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  1. markcsoul

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!117:170,-1,-1,178,-1,202:1:24:U.-1;137:19,241,128:54:25:M.26,M.6;137:19,241,128:54:25:M.26,M.6&sn=Kath's Aces&obs=coreasteroid0,core2asteroid2,core2asteroid4 I've only run it 4 times prior to today in vassal league but went 3-1 with it. Unfortunately my first 2 matches were both against double reapers with slicers and an ace. No missiles gotten off either game.
  2. markcsoul

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    0-2 now and in last place with 31 MOV. Got shut out my 2nd game facing almost exactly the same list as the first game. Had HORRIBLE luck in the 2nd game, especially considering my opponent made several mistakes. But I made one big one myself which didn't help. Seriously tempted to just go home.
  3. markcsoul

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    I'm at a 10 person SC right now. I'm 0-1 and will probably have a losing record for the first time at a SC. Xwing 1.0 sucks so bad right now.
  4. markcsoul

    Poll question for the worse of 1.0?

    Shield regen
  5. Here's a weird thought. Not only is this new clone wars content, it's also new George Lucas content, since he obviously had worked on these stories prior to selling the company.
  6. markcsoul

    Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article

    Kinda sad there's only one generic, and it's the bounty hunter not mando merc. Mando merc was one of my most flown pilots of any ship in 1.0. Partly because of the high (5) PS for a generic, as well as the EPT slot.
  7. markcsoul

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

  8. markcsoul

    2.0 Acrylic Checklist

    Yea I'm pretty bummed that I made a much of custom acrylic pieces about a year ago and now most if not all of it will be invalidated. I made a template set, and then a bunch of target locks, shield tokens, and focus tokens. I guess focus are probably safe at least.
  9. I like both the PT and ST (and OT and spinoffs). That being said, both ROTS and TPM are better than both sequels. AOTC is better than TFA and about equal with TLJ.
  10. markcsoul

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    I'm psyched for the new clone wars content. Plus some of the changes to space combat sound fun. I'll have to dust this game off again when the new stuff comes out. Before then though I should finally finish the campaign mode.
  11. markcsoul

    Old Players: Tell Us A Story!

    To elaborate, Tie swarm at the time was easily the best list in the game. If someone flew it well, you were likely to lose with pretty much any other list. Howl's ability was so good, getting a reroll combined (usually) with a focus. Since there wasn't much strong damage mitigation back then it was easy for them to melt ships. Also standard tie's were still decent back then as well. 3 agility dice with 3 hull could last a few rounds if you rolled halfway decent, since even when facing 3-attack ships they usually only had one mod at most for their attack dice. I HATED facing it back then. It was my only 2 losses in those first couple SC's, I could only kill a single tie both games even though I had 4 ships in my list that all had 3 attack dice, and it was a really strong list too. But now in retrospect I can respect it, because you HAD to fly well to make it work. It's not easy flying 7 ships in a formation, making sure not to bump and lose actions, maintaining focus fire, avoiding obstacles, etc. Unlike a lot of top lists in later waves where the list does a lot of the work for you. With these later wave meta lists you can not fly well and/or make mistakes and still have a decent shot at winning as long as you aren't facing a top list as well. Hopefully that makes sense.
  12. markcsoul

    Old Players: Tell Us A Story!

    I started around wave 3. It was a good time then for sure... I've been to 6 store championships over the years, but my first two in early 2014 during wave 3 were my best performances going 2-1 and 3-0 in swiss rounds. It's funny since I was still growing as a player then, but I did well because there was less meta garbage back then, and flying mattered more. Tie swarm was the only OP list but at least you had to be a good player to make it work. Since then I've gone 2-2 at my last four SC's because I don't fly OP lists so I'm always at a disadvantage even though I bring good lists I know and fly really well. Hoping 2.0 finally gives me the xwing success I've been waiting to have for over 4 years now.
  13. It ended once they added ST factions/ships/pilots/etc into the game over 2 years ago.
  14. markcsoul

    AMA with Frank and Max - all questions and answers

    No answer on new factions? Simple mistake or avoiding the question?
  15. markcsoul

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    I'm curious why it gets two firing arcs. It only had the dorsal cannon in the movie. No ventral pretty sure. Also it's a single barrel gun so attack 2 is fair.