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  1. markcsoul

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Yea no plan for me to get either revan for quite awhile. Heck, even if I wanted to not sure I'd be fully committed, it's a ton of farming to do for all those KOTOR toons to get them from 3 star to 7 star. On a similar note, I just got both vets to 6 star now so I'm on the final leg of farming them for next JTR event. I also finished getting all the required toons for the event to at least G9 with all omegas so I should be good to go. And on a positive note, within the next few days I will hit the 3 million mark while still being 100% F2P! Although my roster is kinda weak for my GP: 16 G12 18 G11 11 G10 17 G9 18 Zetas No Revan, Traya, 3PO, or JTR (for now). GK is only 6 star and Chewie is only 5 star.
  2. So tomorrow is my 20th anniversary of being a member of the message board on theforce.net. I joined the message boards when I was only 15 years old in anticipation of the release of TPM. Not sure if it's really cool or really sad I've been on a message board for more than half my life. Anyone else been on any message boards a really long time?
  3. markcsoul

    Star Wars ALWAYS

    It's pretty good, but didn't feel like a good enough summary of the 10 movies. Prequels were treated as a flashbacks instead of part 1 of a 3 part story, and TPM and AOTC were underused. The star wars stories were kind of underused as well. Either show more of them, or only make it a Skywalker saga trailer.
  4. markcsoul

    X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)

    When someone runs a net/meta list at a tournament without any practice with it.
  5. markcsoul

    Scum post points adjustment... now what?

    The hyperspace scum list I'm thinking of running is: Bounty Hunter x 2 - 132 Zealous Recruit - 44 Mining Guild Sentry - 24 I prefer running 5 ships in 2.0, but can't for scum with the ships I have.
  6. markcsoul

    Bid depth poll

    The thing about bids....a few points is fine, any more than that if your list is still viable then FFG messed up somewhere in point costing (big surprise). It also reflects that the game still favors high PS ships way too much IMO.
  7. markcsoul

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    It may not be the "worst" faction, but for me personally Scum is the worst faction to build a squad I enjoy in hyperspace format. It has my favorite ship, the firespray. But the other options are not ships I particularly care for. Plus all the legal ships I only have one copy of with the exception of the firespray so list building is tricky. At least z95s will be legal soon which will help.
  8. markcsoul

    The Mandalorian

    The actor playing him looks and sounds nothing like temuera morrison, so it's definitely not Boba. And he's a fairly well known actor so he wouldn't have been hired to stay under the helmet the whole time either.
  9. markcsoul

    The Mandalorian

    He's not. Totally new character.
  10. markcsoul

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    RLM is trash. Now they just look pathetic. Could have just burned a stack of money joker style, would have the same effect since im sure that many figures would be worth a pretty penny. Probably getting desperate for video hits since bashing and nit picking the prequels is finally becoming less popular.
  11. markcsoul

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    I actually have a g10 magnaguard as the fifth member of my geo squad. Will be interesting to see how much better he gets.
  12. markcsoul

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    We just started our first t6 sith about 2 days ago. Currently we are halfway through p2. Tier 5 was taking us about 1.5-2 days. We will probably alternate between the two for awhile until it gets easier. I can do pretty well considering all the elite toons I'm missing. The only good squad from tier 5 that's really sucking now is my CLS rebel squad.
  13. markcsoul

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    So as I near 3 mil GP it saddens me to realize how many "elite" toons I'm missing. I'm missing: Traya, Revan, 3PO, JTR, and OT MF. Also my chewie and GK are only 5 star so they are limited in their use. Though GK is slowly working his way up. I might be able to get JTR next she comes around but it will be close. Rest won't be for quite awhile.
  14. markcsoul

    They're up!!!

    I haven't played many 2.0 games yet, so I can only really comment on changes that affected the scum list I've played the most. Quad Jumper Price Increase - Slightly sad because they are really fun, and I might not run them anymore now, at least in the list I've been running, but it was needed I'll agree on. Marauder Title Price Increase - I knew this was probably coming too, and yea maybe it was a bit too good for 3 points by 2.0 standards. But 6 points seems kinda high considering it's only one reroll and only on the rear arc. That only gives it a few times of use a game on average, so for 6 points I can't really justify using it anymore. Homing Missile Price Increase - This one I'm pretty surprised at. I'm guessing it was the most used missile because it was the cheapest, as well as the fact that the other missile options aren't the greatest. So now you have to think more about which one to take if you do. I thought they were a great add on for any 2 attack ships with a missile slot, like z-95's especially. Now I'm probably more likely to take ion pulse for a point cheaper, or clusters for the same price. Y-Wing Price Decrease (most pilots) - I'm pretty surprised by this one as well. I thought y-wings were one of the underrated ships of 2.0 since they got a discount from 1.0. Now with most pilots getting a point decrease, along with a decrease in many turrets and astros. I think y-wings might become VERY prevalent.
  15. markcsoul

    Vassal League season 7 signups open 'til Feb 8th

    Hmm I'm debating. I've been in it the past 4 seasons. But I havent played much 2.0 yet because of time, and also somewhat lack of interest. Also when do prizes for last season go out?