expansion has the strongest enemies? Which has the weakest? Which has the most Magic Objects versus regular objects? Is there anything else I could investigate, as I look at all these cards?
  13. Count me in. I have all the expansions, and all 69 characters. I was actually considering doing aproject with the cards, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet.
  14. Here's a link to a pic I took of my storage for Talisman Cards. It's on the Talisman Island Facebook Page. Hope it works! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153639596111309&set=o.210797339010312&type=3&theater
  15. What do you feel is the best way to get used to a new Expansion? When I play Talisman with a new Expansion, I generally play with just the Main board and the new expansion. I may even ignore certain Adventure Cards that may take away from the flavor of the new Board. The first few times I play, I'd only use a character from that expansion. What do you guys do?
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