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  1. Ironically I had a game against Poe with R2-D2 tonight. Not sure how many times he regenned before I finally lost...I'd say at least 6 or 7. That's just gross. What's worse was I made him PS0 earlier in the game and it did almost nothing to help me. Of course didn't help either that he hardly every rolled blanks on both offense and defense, or multiple focus. Advanced optics is ridiculous on him with his ability, thrusters, and regen.
  2. I still think regen needs a limit. Besides Miranda obviously, R2-D2 is still very strong, especially on corran and poe. I still stick with my original idea to fix regen. You can only regen as many times as your shield value. To keep track just put those extra shield tokens on whatever gives the regen card at the start of the game and then take from it as you regen until they are gone. Besides making it more fair, also lets you know the max damage you have to do to a ship before it dies.
  3. Hard limits on upgrades?

    I like the first option. Not only does it eliminate bloated super ships, but might encourage using more generics as well.
  4. Accretion in Game design and X-Wing

    Another good example of accretion is R2-D2 (astromech). When it came out it was meh on y-wings, and decent on x-wings, only one it was borderline too good at the time was Luke. But then the E-Wing came out. Now you have a ship with 3 shields, 3 agility, 5 green maneuvers, and access to the evade action compared to the x-wing. Put that all together with a high PS pilot, especially one with the ability corran has, and it's a recipe for disaster. By now I think just about everyone has been on one end or the other of a game where corran (likely PTL verison) regened more shields than you can imagine. There's also some good landfill examples in the game, two of which are very recent, harpoon missiles and reinforce. But you could argue this has been around since the beginning. Wave 2 gave us PWT's and aux arcs. Wave 3 gave us the first 3 attack AND 3 agility ship. Wave 4 gave us the first 4 attack ship (and 4 agility in a way too), as well as a white k-turn. Wave 5 gave us a 16 hit point ship and a ship that can shoot 4 dice 360 degrees. And so on and so on.
  5. "I've never" anonymous

    Flown a vcx with the phantom docked.
  6. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    The one I played against was an interesting build. Nym had bomblets and cluster missiles, Miranda had clusters, thermals, and harpoons. Both had EM. Neither of them ever got their missiles off. Nym never used tracterory, and MAYBE uses genius once. I'm not sure if the fact I had 4 ships that were semi spread out scared him to joust me or what. But he kept running away hoping to win by bombing and TLTing me to death. After 3 rounds of shooting I had traded two of my ships for Miranda and almost half of Nym already.
  7. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    So I just had my first game against nym & Miranda on vassal just now. I somehow won the game, partly because my opponent's version wasn't quite as optimized as the "standard" version. And also he flew much more defensively than offensively which kept me alive long enough to seal the deal. Even with all that going for me, it was still a tough match that I could have easily lost. I shudder to think what playing the optimized version against a strong opponent would be like.
  8. Bossk/Asajj

    I agree that expertise and Dengar on a YV is overkill. I'd keep Dengar and use your EPT on one of many other good choices. Calculation might be fun. I used to use DTF to keep my other ships alive as you really want the YV to die first usually. I used to play a ton of YV builds for well over a year but finally gave it a break. It's a fun ship that hits hard, especially bossk. It can melt quick sometimes though. But biggest weakness by far is late game all your opponent has to do is get behind you and it's game over.
  9. Worst Poll Ever

    Your favorite can count, I was just explaining the likely reason why the a-wing wasn't included. If I had to pick I guess I'd choose the resistance bomber as it's by far the most unique and interesting of the new vehicles in the movie. Some of the other resistance capital ships were decent too even though they didn't get much screen time.
  10. Worst Poll Ever

    Probably didn't include the a-wing since it barely qualifies as "new". It's like 90% the same as the original a-wing. I bet most casual fans can't even tell the difference.
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Well considering this one was inspired by it... Not only do they look very similar, but both are weaponless as well.
  12. Nerf Harpoons

    For what it's worth I'm still sticking with cruise missiles on two of my four ships in my list currently. Saves me 2 points which is nice since upgrades are tight. Plus I love the joy of getting the 5 dice cruise missile off every few games. And while it doesn't help win games, I enjoy the challenge of flying with them as they are trickier to get off because of the high speeds required.
  13. Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Glad to see this is moving forward once again. Unfortunately the squad I want to test right now won't work as two of my ships use cruise missiles which aren't implemented yet, and neither is the vaksai title.
  14. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    So a german star wars site appears to have the episode titles and descriptions for the first two episodes when the show returns at the end of February. Possibly massive spoilers below: (actually major if true, you've been warned)
  15. Sad thing is many feel even with that title the ship is still lacking. Just not bottom of the barrel anymore. The title would get more use if there were more worthwhile 0-1 point mods so you're not adding to your ship cost.