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  1. frankelee

    OT: What's Left?

    I feel like we're certain to see Lando and the Droids before OT releases slow down to do Clone Wars. I'd like to see a hovertank, tauntauns, dewbacks, and of course famous Imperial commander "You rebel scum," guy too though.
  2. frankelee

    Chances for Cassian and K2SO

    In terms of current FFG's current production pipeline I would put Cassian at 50/50 and K2SO as a named character at 0%. But we could get either character as unnamed or generic as well like with the two aliens from Rogue One or Orrimaarko. That really works well for K2SO because you don't have to pay an actor royalties for using his appearance. I do hope some vehicles are following the Krennic and Death Troopers release, like the tank from Rogue One.
  3. frankelee

    General guidelines for creating fun to play tables

    I wouldn't say having that big obstruction makes the game unexciting to play, or that anybody is having fun the wrong way if they prefer it... It just really bugs me because it feels like it overly partitions the battlefield and I think battle reports with too much dead space are less enjoyable to watch (for both this game, and others like 40K). Also I have had the experience of units moving up to a building like that and being stuck taking two turns to get them around the corners and back into the battle, which makes me feel "Ugghhh!" I also agree that Legion does allow a lot of mobility, and part of that is the mission selection which encourages doing stuff instead of sitting and shooting, but because of that I think it's more fun to avoid obvious shooting lanes and confined alleys that can punish aggression and movement. Instead I like a big mix of cover and small sections of blocking terrain, so you get some options about where you won't get shot, but you're still going to get shot at from somewhere. And you might have to get aggressive in order to have a clear shot at where your enemy wants to advance. But that's also an expression of my love for scatter terrain!
  4. frankelee

    General guidelines for creating fun to play tables

    These sound pretty good, except one of my personal rules for terrain is get that big dumb building out of the middle of the table! Maybe that's because I grew up with White Dwarf battle reports, but I like a nice deadly middle with (ironically) very little dead space on the table in the form of buildings and other terrain the models can't interact with. That stuff should go to the table edges where they can look beautiful! I noticed that many Legion batreps on Youtube have featured very nice tables, and look forward to seeing them improve as people get more and more terrain built and get better at setting it up. My one actually useful recommendation for anybody is to check out historical gaming tables, or even high quality miniature dioramas, because they often do such a lovely job recreating the world on the tabletop, and producing areas that feel real and not like a paintball field. Just reviewing them, I think, can give you a better feel for how to set up buildings in conjunction with each other and how to place vegetation and other scatter terrain more naturalistically.
  5. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    You're not really able to read and comprehend what I'm writing... And there's nothing I can do to fix that. Also, I have an education in science and your grasp of correlation and causation, how inference works, and generally how empiricism works is pretty lacking. You just don't seem to be able to comprehend how evidence functions and how it's actually used by real life scientists, researchers, police, government officials, military officials, news reporters, etc. And of course you have yet to figure out what I'm actually saying, instead repeating some straw man you've made up, all in spite of the fact that I've tried to break it down for you in simple terms several times. I don't know if you're just trying to save face after being really wrong and just don't know when to stop flailing, or what. So... I'm out. \_(ツ)_/
  6. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    General Weiss is definitely my favorite commander, operative, model, vehicle upgrade card in the game! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  7. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    It's not what I want them to do, it's what they're doing. I noticed it when the game was first announced because I thought cross-over with Imperial Assault would be a great idea, where heroes and unique characters could serve as lesser heroes, much like "Champions" and "Heroes" worked in Warhammer. But instead they went with this very stark design where you have the big movie heroes and then totally generic soldiers, and nothing in between. I wasn't expecting this approach at all given their other releases: Armada's core set has ships from outside the movies, Imperial Assault's core set features six new heroes, and every supplement features even more, X-Wing immediately had pilots from outside the movies, and even though those are just cards, probably in the first 28 ships in the game, around half of them are from outside the movies. You just have to appreciate how much planning and executive control goes into these games, this decision to only take content directly from major movie releases has just got to be a conscious one. I'm surprised this fact isn't immediately obvious to people, but beyond that, it's just something I noted because it's worth keeping in mind when discussing future possible content. It is a conscious design decision by management, not just an anomaly caused by the game only being out a short amount of time or some crazy coincidence. Like I noted before, it's a human being's decision, so it's not like violating Thermodynamics if they throw in Admiral Thrawn. BUT, it is there, it is a decision that they have been enforcing on their designs. Again there's no way to know the details unless FFG shares them, it could be Christian T. Peterson tried out Imperial Assault with Rebels cartoon heroes and went, "This is stupid, I hate cartoon characters, Legion can never have anything not from the live action movies!" and because of the 18 month production pipeline it won't be until Q1 of 2020 before we see any EU content. Or it could be an MBA who works for FFG went, "If we sell the same characters for two different games then we're just competing with ourselves! Since Legion must include movie content we have to double on those characters, but that's it! Anyone who wants to play with EU content will have to buy Imperial Assault, and if they want our newest game they'll still buy Legion." And the plan for when they run out of OT relevant movie content is to start making Clone Wars content instead. Or maybe Disney just went, "Sell our movies or you won't get the license when it's time to renew! Live action movie content is all you should care about!!!" So as far as a Scum faction goes, my original point was simply that their unyielding attitude toward what creative directions the game may take suggests FFG would not be very open to the allowing the designers the sort of creative license one would hope to have when stitching together another faction that really didn't exist in the movies. They could always change their minds, but there's simply no reason to pretend as if FFG management has not made a conscious design decision concerning what content can be included in the game, or to delude ourselves with the idea that it's just some wacky coincidence for whatever weak reason we can think of. Far from there being no evidence for this, it's overwhelming to the point of comedy. But, whatever people want to believe, again, my original point was if one wants to be grounded in reality, then it's hard to get your hopes up for a Scum faction since that would seem to be outside FFG's approach.
  8. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    I'm not trying to argue about it, I just happened to notice it the same way I notice the sky is blue. You don't have to believe it, and I'm not in charge of Fantasy Flight, it's not my decision to continue or change. And they can change it, it's just obvious that the creative direction FFG management has chosen for this game is to only feature major movie content. And actually it's 26 units, I forgot the heavy guns. Out of 26 units available, 100% come from the movies, 0% come from the Extended Universe or Imperial Assault. The Personnel Expansions are really the final nail in the coffin that takes it from a one in a million shot that it's just a coincidence to completely beyond even unreasonable doubt. Gideon Argus won't be in Legion, Rebel Officer will. If the creatives were allowed to use things outside the movies then we would just get Gideon Argus. But they slipped the miniature design in as a generic, which makes sense as every character from the movies could be used as a named hero potentially. If you want to include the Personnel Expansions in the overall line, that makes 28 units that feature no content from the Extended Universe. Again, really the people to talk to on this would be FFG. They could change their minds and start including Extended Universe stuff, and perhaps it was always their plan to use only movie stuff until the movies were exhausted, then branch out into the EU. But they quite purposefully have avoided using ANY EU stuff up until this point.
  9. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    It could just be a very odd coincidence, but it looks much more like a conscious design decision. There are some 24 units in the game and 100% of them are in line with only coming directly from the movies, and 0% them violate this rule. But if you really wanted to know for sure I guess the people to ask would be the designers at Fantasy Flight.
  10. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    But not his dinosaur!!! You're point is quite correct, but I'm referring exclusively to Legion. And exclusively to FFG's decision making concerning the game. They have conspicuously chosen to not include units or characters that aren't directly out of the major movie releases so far. And that's no accident from a company who have treated non-movie references as fair game in X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault.
  11. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    Oh yeah, they necessarily have to throw some extra stuff in on the margins. There were no Rebel walkers in the movies, though they picked a very movie possible model design out of the Star Wars universe and put an Endor trooper on it, and the special weapons options for units too. Though, maybe if you were as big a Star Wars fan as I, you would have seen the obscure third movie of the Prequel Trilogy which features one or more Wookies holding weapons. But well... I'm something of an expert 😎. Hopefully they'll go outside the movies a little more soon for extra vehicles, but yeah, I take it a lot of people haven't noticed this: for a company that just made a huge Star Wars board game featuring lots of interesting new heroes and characters from the Expanded Universe, they are conspicuously not using them, and it wasn't a design accident. -Edit: Ah yes, I looked it up again and the AT-RT is a design right out of Revenge of the Sith as well. And as long as they're digging back past the OT, I think that definitely makes the Star Wars Holiday Special fair game too. It's kind of a movie.
  12. frankelee

