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  1. I pray world leaders can find a solution to the hurt before these forums get any closer to a Final Solution. Curse that seditious element who don't realize the negative feels generated by talking objectively over a game!!!
  2. It's going to exist in a somewhat different space than X-Wing. And that space probably isn't as big. This isn't a 'sold in Barnes and Noble' level game. I'm from the miniature gamer philosophy that the only thing that truly makes miniature games successful are cool ******* models and fun ******* games. X-Wing has that, space ship models are awesome, the rules facilitate fun and don't get in the way. Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar have that, the models are amazing, and the rules seemingly manage to not ruin the fun, even if they are middling to poor from an objective standpoint. It's still to be seen if these unpainted Star Wars minis have that charm, the base set doesn't. And that being said, businessmen tell me, your most likely customer is one who's already bought from you, and they'll likely buy something similar to what they've bought before. Which is to say, FFG definitely needs the X-Wing crowd to buy this game. Mass defections from 40K just aren't realistic, and with the prices GW charges most 40K fans are going to think twice about throwing hundreds and hundreds more at a new, unproven game. (Or they might already be broke.) But even if pre-painted figures would help sell the game, that's just not financially realistic. FFG's pre-painted Dust figures went for $8 a guy. That price hasn't gone down because machines still can't paint human figures.
  3. frankelee

    First Order!

    I think people should expect what FFG has already done. Original trilogy releases until they've scraped through the bottom of the barrel followed by sequel trilogy releases if people are still buying. Same as with X-Wing. For every one person clamoring for the prequels or the sequels there will be two who won't want to mix timelines and won't buy them. FFG can't afford that.
  4. frankelee

    Some thoughts about the IP

    I will admit one unstated thought I had when I looked at the core box contents was, "Wow, those are some really plain looking armies." Warhammer 40K excels at making even the troopers look flashy (as a model), while in Star Wars the mooks are extras and they're not dressed to be interesting. Hopefully FFG puts a little bit extra into upcoming designs.
  5. Ehhh, the traditional fanboy/upset consumer divide. Some people have concerns and want those addressed, other people think this is their party and nobody shall ruin the fun on their special day. I can honestly tell people, if you can't see why IA and Legion might have the same scale and compatibility because they're different games, that's far more a cognitive deficit on your part, than it is a great point. Which people seem to act like they're making. That's definitely not the well thought out opinion of an experienced wargamer. Whether it's your opinion or not. But I have a feeling IA players will lobby FFG to make a change, and they either will or they won't. And they'll either lose enough business that it matters, or they'll rake in money hand over fist and it'll never matter at all. And on the other side, I imagine players who derive emotional satisfaction through excitement on games forums and saying positive things to each other in a circle, will continue to complain about people threatening their buzz, and making proclamations that the game will be tremendous success whether it turns out to be a middling financial effort, or rakes in money hand over fist.
  6. frankelee

    Legion is Dead

    I don't know, the Emperor said he sent a legion of his best troops down to Endor, and then like 50 guys showed up and got beaten by Ewoks. Maybe they just have different standards in galaxies far, far away.
  7. frankelee

    Runewars minatures community...

    The sad truth is, FFG's support for Runewars is probably going to dwindle just based on it not selling very well.
  8. frankelee

    28mm Compared to 32mm - Picture examples

    They look the same scale to me, but Imperial Assault were 32mm figures. I know because it was a point of discussion with the Descent community. We'll have to see how it works on the Legion figures.
  9. frankelee

    AT-ST's are on the box art

    So was Boba Fett.
  10. frankelee

    Will You Still Legion If

    They'll make a bunch of smaller ground vehicles, such that the primacy of AT-ATs will be forgotten. And then once they've done that they'll release a $100 AT-AT.
  11. frankelee

    Factions / Expansion Packs

    Ewok Reavers --- with skull masks! Bothan suicide squads made up of many figures. Obviously every bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back. Possibly forming into some kind of A-Team like unit.
  12. frankelee

    Legion Weirdness/Maybe shoulda been New Era

    I definitely see the point of this post, and I agree, there's nothing ridiculous about IA and SWL being cross compatible. Coming from a Games Workshop perspective, had they put out Necromunda, Mordheim, or Horus Heresy minis at a purposefully slightly different scale, and also told you that you couldn't mix those minis into an army in tournaments or at their stores, there would have been bloodshed. But as I've noted before FFG has time to course correct and give Imperial Assault players the feeling that they have official support and sanctioning of using their old models in this new game. But either way, I definitely think they should stay away from the Prequels.
  13. frankelee

    No IA compatibility = no purchase

    I think these forums prove beyond a doubt to any sensate individual that the market as a whole may have a problem collecting two sets of the same miniatures, slightly different in scale. If someone's not putting that 2 and 2 together, I don't however see the point in a long debate with them.
  14. frankelee

    Legion is Dead

    All things considered, it made it longer than I thought it would.
  15. frankelee

    Of FFG. How could you fail so hard?

    There's still time for them to change course a little bit here. As some have pointed out, Imperial Assault itself has been experiencing scale creep as expansions keep coming out. IA was FFG's first bite at the apple with 32mm figures, they may have realized those initial designs were still a little too timid and unheroic. It will be better to judge once you can see many different models compared. Obviously, it's a bad business decision, they may want you to buy more models, but I'm sure McDonalds would love to charge $500 for a Big Mac instead of $5, 'cause then they'd make way more money, right?!? They'll sell fewer starter sets by not creating compatibility between the two games not more. Though then again, they'd make more money ultimately selling Runewars minis at $1.50 each to somebody, than $3 each to nobody, so FFG's thinking in this field could be clouded.