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  1. 36Blade

    Horn & Friends

    Is a 3 small ship rebel build an effective list to run? I am thinking of using 1 of these lists but not sure if it will be effective or not? Corran Horn + R2D2 + FCS + PTL Wedge R5 P9 + Predator Rookie Pilot Or Corran Horn + FCS Wedge + r2d2 Biggs + r2f2 Or is a 4 Ship build gonna be a better bet?? Wedge + r2d2 + predator Rookie Rookie Rookie
  2. I must say since wave 4 has been released I have generally been flying a falcon or Ewing if I use rebels and if I run imps I use different lists with phantoms or defenders and generally have so me sort of shuttle. I know that the swarm is still effective but are some of the other lists that had success before wave 4 still going to work in the current meta. For example would a Biggs walks the dogs list still do well or would it be chewed up on the routine scene. Do Rebs really require a decent names pilot now to be effective?
  3. Do you think corran works better in a build with super Han? Also is corran better with PTL or something like predator?
  4. I am planning on going up against a rexler list with mini swarm. I am thinking of putting out either Han + corran or going imps and doing whisper + doom shuttle & soontir.
  5. I am just setting up a squad and was keen to try either Predator or Outmaneuver on Wedge and was wondering what the maths on which is the best bet? Both being 3 pts Predator - When attacking reroll 1 attack dice or on pilot skill 2/lower reroll 2 dice Outmaneuver - Reduce agility of defender by 1 (Got to be out of defender's firing arc) I am thinking Predator is the best bet as you get to use it as it is not dependant on anything like being out of an arc etc. thoughts?
  6. Here is my squad I will use tomorrow for a game: Corran + R2D2 +Adv S + PTL Airen + wingman Wedge + R3A2 + Predator 100pts Airen and wingman removes the PTL stress from Wedge and after attack gives him a free action Wedge is the flanker and assume i will be up against a kitted phantom and defender tie so the R3A2 deal stress to phantom should be a bonus
  7. 36Blade

    3 X-Wing Squad???

    Yeah just realised ... lol
  8. 36Blade

    3 X-Wing Squad???

    Thanks what about this: Wes + VI Wedge + R2D6 + PTL+Marksmanship Luke + r2d2
  9. 36Blade

    3 X-Wing Squad???

    Looking at a 3 X-wing squad any thoughts if this would be good? Wes Janson + PTL + Engine Upgrade Wedge + Marksmanship Luke + R2D2
  10. Is anyone using the new Crew cards for Han - YT1300? Specifically crew card Han Solo, CP30 from the Tantive IV? Or is Gunner, Luke & Chewie still the best options?
  11. I played a game recently against a squad of 2 Bombers + Vader. Major Rymer + Cluster Missiles + Cluster Missiles Capt Jonus Vader My question relates to using the Cluster Missiles and Jonus's ability and focus tokens etc. Guy Im playing against has a target lock on my x-wing at range 3 and uses the target lock to fire cluster missiles at me. Rymer's ability allows the range 3 shot due to his card text. Now the confusion. Dice rolled 6 then used tokens and Jonus ability to start rerolling dice?? Landing pretty much 6 hits ??? Surely you roll 3 dice then if you have a focus you use it or use Jonus ability. Then you roll another 3 dice now without focus if you have used it .... not sure about using Jonus ability again for second roll of cluster missiles?? Sorry if that is confusing but its confusing me .... My Biggs walks the dogs squad that I have never lost with got smashed due to this?
  12. 36Blade

    Rebel squad help

    Sorry 3 saber squad + ptl & turd +ptl Savers are 4
  13. 36Blade

    Rebel squad help

    Yes but they just barrel roll and boost into position as they move second and have Ptl so can still focus as well
  14. 36Blade

    Rebel squad help

    Yes using low pilots skill pilots meant the interceptors got to move second so were continually outside my arcs? Thinking 2dagger squad pilots with advanced sensors and Wes janson with r2 and maybe flèche the torps and ptl?
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