    Scum yes or no.

    I can't really imagine them doing a Scum faction with Legion given how tied to the movies they are. It seems like it's their creative MO to give it the pure flavor of what's on film and not mix in anything else. That being said, I've also imagined them selling a seven man unit made up of just different random goons from inside Jabba's palace and it seems like something I would want to buy.
  13. frankelee

    Let's bug ffg.

    Primaris Stormtroopers... NO! Repulsor tanks, I change my vote to repulsor tanks. Oh, and those Range Troopers they had in that Solo movie I didn't see. (Generally I'd rather see the game have units that make actual military sense that a kind of Stormtrooper for every environment a Stormtrooper can fight in. The idea that they train one specific army to fight in the mud, and another specific army to fight in the surf, working closely in tandem with the specific army they train to fight on beach sand, is really not my thing.)
  14. I pray world leaders can find a solution to the hurt before these forums get any closer to a Final Solution. Curse that seditious element who don't realize the negative feels generated by talking objectively over a game!!!
  15. It's going to exist in a somewhat different space than X-Wing. And that space probably isn't as big. This isn't a 'sold in Barnes and Noble' level game. I'm from the miniature gamer philosophy that the only thing that truly makes miniature games successful are cool ******* models and fun ******* games. X-Wing has that, space ship models are awesome, the rules facilitate fun and don't get in the way. Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar have that, the models are amazing, and the rules seemingly manage to not ruin the fun, even if they are middling to poor from an objective standpoint. It's still to be seen if these unpainted Star Wars minis have that charm, the base set doesn't. And that being said, businessmen tell me, your most likely customer is one who's already bought from you, and they'll likely buy something similar to what they've bought before. Which is to say, FFG definitely needs the X-Wing crowd to buy this game. Mass defections from 40K just aren't realistic, and with the prices GW charges most 40K fans are going to think twice about throwing hundreds and hundreds more at a new, unproven game. (Or they might already be broke.) But even if pre-painted figures would help sell the game, that's just not financially realistic. FFG's pre-painted Dust figures went for $8 a guy. That price hasn't gone down because machines still can't paint human figures.