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  1. Maybe if they shut down the forums and push the game release back, everybody will forget how much they hate it. Or at least it's failure won't look like a big black mark when Asmodee tries to sell them.
  2. Just because it's expensive for consumers doesn't mean it's not an experiment. The cost of development isn't any different, and given that it's 8 months away, it's not like they're printing a bunch before they can gauge interest. I think it's important to clarify, you say there's a "market" for expensive FFG games, like Twilight Imperium, but more accurately what you mean is "it's not an instant death sentence" for an FFG game to be expensive. In business they would say there's a market for big, coffin box board games from well known properties from FFG, but there is no market specifically just for expensive games from FFG. In the same way they would say, there's a market for high cost luxury automobiles from established luxury brands, but there is no market for high cost automobiles in general. We haven't seen FFG just release a series of high cost cost games with, we'll say, questionable value in the minds of at least half of potential customers and succeed, there is no market for that yet. This game will rather succeed or fail based on how compelling it looks to potential consumers, which comes from an amalgamation of factors like buy-in-cost, value, miniatures, art design, gameplay experience, and maybe a few other minor factors as well. I can already tell you that most of those factors are not good enough, and that it's unlikely the gameplay experience will make up the difference. Absolutely a $175 dungeon crawler product from FFG could succeed, but this is one is behind the eight ball.
  3. Yes, this does seem to be a little bit of a test product, and they used the Descent name (not the Terrinoth setting but the product name specifically) to get Descent players on board. But it's one of those experiments where you think, 'Gee, they could have just paid me $20 and I could have told them all the reasons it's not going to work and saved them a lot of time.' There's a difference between knowing and understanding, people know that there are high priced KS games that do quite well, but some of those people also understand why those high priced KS games are able to succeed in spite of that high price. It seems like the sales people at FFG do not. I think if you changed the theme to something like Netrunner, upped the tiles and terrain components, put about 50-60 more miniatures in the box, and let Amazon sell it for 40% off, a lot of people would be willing to give it a try as a new thing. As it is, allow me to pull out a gigantic shoe and say it's my shoe-in prediction of the week that there won't be an Act 2 or Act 3 for this game. Imperial Assault: Legends of the Dark (not 2nd edition!) will probably learn a lot of useful lessons from it, but this product is a dud.
  4. Maybe they should have done a Kickstarter... Well I hope the players of this game really enjoy it!
  5. The new 3D cardboard terrain is cute, I really like that. Better miniatures, hopefully in scale with Runewars, that's good. I didn't really notice the floor tiles at first, they don't wow, I suppose, maybe they'll look better in real life. The artwork is different, but I've been around long enough to know that everybody hates new styles of artwork when they see them the first time because they're different. I doubt this new style will stick around in future Terrinoth games, I think Descent 2nd was fine to stick with for this universe, but we'll see. I'm just not sure about an app based game. I want to see it in action and reviewed several times before I'll have any faith that I will actually enjoy it. I get the pure co-op, that's what's popular, and the campaign based play, this is their Gloomhaven competitor, but I just haven't seen an app-based FFG game that really appeals to me. Also I hope they're not planning on pricing this over $100. It would be uncompetitive at anything much above that. EDIT: $175? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Never mind. This is a non-starter for me.
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