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  1. I'm guessing you don't know that he's had at least two films where his acting was critically acclaimed.
  2. Both him and Hayden have barely aged since ROTS. Would love to have some clone Wars flashbacks during the show. Sam also wants to play mace one more time so that would give him the chance as well.
  3. It's the only star wars movie I've only seen once in theaters (not counting the ones I wasn't born yet to see). And I still have yet to watch the Blu-ray I bought of it (or even on Netflix). I just don't have a big desire to. It's not a bad movie, just doesn't seem to have a lot of re-watchability compared to the rest. But the fact I've only seen it once tends to make me think I should maybe put it at the bottom of my star wars movie ranking.
  4. I look forward to showing my son all the movies in chronological order in a few years when he's old enough.
  5. I wish going forward they would stop putting anakin and obiwan dueling on ROTS movie covers. Kind of a big spoiler for anyone watching the saga for the first time.
  6. I feel like boba lead with high potency is super underrated. I know bossk lead is all the rage, but boba is great too. With my potency close to 500% (480 I think). That's an extra 240% health for every squad member. Then add in his offensive boosts from leadership and his great turn meter gains from thermals when zam and greedo use them. He's at least as good as bossk at that point IMO.
  7. Boba lead with zam, greedo, cad, and ig88. All g12 except ig who was g11. Zetas on boba and zam. Average speed around 220. Ton of potency for health. Almost 500% potency combined. Took me a couple dozen tries to get good RNG.
  8. Finally got 7 star chewie! And without dengar or bossk!
  9. I'm gonna start farming him in a few days now that I have the other 4 geos all at g11.
  10. I cant even get 5 star padme with three g11s and two g10s.
  11. Got my first direct message from a GA opponent today...and it was to laugh at me for losing the match 😕 Must lead a sad life to make fun of me for losing a match I had 0% chance of winning (he had double my g12s and zetas, as well as having many elite toons I don't like both revans, malak, and traya). Only funny thing is because he went overkill on defense he can't fully clear my squads.
  12. In some old story ideas lucas had for the OT, he had the idea of force ghosts coming back to life to defeat the emporer. Perhaps the title means anakin (and maybe luke too), "rise" from the dead like Gandalf to defeat evil for good. I'm also still considering the idea that rey is a reincarnation of anakin, which would make sense if palp comes back.
  13. I never understood the age gap issue. He's 20 and she's 24 in AOTC, so it's only a 4 year difference. Yea it's maybe a tad bigger than most couples in their early 20s, but definetly not abnormal. I always felt like a bigger deal was made since padme was the older one and not anakin. Since in our culture usually the guy is older than the girl when dating not vice versa.
  14. AOTC is my least favorite of the prequels, but I still enjoy it, and there's a lot to love in it. I'll always remember the gasps I heard in my theater viewings when Anakin was admitting to killing ALL the sand people. And I still get chills every time mace arrives in the arena, lights up his bad***** purple lightsaber, then all the jedi appear and charge into the battle droids.
  15. Try seeing if the libraries in your area have the seasons. I think I've seen some at my local ones before.
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