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  1. My biggest fear with this game is that I have 4 players from 4 different clans with 4 different loyalties. I always RPG with a group sharing the same general loyalty. Is lorewise it common for charecters from different clans to serve the same lord? Or alternately is there enough options for me to force all 4 players into the same clan? Thanks
  2. Dalek5

    Meta Level 0

    I like the post. I think you are missing a category that will define the meta - Cards which break the house rule. It's the biggest restriction in the game and breaking it in the right way is devastating.
  3. Its not all that common. Just play sealed. if you are really worried. Also please do not post about it here. We do not want an FFG court order to end the site. There is far more perceived cheating, then actual cheating in my experience.
  4. I locked a player out yesterday using a witch of the eye. Witch of the Eye -> Mimicry -> Control the weak. Just keep calling the same house. If your witch lives through the next couple of turns you probably won.
  5. FFG does not support the Crucible. Its even bad luck to mention it here as they may shut it down. That being said the Crucible is slow to respond as its just a few people managing it. Personally I'd recommend just creating a new account, if you cannot stand the wait.
  6. I would've preferred they go the other way and only add cards to existing houses. You get too many houses cards like the 'common cold' or 'begone' being laughable cards. New houses would either needless add new game systems/complications or just become clones of existing houses. I agree that they would be easier to test if you only need to test interactions between 50 cards. Though most of the broken stuff already seems to involve multiple houses, seed + library access is the big one right now. If FFG apply chains correctly it will not matter how broken a combo gets. Though I have little faith that FFG will implement chains well.
  7. I played a sealed tournament locally yesterday. All nine of my opponents send my backed up card to my archives. They all thought it was stupid that the active player chose. I get the idea that if you do not allow it to be backed up you will not be welcome back. Its kind of become rude to take advantage of this typo. At least in my area.
  8. It is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. The only real way to know its worth is to put it in an ebay auction.
  9. There has been several threads about this. Its a horrible choice but it is what it is. You is the card owner. Making it seem like it should be the owner that chooses. It was intended for the owner to choose. Therefore, the ffg obviously choose to rule it the other way. At my game store everyone seems to just archive the card. Because everyone seems to agree that it should work that way.
  10. Library access + Nepenthe Seed is a problem because its very easy. Other way to draw your entire deck are much harder. I did once using only library access by performing it will only one card in the left in the deck but that was a rare occasion (I just happened to redraw it). People get distracted on this forge 3 keys in one turn thing. If you draw your entire deck into your hand the game is over. You have a ton of amber for cycling six times and all the cards to respond to anything your opponent can do. If they forged 3 keys as part of the combo it was a mercy. Odds are that they will leave it as is, just like they did with Biomatrix Back. After that I have little confidence in them fixing anything. Perhaps whenever they get their chain system running, that these decks will receive enough chains to slow the combo to a point when it becomes a fun race against time kind of game.
  11. People get held up on out of house key forging abilities, but trust me one they draw their deck and cycle 6 times thought all their logos cards that give them amber. They will have all the amber they need a bunch of creatures and the cards in hand to do whatever they want. Phase shift is not a problem is that double library access picking up the entire deck. Personally the rule of six could have been called upon to keep it from triggering more than 6 times, but FFG ruled the wrong way on that. (and biomatrix backup)
  12. Dalek5

    1-2 Turn Wins

    Its really not fun play as or against a card that draw their entire deck into their hand. FFG needs to changes to rule of 6 to make things reasonable in the future. It should be one instance for each time an effect triggers. Drawing 6 cards is good, but not the end of a game. I know this would overturn the resolution on bait and switch, but I think its better this way as keep combos from being abused. (Which I think is the point of the rule). Bait and switch is still good even if you only steal 6 amber max.
  13. Dalek5

    1-2 Turn Wins

    Once someone draws their entire deck into their hand the game is over, even if it takes several turns. They will have all the responses a massive board and probably keep the cards in their hand.
  14. Dalek5

    Chain When

    I'm actually not sure why the app was not ready at launch since it seems to be a major part of the product.
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