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  1. Yeah it is out. I was on the fence about it. I like leading big battles, but most adventures are small scale with players, so would a leader of troops have much to do on a group mission. Where I buy my games at guessed 2/4 for having it. I called about it and was told they had one left. With the usual self control gamers have, I said I would take it and ship it to me.
  2. You could user her in a Verbal/Keyser Soze The Usual Suspects or Doctor Who Time Heist method. All the group know is she part of the heist such as the face for the con. If a part of the adventure gets to hard her advanced skills on the sly helps them which could help with level of the game. Then when you want let the group know she is a jedi.
  3. Depending on the PC's background Elaiza, the jedi in exile, could be used. In Jewel, she has used her force powers to get in the auction to get the crystal to fix her lightsaber. She does not have enough credits to win it, so tries to take it from the PC's. Maybe she is the one who gathers the group together, a former Shadow with much underworld knowledge and contacts, to train them and get the jewel to make crystals for all. She could also be used in the adventure, " We all failed our rolls and can not get past the guards." Influence. " These are not the thieves you are after." " Thanks Elaiza." She could also be used for future adventures. When not being trained on Nar Shaddaa, the PC's could have adventures with the Hutts and others. The jewel could also be a rare crystal to have the power you described. Sorian crystal in Keeping the Peace acts as magnet and repels another lightsaber blade hitting a lightsaber made from the crystal. Instead of throwing back energy, the jewel increases blade strengths when near each other.
  4. A little green Yoda, am I. I opted for fast shipping before going to regular family Thanksgiving next week. I would do the same if as you, if not just going the next state over, but to Peru. Still if do not mind spoilers, since people are getting it soon, it will be talked about here at the site. Maybe help kill the time to you get yours. it will.
  5. As of 11/18/15, Mask of the Pirate Queen is still listed as shipping and not yet in stock at the FFG store. But. At CoolStuffInc.com and Amazon it is listed as in stock. I hope correct listings and it will appear soon at other sellers. I have been wanting to explore Ord Mantell since Han spoke of a bounty hunter face off there in ESB. I coughed up extra to Amazon to get my copy before Thanksgiving.
  6. ken2

