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  1. I know it was looong time ago... but maybe this? http://www.deviantart.com/art/Techpriest-Millicent-Helios-139003874 I used it for a short time when playing female techpriest.
  2. As far as I know Lord Proximo (his name) is from some minor noble family. He was taken in youth to black ship and trained for astropath. Somehow both he and his brother (still noble) now serve under my command. There were some turmoil in Proximo family history and now it is vassal to my dynasty (I hope I used right word). Before Lord Proximo ended on my ship, he served as choir in some colony (player didn't get much into details with his history). There lead astropath was one of the witnesses of the dusk. That's all unfortunately. Now I wonder what to do, because me (RT) thinks astropath takes too much PRIDE in his nobility status. Because of this he did stupid thing (fortunately it was set up made by me). I simply wasn't sure if I can tell him he is NOT a noble and can not take pride from it. And definitely he can't feel on the same level as higher officers just because he think he is noble.
  3. I'm wondering about something. When a noble child reveal to be a psyker and they take him to Black Ship and he become an Astropath Transcendent, does he lose his nobility? He is consider only as psyker or counted an nobility too? Is there any lore about that? It bothers me because one of players created such character (plus a Witness of the Dusk) and my RT have problem with how treat such individuum.
  4. - When your ship is called "Delirium" and astropath and priest hate capitan. - When Rouge Trader is actually a Void-master and betrayed his former capitan. - When your ginger, pirate Void-mistress have sharpened theef and bite people to death. - She also screwed with moust of the officers and arsmen. - When your Arch-militiant love coconuts and big boobs... - and when your cloned Navigator jumps into the warp, thinking this is what odd mental messages from cryogenic coffn cointaining Nostromo navigator ments. Coffin openes after arriving to the right sector. No harm done ship got new Navigator.
  5. I got another question to you kind people! As my voidmistress is also master(mistress) helsman it would be nice to know how bridge looks. At least a little. There are some pictures of it, but never showing pilot at work... What more this topic seems to be avoided. It is not know if helsman use something like steering wheel or cockpit or something else. In the "Into the storm" where oficer ranks are introduced, is write that helsman give orders to several kind of crew members. We can read in the book: "A helmsman risen to be master of his profession must have a sixth sense for the dangers that can confound auspex and lead void-ships to ruin, and know how best to make use of his helm crew and their familiarity with a vessel’s character. The Master Helmsman must pilot not just the voids, but also the competing fiefdoms of enginarium, auspex, and bridge crew to ensure that every manoeuvre is accomplished to the Lord-Captain’s exacting standards." I guess ship is just too big for one person manually steer it but... why then Pilot (space craft) is from agility? My GM changed it to inteligence and my character have shivted stats costs. Therefore there is a question: how does master helsman work looks and how his/her workplace looks? PS: there is also another funny thing in the "Into the storm" they didn't say command is important skill... an yet use of helm crew. So what MH stands in the middle of the bridge and give orders like what, where and who should do to make ship turn left or right? Or sits in a chair in front of cockpip and trought consose signals who whould do what? It is so confusing :/
  6. Thought so... then good that one of the players just enter as tech-priest miedic... that one who plays with genes etc. And now there will be much fun witch this. Thank you for answers... now I need to inform ouer winged capitan that his pilot got muscles worked all right
  7. I got simple question, how does character with hideous strengh mutation looks? My character got this after eating warp eel (yep). Now I wonder how should she look. Should she get bulky muscles and look like body-builder? Or maby it should goes more with kroot like muscles? Strong but not oversized. There is also question: should mutation takie long time or short? I guess this is more of an choice for GM but I just wonder if there is any way to make this mutation looks better or to hide it behind workout in a ship-gym She is a voidborn girl and doesn't practise aything. As a voidmistress she just don't need much strengh. Having bonus 3 from strengh I belive there is an option for her to still mainatin as much human look as it is possible I even say more at this very moment she got her strengh bonus dropped by one for fiew houers, so this mutation could not affect her looks so much.
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