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  1. This is more than a little hitch. This is a a teribbly flawed product that is not usable in its present state, and oh by the way, you can’t really play the full game without it. There really is no excuse for how bad it is. They should have let the fans build it. However, I’m excited about 2.0 overall. But a spade is still a spade, and the squad builder sucks.
  2. guidance chips was a much needed fix for ordnance that i do not expect to see in 2.0. Looking at the 2.0 proton torpedoes, it looks like you have to have a target lock to fire them but you don't have to spend the lock, which should mean it's available to modify your roll. If so, hen patch fixes like G. chips won't be making an appearance in 2.0. Just my best guess, of course.
  3. I was not much of a fan of TLJ, and I had low expectations going into this, but I really liked it. All of the main characters, Tobias, Solo, especially lando and Q'ira were all really well acted. I even enjoyed the copilot droid. I will say that I thought Han should have been a little less good, he was a bit too altruistic I thought, and I thought they should have covered his time as an imperial pilot better, but these are minor points to what i thought was a very solid movie overall. I love the "lived in, grimy" star wars feel that the OT had, loved some of the nods to the original series, little nods to things like aurra sing, etc. The plot was fairly predictable except for the end, but then we all knew a lot of what had to happen anyway. One thing I could not figure out is why, if Han is that good at sabbac, why was he a pickpocket for proxima in the first place? He won a ton of money the first time we see him play, seems like he could have easily stayed out of her net or bought his way free if he's that good at gambling. I also would have preferred a different take on the enemy mercs, again a bit too goody goody for me, but these are minor quibbles and I really enjoyed it over all. I don't know when I have seen a star wars movie with so many great actors. while woody's character was cliche, he pulled it off well and it felt authentic. I predict this movie will pick up steam as the positive word gets out from those who have actually seen it.
  4. I've bought heavy into this game, I have multiples (3 or 4 ) of every ship from every wave up 10 wave 10, I have one each of those I think. I have all the epics, save the new scum one. I'm a casual player, not a hardcore player. 3 observations: 1. price keeps climbing. roughly 10% increase last year and about a 30% increase on the silencer at least 2. More power creep, more complex interactions, lots of new actions on the bar (like reinforce on the wookie ship) makes a lot of earlier wave ships obsolete. also makes it harder for a casual player to keep up. (I used to play some small local tournaments, I don't think i'd even want to try it now.) 3. maybe it's just me, but the waves keep coming faster and faster, and some of the ships are really obscure. How many different ties are there now? Happy about finally having the gunboat, but I don't know about the rest. I certainly don't think I'll be buying multiples going foward, as I really don't care about the wookie fighter and ships like it. I can see my expenditures on this game going down a lot, along with my interest, sadly. More isn't always better. Just my opinion.
  5. If I roll 3 accuracy resuts, that means I can "lock down" 3 defense tokens, correct? and those cannot be spent during this attack. Is all of this correct?
  6. I agree that you are likely to get your Glad too far away from any backup, especially since the Vic is only speed 2. If you play this, I'd hold the Glad back until you are well engaged with your victory. If you can swing a glad 2, they will help a lot in the AA department. I see rebel fighters as your biggest threat at the moment
  7. The empire needs smaller capital ships. It doesn't make since that your only options were mammoth star destroyers and single place fighters with nothing in between. I personally like the raider, It makes since stylistically and thematically, and it's well balanced in epic play. If you are going to control large areas of space, you need patrol craft like decimators and Raiders to keep an eye on things. Now, you want to talk about lazy design, that would be the punisher! Drops mic and runs for the door
  8. I think we should make him like Jerjerod bu for stress. After all, it would feel good to Jettison him.
  9. It's hard to ram and hit two ships at once. It happens rarely, but certainly not often. I like mara as well, as it will prevent ships from K-turning, and it's nice to drop a bomb before your maneuver on the following turn, (or do a 1 foward to ram your target again, then use dauntless action to drop cluster or prox mine. I think gunner is too may points for the suicide squad, I like running ruthless EPT though, it gives you auto damage that is unavoidable, great for those hard to hit aces. I'm not a huge fan of vader on this build, As you are probably already taking a beating while you are doing all this ramming and disrupting, but the stress from mara is as good or better than the ram damage. I do like bombs and EM as it makes a large area of pain on the map that the enemy really wants to avoid. With O, you gotta keep him cheap. Jerjerrod is an auto include, as far as I am concerned. APL is not bad either, in my experience.
  10. thank you for all of your work on this. I get in most of my xwing play this way, sad I know. Anyway, I seem to have a hard time getting Jerjerrod crew to work on a decimator. I should be able to discard him to cancel a crit but if I am able to do so, I cannot figure out how.
  11. Not skilled enough to do the photoshop magic for the cards, bu here are a couple I would like to see. Salvo: EPT: when make an attack with an equipped missile or torpedo, if you have 2 available, you may make a second attack with an identical torpedo or missile. If you do so, you may reuse and focus token or target locks expended in the first attack. 2 points White hot death: Title, Tie Bomber only. You may equip 2 modifications 2 points. (this would allow you to take LRS and chips, or lightweight frame, or tie mk2) Proton torpedo MK II - 3 points, range 2-3. Attack [Target Lock] spend your target lock and this card. 3 attack dice. If this attack hits, cancel all dice results and replace with 4 hit results. Feel free to change names, point cost. wording, etc. I've always wanted to see some sort of twin fire ability, even as a one point discard EPT
  12. I have at least one of every ship, and multiples of many, so they have not made a card for this game that I don't have, but it is exceedingly rare that they ever come out of the binder. I use a squad building list app and its much faster setting up and a lot less clutter. Now, on those rare occasions when I do have to drag all that stuff out, it's such a pain. I only pull it out when I have to, and that's really only at tournaments, which are rare for me.
  13. while I don't fortress personally, either something is legal or it isnt. I would argue that fortressing has significant downsides, one of which is lack of actions, another is predictability. you also give your opponent the ability to dictate when and at what range they engage. Also, a tie bomber with EM and assault missles, or the ruthlessness EPT, or other area effect tools, are disproportionately effective against a fortress type setup. I also think just staying out of range and making them break up to engage or take a draw is likewise valid, and not any more trollish than fortressing.
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