    Ship jacking

    Edge has advs of pirates, and Lords of Nal talks about pirates and has an encounter, but the players are the victims. Still the tables could be turned, and the players fly off with a pirate ship to start a new life. Age of Rebellion has a ship heist adventure. One can also check out the old west end games at d6holocron.com. Have a sourcebook on pirates, targets, and hideouts. In one of the adventures journal is a story and information on Rebel shipjacking. I think it lists the best ships to take and how to do it for the Rebellion. Also ship taking adventures. An adventure in The Lords of the Expanse had a good ship taking adventure. Rebels working with a bacta merchant to steal his shipment of bacta. The merchant double crosses the player and plans on keeping the Rebel money, the bacta, the insurance money, and sell the ship to a group of pirates. With some conversion it could be a good game.
  7. A mix in my toy bag. After a week of ads, I went to my local Walmart to shop friday. Nothing on the shelf. When I got one sales person to help me, I was told if they had something it would have been put out and he then walked away. Not doing I find your lack of faith disturbing, I hit Toysrus. The nerf bowcater and blaster were small mini guns. The delux stormtrooper blaster was nice but the large clip on the left side gets in the way for right handers. Not out yet but the Finn blaster look nice. A Rubies product so could be just an orange and white plastic model, so my bet not worth $30 on Amazon. Still it has a shoulder strap, so one can nab candy without losing one's blaster. Still a no on the multi blade lightsaber. I did nab the extenable lightsabers. Besides now being able to be Obi and Ani, I can be Luke without the blade falling out when held up side down like Halloween versions. Not seen the Nerf lightsabers yet, but feel they will be fun. Some nice figures and vehicles found a new home with me.
  8. An okay episode, but past SW episodes were better. Still it was nice to see the " real" Jedi on the show. I think he was able to block half the shots with his lightsaber. So I find it plausable that in the SW franchise elite troops of a galactic empire genetic grown trained clones of the top bounty hunter can not hit one rebel hero. Also Ob was Ob talking. The high ground was that he was still a jedi and An had fallen, just like when Ob told Luke his father was killed by a young Jedi named Darth Varder.
  9. Starting at midnight online Disney and Amazon and stores Walmart and Toysrus, will march out new Star Wars toys. Some I can not wait for ( Nerf Bowcaster ) and some make me go what??? ( The new multiblade build your own lightsaber.) Back in the WEG days, my role-playing table was covered with Micromachine Star Wars acting out on going battles. So call me a hairless Wookie or a very large kid with facial hair hanging out in the toy section. Anyone want to name their fave Star Wars toy or something they wish would come out as a toy. Or list any non- rpg item that has found its way into a game session.
  10. Some sources I used for a slaver arc was A Tatooine Supplement and K's Mos Shuuta Supplement, here on this site. www.d6holocron.com, old d6 Star Wars rpg site. Gamemaster Kit, adventure Rebel Enslaved! Free a rebel from a slave camp. Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide, Vergessso Asteroid Field, a shadowport with everything and slave processing. Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations, slaver groups. Platt's Starport Guide, Kala'uun, a Twi'lek port. We had a Twi'lek pilot who joined the group. The group first ran into her as a slave dancing girl. She wanted help escaping and finding her family. The group freed her and found a natural pilot. Now she has added gunfighter. Her favorite trick is to act all meek, and when the enemy is close go Scarface "Say Hello to My Little Friend" on them. The group went from slave owner to slave camps to the showdown with the area's slave overlord. The group timed it to take him down after he had a fortune from selling slaves but before the slaves were off the ship. The big score did not last long. The group gave the ship and most of the credits to the now freed slave families. Still the showdown with the slave overlord was great role playing. The overlord is a chevin, no problem. El did not look like much in ROTJ. Some of us will pretend to be wealth people wanting slaves and take him out easy in his office with some smuggled in hold out blasters. To bad he was a big game hunter, who fought single handed the toughest creatures and was in the middle of cleaning his loaded heavy blaster rifle and had Trandoshan bodyguards with weapons detectors. The plan went from forced talks to how much damage can that thing take?
  11. I like your ideas and may "use" some for my group. We have an outlaw tech, who likes to take anything not guarded well enough and see what he can make it do. He is trying to build a super astromech with the parts on the Krayt and that he "found". The R4 idea could add some spice. " Debt to Pay", what do you mean yes EV-8D3 death to the organics? I built you! "Trouble Brewing", no we will not avenge J9-B8's death by killing every one who has ever met and is Bandin Dobah! Also have a scholar, who wanted to be Dr. Jones but ended up Teemo's bookkeeper. It did help the crew blackmail Teemo later. With the new Force and Destiny products, he may find he is a Jedi Knight. The damaged holocron can help his change happen slowly instead of I drop my pen and now taste my lightsaber. My group has a love/hate relationship with the hutts. I used a mixtured hutt to save my group. My story arc is sort of this. End up having to work for Teemo. Escape Teemo, work for another Hutt. "Escape" and "Long Arm". Hutt jobs to pay off debit, "Trouble". Coming close and then being pulled back in again. "Debts", Teemo was the hutt who lost the mine, not enough credits but on to "Thick Skinned", for revenge on Teemo . Fun in the Hutt System with Lords of Nal Hutta. Just do "Crates of Krayts", and clear of Hutt politics. Instead of being rescued by Techtank, it was Isotech. Now just one job for saving their lives Beyond the Rim. Be free of hutt control if find someone who ripped them off and bring back the stolen spice, " Shadows of a Black Sun". Duck the Black Sun in the Corellian Sector, Suns of Fortune. How about one last job this time again to be free of hutts, a heist on Cloud City, The Jewel of Yavin. No chance of a double cross and have to try and collect a bounty on a pirate queen, Mask of the Pirate Queen. Sort of the Han Solo/Jabba story thread. Just one job to be off the hook, well the next job and on and on. Have you used B'ura B'an, Trex's prisoner? A slave could mention the PC's family being held by ZS Guild. They were going to be sold all over the known galaxy. If they hurry, they could get planet x and free them before they are all sold at the slave auction. Also what about the fresh Wookie pelts on the Krayt? In "Long" Lowhhrick being a Wookie could smell them on the ship. If your group does not have a Wookie or has not found or cleaned up the Krayt, it could cause problems. Hey look at that large group of angry looking Wookies. Are they growling at us and aiming their bowcasters? Did anyone understand what they said about flying the ship that leveled their home. Who smells like fresh killed Wookie? That's your mother's pelt! What about the items in the crew quarters? A rebel spy was sent with Trex to explore the plant Hoth for a secret base. After meeting a wampa, the skin rug on the ship, the spy found a spot for a base. Trex turned on the spy and killed him. The spy was able to damaged the igniter and hide important rebel information in his glow rod/blaster power pack. Trex had to land on Tatooine to turn in his dead rebel and get a new igniter. The new ship crew does not know a rebel special forces team is chasing down the Krayt Fang. Ship check. New igniter check. Killing a fellow rebel and having stolen rebel intel, trouble check. If alive after the meeting could be an intro to rebel theme adventures. That shipment of blasters you have the rebels need them. What about paying you for them or the money you spent on them or the deadly crime group waiting for them? It is for the rebellion.
  12. Sorry for sounding like an ad and if not right to post this here. Surfing Amazon for Star Wars products and found they are selling Leia's blaster from ANH from Rubie's Costume Co. Not saying bring weapons to the rpg table, but could be a prop and nice to see some girl power. We have had sabers and blasters, now Leia's turn.
  13. ken2

    Ryll Spice...

    From WEG: A legal spice mined on Ryloth used for medical pain relief. Legal on Ryloth, but restricted in the Empire. It can be sold with a permit. Illegal use as an intoxicant and hallucinogen. Twi'lek Starport Master Koh'shak sells to smugglers a case for 5,000 to 10,000 credits. Off world it goes for 10,000 to 25,000 credits.
  14. Just watched a late night western " Alvarez Kelly'' that could be used for Edge or Rebel. Kelly a neutral cowboy in the Civil War transports and sells a herd of cheap Mexican cattle to the hungry North troops for a high price. After getting his money, he is captured by South troops. The only way to get his freedom is to train the South to herd cattle and steal back his herd for the South troops. The only flaw, I had with the film, was that no one serving for the South during the Civil War ever worked with cattle? The players could be in the outer rim with a load of " x" that they could not give away. Then they get word that the Empire and inner rim want " x" and will pay big credits for it. The players strike it rich and may even lower some Empire or money debts. But the Rebellion needs " x" to and the players are the only ones who can go back to their buyer and have a ship already set for shipping " x". Join the Rebellion and if the players can steal a needed shipment from the Empire, getaway with just a large bounty on their heads, or rat them out and have Rebels wanting their heads.
  15. ken2

    Halloween game

    Going again to other scfi, Doctor Who " Robots of Death". A small group of humans on a sandminer run by robots are being killed off one by one, but it could not be the robots who first program is not to harm but protect humans. The boss robot has decided that humans are no longer needed. The twist is that the real villain is one of the human miners who is really a crazy robot scientist raised by robots and thinks he is one freeing his fellow robots from human control. Along with a false suspect, an undercover robot from the mining company. Also the GM adventure is about rogue mine droids, you could run or use for ideas.
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