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  1. Smobey

    Six Packs In Six Weeks

    I'm personally really really happy with this. Half the fun of card games is deckbuilding, and core only doesn't exactly leave much room for janky, inventive brewing. I was honestly about to give up on L5R entirely until there'd be at least a full cycle out, and it looks like that's happening waaay sooner than I dared to hope.
  2. Lion are master tacticians, but matters of honour are more important still. The Lion are at a war with the Crane, and now it seems they have either an option to throw themselves to a possibly disadvantageous two-front war by attacking the Unicorn... or losing face by letting the insult go unanswered. Honestly, in-universe, it would make perfect sense for the Lion to win both fights. But you also have to remember it's the Lion we're talking about here. They'd be ready to face every **** other clan in a hopeless war they knew they would lose if the alternative meant losing their honour and their ancestors' favour. And they'd probably still fight **** well.
  3. People seem to be overlooking the best part about genderflipping Hoturi: her name isn't "Hoturi" anymore. I, for one, wish for something similar to happen to every character with nonsensical names.
  4. Smobey

    crane story is up

    They lost the Gusai name, but they never lost their minor clan status.
  5. Smobey

    crane story is up

    I feel the whole point of Hotaru is that she's young, naive and inexperienced. I can pretty much envision her own storyline focusing on her growing as a leader—probably after being cruelly betrayed by her lover, of course!
  6. Smobey

    crane story is up

    Hm? Mantis were nameless, yes, but they had been an officially recognised minor clan for over 500 years before the current point of time. In the original story, that is. Chances are they've switched stuff up, of course.
  7. Smobey

    Philosophy Cards

    Chances are there's going to be a "going first matters" theme for Unicorn, too. In the AGoT LCG, Greyjoys had similar stuff: a number of cards that got a big bonus on every turn they were the first player. Unicorn getting something similar would be pretty thematic, and it'd synergise with WotU.
  8. It's worth noting that some Conflict cards don't have any influence symbols either, though. Like the Way of the (Clan) ones. Those are locked to their specific clans, so no chance of ever using influence to git 'em.
  9. Possibly a balance thing-ish. If there's some extremely annoying single province with a really strong province card and some über-holding on top of it, you can still ignore it.
  10. The new Lion courtier's taken a page from the Yoritomo playbook, I see. I approve.
  11. There are a lot of systems that let you purposefully fail rolls for the sake of resources (like void points) or experience. I personally feel those kinds of systems are far more elegant for this kind of play; you're actually rewarded as a player for making things narratively interesting.
  12. Can you give an actual example of this in play`?
  13. I like R&K. It's got a pleasant probability curve, and it kind of has a good feeling to it. Getting an extra kept die feels like a tremendously satisfying thing, much more so than a "+5 bonus" or whatever. There's just a satisfying feel to throwing a pool of dice and picking the ones you like the best. But honestly, there's plenty of dice systems out there that'd work well for L5R. As fun as R&K is.
  14. I used to think Lion were boring and a bunch of dumb bullies. They were probably the only clan I actively sort of disliked. After I saw the Lion Clan players in Winter Court IV, though, I definitely changed my opinion. They were cool as hell, stood out, were a joy to interact with... all while they stubbornly stuck to all sorts of Lion Clan stereotypes without subverting them. I came to think that that all four Lion families absolutely stand out as unique families in Rokugan, and that they have interesting virtues and flaws the same as anyone else. In retrospect, I feel I just never gave them a chance. Partially because they feel like dumb bullies at times, and partially because their "gimmick" as a genius military powerhouse feels less unique than that of other clans'. That's just me, of course. I'm not saying that everyone who dislikes Lion just dislikes them because they don't "get it".
  15. The justification was pretty much tactical flexibility and such, yeah. Plus, the Five Rings Heresy corroborates with the clan's own shugenja: Lion have water, Dragon have fire, Phoenix have void, etc.