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  1. When American copyright laws consider it to be legally permissible (and they do), I don't understand why any gamers need to get upset over the matter. They're selling 3rd party game pieces and generally they are all legally doing so, why have stricter personal standards beyond that?
  2. Simple. Because calling it the Star Wars IP owned name would be an IP violation, where calling it a name they make up is not an IP violation. The design of the model may be an infringement, often it would not be considered so by a court by the Shapeway models I've seen, so in essence, they are doing this to not violate Disney's intellectual property.
  3. As many people are pointing out, technology doesn't always work the way it does now. For most of human history 100 years advancement in war-related technology would have provided you a minor advantage at best, certainly not enough to offset superior generalship, command and control, training, better defensive position, etc. It's only the world we live in now where this is true, we are the exception, and likely only a temporary one. Probably by the year 100,000, when our technology resembles theirs, 30-40 random years will see little to no meaningful progress whatsoever. Reminds me also of fantasy worlds where people complain the technology level doesn't drastically increase over hundreds or thousands of years... it's like learn about a time period that isn't Late Medieval/Renaissance Europe. No remarkable technological progress is frequently the norm, it's actually far from implausible, it's instead likely. And so too here, it's entirely possible for their sci-fi world to be in an era of relative technological stasis.
  4. They probably won't even have Lando and Palpatine together in the same scene to reunite as friends.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Shoretroopers were picked for this release because FFG was listening to the fans last summer when designing it. They seem to be a popular request, at the very least.
  6. Seems like FFG is pushing their fluff to make them seem more like elite security forces for military bases and secret installations. Which, if they were, could make sense as a Corps unit because a battle over an Imperial installation would heavily feature the security forces stationed to guard it. But also there's the general, "lulz, whatever, we don't care" of Star Wars.
  7. Guess I'm a little surprised they're not trying to sell this harder than they did the original Legion. I thought maybe they'd do something like put a second character in the starter for both sides, and have three or four additional unit/vehicle offerings per army available within a month of launch. Things to help frontload sales while the hype is strongest.
  8. My money is will get a corps unit of big-helmets like we see on the Imperial Officer upgrade card. Though someone on the Facebook group made a good argument that Sandtroopers could be made into something like Recon Troopers. If we're getting more elites I like the idea of Range Troopers more than Shoretroopers. They look cooler and Shoretroopers have pretty limited use as so few battles happen on a shore.
  9. Tauntaun charge! I'll see you all in ****!
  10. I wonder how much FFG's views for Clone Wars as either a new separate, but completely compatible, game, or as merely additional factions for the same game will influence how they release it. If they're expecting to grow the game into a new audience who are specifically interested in playing in the prequels then I would expect it to be a full starter set (maybe with slightly better value than Legion, like a second hero for each side). Runewars and Ice & Fire have nice single faction starters, but both are fully part of the original game with no sense of separation.
  11. No, I mean, I don't think they decided to make Clone Wars that long ago. I think they designed the game and slated the whole year's worth of releases thing up front, and waited to see how it went. Then most likely in the summer they decided to do Clone Wars, possibly due to popular demand. If that is what happened that would put Q4 at 16 to 18 months later. Which is a realistic amount of time required to go from management decision to game store shelves.
  12. August is probably too early for Clone Wars to be finished, but maybe they'll show it off there. Just seems unlikely that they pulled the trigger on Clone Wars at the start of 2018 to have it back from the factories by late summer.
  13. You don't have to pay alien costumes royalties!
  14. I got a feeling this is going to be one of those, sorry, but that's what's happening instances. All of the crew from Rebels is now headed for this game. The droids and Lando almost certainly are too. The Empire will match that. And really, that's more the norm for any tabletop game, not just Legion. Units are generic, there don't need to be 32 varieties of them, players as a whole don't respond well to that, and they don't want to buy it all either. Characters are easier to field, cheaper to buy, and more able to handle novel rules and abilities.
  15. Looks like FFG is popping the cork on characters then. With Rebels the cartoon, possibly all the bounty hunters (even 4-LOM?!), and then any remaining OT characters who had a speaking line that FFG wants to use, the game could get much more character focused and cinematic. Which is what I thought it would be originally.
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