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  1. Why no print on demand expansions available ? (scenarios)
  2. You should carry Rune tokens on Ships, and if you lose a battle with the ship the Rune sinks never to be found again. ) I would rather see some underground passage hexagons so you can play with up to 6 players.And I´m not sure about that either, it would make it a Fantasy Empire Building Wiz-War ).
  3. A 5-6 player game would experience a lot of problems.The game is perfect as it is. They could add more NEW Neutrals,More NEW General Cards, Scenarios, 1 NEW Lord(with special abilities,like bribing neutrals controlled by another player) for each faction which can be moved always on your turn, who could ¨heal¨ routed units for a price and buy NEW neutrals from NEW map tiles with NEW cities, all these with the NEW gold resource ) Just kiddin´.. I´d buy 5000 copies of this game too make it worthy for another expansion if this is what holds FFG back from it.(if I´d have the money). They could even sell me a 100$ big box full of chinese air and some tokens.
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