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  1. Green Squadron A-Wings

    Actually the bwings are red as well aren't they? The red circles are their paint job I thought.
  2. Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    Getting back on topic:
  3. Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Not only did I unlock Han Solo tonight after our most recent heroic rancor raid, he was my 100th toon! I'm nearing 1.5 mil total galactic power now
  4. COTD #9: Cruise Missiles

    I've been using cruise missiles exclusively since they came out. I have 2 of my 4 ships in my top list using them currently. Biggest reason I love them is the 3 point cost. Second is the potential for 5 dice every few games or so. Third is the skill required combined with not being a OP NPE like a certain meta favorite missile...
  5. Vipers, Hold the Stars

    The second season is the best and third season is the "worst" of the four IMO. I agree that after the new caprica arc most of season three isn't the strongest until the end of the season. However season four, especially on my 2nd run through viewing of the series would probably be my second favorite season. Part of that is because I loved 99% of the 3 part ending. Only gripe would be the epilogue in present time at the very end. It was kind of anticlimactic and unnecessary. But man the score for the finale...better than a lot of major movies. Seriously buy all the soundtracks, especially season 4. But season 4 has a lot of big emotional moments and great arcs. The mutiny arc is one of my favorite of the series.
  6. Vipers, Hold the Stars

    The new BSG is easily the best live action tv show I've ever seen. The story, the acting, the action scenes, the music, all top grade.
  7. Canon Material still needed in X-wing

    I totally read that in his voice
  8. Are Games Better with More Factions or Less?

    More is better. This game needs a kick in the pants, something that really shakes things up. Adding new factions would do that. I think FFG was hoping to have the First Order and Resistance sub factions become their own factions someday, but with TLJ only adding 2 new ships (if you count the a-wing as new). It's making it hard to expand their factions. Maybe Episode 9 will give more ships for those two factions. But in the meantime this game is past due to add Republic and Confederacy factions to the game.
  9. Is scum in as bad a spot as it appears?

    Scum are probably the most balanced faction, hence why they are underperforming currently. Thanks to nerfs, I don't think I'd consider any scum ships or upgrades to be OP. I would consider a few pilots though. Mainly Asajj, Nym, Dengar, and Fenn. This is all my personal opinion though.
  10. New Solo Trailer Today

    Looks decent, but still not super excited for it. Only one of the Disney movies I've been really excited for was Rogue One. Thankfully it didn't let me down. I'll add a WTF to the music they've used in both trailers. I wonder if it's because of the Chinese market where they keep trying to pretend this isn't a Star Wars movie so they go will go see it. Also Chewie being 190 means the movie is 10 years before ANH / 9 year after ROTS. So basically smack dab in between the two of them.
  11. First Destiny, now Armada... Everything comes in 3's

    Here's my list of what I'd liked nerfed and buffed and how in no particular order, but this is all my opinion NERFS 1) TLT - Honestly not sure what the best fix is here, there's been many thrown around. One I had awhile back was you throw less dice if the target's agility is lower, so it's not always auto damage against lower to mid agility ships. 2) Regen - You can only regen as many shields as your shield value, you put shield tokens on whatever card gives you the ability (same as Gonk) and spend them as needed. This kinda messes up Gonk though, but not many people use him. 3) Bomblets - Only hits count, would still be a great value for 3 points to have unlimited bombs that have an average of 0.75 damage per ship and can get as much as 2 damage a ship each time. 4) Harpoons - At a minimum make the condition unique so you can't stack them on ships, or have multiple ships with the condition at the same time. I'd also make the action to remove them happen immediately, no dice roll. Spending an action is punishment enough. 5) Miranda - If regen gets nerfed she's fine I guess, but if it doesn't then her ability needs to change to primary arc only. 6) Sabine (crew) - At a minimum make her ability only work on the ship she's on. Might need something extra as well. 7) Damage Mitigation - There's some crazy defensive shenanigans out there. Maybe you could only modify a defensive roll 2 different ways per attack? So you could do focus and evade, or evade and auto thrusters, but you couldn't do focus, evade, auto thrusters, and palp all at once for example. 8) Reinforce Action - This is so good on the wooks, what if in order to take the action you have to reduce your agility by 1? Would help get a few extra hits in each game. 9) Boost on Large Ships - Do some change to it like barrel roll so they can't move as far as they currently do. BUFFS 1) Auto Thrusters - Remove the boost requirement so they can be available to all ships to deal with all the turret madness in the game. Or at least make it at ship with boost OR agility 2 or higher. 2) Linked Batteries - Remove the small ship only restriction. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, probably should be a few more.
  12. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Time to go on a rant here. I like to tease Zack at our Tuesday LGS game nights about him being upset with the game with all the success he's had and continues to have. But the truth is that I'm sadly falling deeper into that wave of thought as well, and I don't have much success to bail me out. Other than being in the IR for the 2nd season in a row for vassal league and winning a league at my LGS several months back, I really haven't had any significant x-wing success in well over 2 years now. In fact I've been playing since late 2013 and my first year playing x-wing was easily my best year competitively. And sadly I think I've possibly had more NPE's in the past year than all the other years combined (including one tonight on vassal). Not sure which is worse, the fact that running a casual list is almost an auto loss at this point unless your opponent runs one as well (recently went 2-9 with a list that was almost the same as one I won about 75% of my games with a couple years ago), or the fact that even the Tier 2 lists I like to run when playing competitively are falling short to the meta more and more as this game progresses. I would totally go casual only at this point, if not for the fact I'm super competitive. Just wish I could still fly what I want and have my flying matter somewhat. Depending how vassal league goes along with SC's in a few months, I might have to take a long break from x-wing for awhile, barring some major changes from FFG, or an announcement about adding clone war era factions. //End rant
  13. So I had a chance tonight in a game on vassal to use crackshot against an evade added from a bomb obstruction on my opponent's ship. He claimed that the evade came after I wanted to use crackshot, so I couldn't use it. I didn't see how, as it's an added result just like reinforce which can be cracked. Am I mistaken? I didn't want to argue with him as I was losing badly already and just wanted the game to end.
  14. Wave 14 and Scum

    Yeah scum definitely need some help, though some parts or scum certainly don't. Like scurgs. I've had 2 or 3 games against nym and sol now, including one tonight, and they'd be probably top 10 or higher of the most NPE games I've had in over 4 years playing. When you can barely dent two agility 1 ships with a combined 20 hit points, while taking most of your damage from bombs...not a good time, especially when said bombs are also defending the scurgs and can't damage nym.
  15. Alien: Isolation

    I have this game for PS4. Got it cheap at Toys R Us a year or so ago. I got maybe 1/4 to a 1/3 into it, but haven't gone back to it for awhile. Need to finish it ones of these days. Great atmosphere for sure, but wish there was a bit more action to it instead of all the sneaking around and hiding.