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  1. I own ledgend of drizzt and it really did not do it for me. There really is just not enough hard choices for me to make to make the game enjoyable for me. On the other hand when you get beaten to a pulp it feels like you just had a run of back lack of monsters as opposed to bad choices you made during the quest, then when you do win it feels the game let you win with a lucky streak of relatively easy monsters to defeat. The game leaves me feeling rather cold. The descent coop is quite the opposite, leaves me with a number of hard choices to make. There is some luck involved but it doesnt seem insurmountable compared to getting 2 trolls in a row after a hoard of other monsters that proceed to beat you to death. The only issue really is the replay ability being low due to fighting the same 12 rooms again and again. I have been using it to test out heroes/classes i have not yet played to give them some test runs, seems great for this to get a small feel for the class.
  2. This is what makes it in your favour: "during your turn" That means you can play any time during your turn, including BEFORE the barghest activates. The poison only comes into effect when the monster activates, if you did not remove the condition the monster dies when activating. This is important as it has far reaching game effects! This is incredibly useful for the heroes as they can poison a monster that only has 1 health left, leave it alone and it will have to wait until the round after it dies to reinforce which is incredibly annoying for an OL. Otherwise you could choose to let the monster die to poison at the start of your turn, then choose to reinforce monsters next at the start of your turn (your the current player, thus you get to choose the timing of start of turn game effects). Your win was totally legit, grats.
  3. I finally took the time to read the rules and have been giving this a go over the last few days with a number of different heroes. I personally think it is a really tight experience and was pulled off very well by the design team, i cant wait to get more of these add ons and hopefully we get to see a small or big box expansion that fleshes this idea out even further. Well worth the small purchase price!
  4. Whats the thematic reasoning behind this card anyway ? His lard protects him from stress but instead stresses the ship to the point of damaging it ?
  5. Check you back yard. I hear they come pre-painted! He could, but the sculpt on them is terrible! i know right... they look nothing like a stone at all !
  6. Use the little switch button in the very top left of the post formatting window to view the posts BB code, incredibly useful for quoting multi post quotes and getting rid of formatting in general. As for d1, i personally have not played it but i know someone who prefers d1 to d2
  7. Wish i still had my copy... it went missing at some stage over all these years
  8. I highly recommend playing the game with the rules as written before house ruling/butchering the game to pieces.
  9. Most people who have the game recommend people to wait for a revised edition of it before purchasing the game as the rules are a mess even after intensive rules research to fill in the blanks the rule book does not cover.
  10. Well i am glad someone gets satisfaction out of the mechanic to make the overlord lose cards because i don't from a hero nor a OL's perspective. Part to do with it is that it doesn't feel thematic at all on top of the previously stated technical aspects.
  11. Its not just a viable strategy, in many quests its the best strategy. Personally i think some more hand management style mechanics would have been better than the current system. I would not personally call an ability that makes the overlord discard a card fun for the hero, nor is it fun for the overlord to have to discard the card. My issue here is not if it works or not technically its just the enjoyment that is derived from those mechanics.
  12. Personally i think skills that make the overlord discard cards are a totally un-fun mechanic that should have never been introduced to the game. If the overlord holding onto cards was/is a problem then some sort of mechanic that limited the amount of cards an overlord could have in his hand would have been better in my opinion.
  13. 5. Miniature painting, I don't know the first thing about it...I painted a miniature with acrylic (a hero from the D&D boardgame) and I think it was made of PVC. The paint stuck, but he feels heavy and almost sticky. What types of paints are used for miniatures? I would recommend paints made for miniature painting, personally i own a vallejo 72 game colour paint set, a few citadel paints\washes, some army painter washes and the reaper master HD series set of base coating paints.' Best place to start would definitely to grab the wash kit from army painter, and some basic colours from Vallejo - the game colour series is great for descent because its full of really bright fantasy style colours and the resin is purpose built for table top gaming (the paints are made to take more of a beating than their model colour line). If you do not want to invest too much into painting but still want a nice decent sized set then the army painter big box set will give you heaps of great colours too and doesn't cost a small fortune (i think it may also come with the washes, but you will need to double check that). I highly highly recommend getting the acrylic washes, even if you just paint all the basic colours out on a model, then slap some wash over your miniatures you your miniatures will look pretty decent. Apply some highlighting after that and you will be up to what most consider basic table top quality which is a more than fine. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbJCFAtGMXQZm6WfSMMLzvw - This is a great channel for learning how to miniature paint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2y8wIJCS-k&list=PL10C32CB2CD611E84 - This is a youtube playlist from the same bloke that will get you up to speed on the basics of painting miniatures designed for beginners. Happy miniature painting, its an addictive and expensive hobby... you have been warned
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