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  1. Looks just like a larger scale version of the ships mode in battlefront. Four ships for both factions that are balanced to each other, even though an xwing is not equal to a tie fighter. Two crew members for the uwing and tie reaper looks interesting though. Obviously starting low on ships so they can add more later to keep the fan base from growing old with the game.
  2. So Temeura is 59. Boba would be 41 at the time of season 1 of the mandalorian. Possibly slightly older if season 2 has a time jump. Rex would be 82 because of accelerated aging. So he's not really ideal age for either. Probably easier to use makeup to look older vs cgi to look younger though.
  3. Looked cool at first, but on examining it further I have several issues: They include DIO but not Qui-Gon? The Luke/ Vader split would have made way more sense if it was Anakin/Vader. Especially since there's no Anakin at all. Why are padme and yoda looking like they are half good half evil based on their positioning. Disney too afraid to upset the fanboys by including jar jar and rose I see.
  4. Master Replicas made 0.45 scale lightsabers back in the early and mid 2000s. I own almost all of them, including a few rare/exclusive ones.
  5. Hmm no Natalie present, at least in this picture. Also can't figure out who's next to Christopher Lee. Frank Oz?
  6. I've ran whisper and 6 acads to some decent success in limited number of games.
  7. Got destroyed by 5 resistance awings in my vassal match tonight. Didn't help that my list was a horrible matchup either (5 ships all ps2, whereas four of his were ps3+) I'd fly it myself, but I only have one and can't afford to get any more
  8. Had my first game of the newest vassal league tonight. Match was decided somewhat early on when in one round I had 5 shots on his tie/fo muse and couldn't destroy it. Muse had no modifiers and no obstacles to aid. I had three 4dice attacks with focus, a 3dice ion attack with focus, and a 3dice naked attack and only did 3 total damage to keep him alive at 1 hull. The three 4dice attacks with focus all rolled hit hit blank blank. The ion attack with focus got 3 hits after spending focus and naked attack got 3 hits. He rolled 9 out of 15 evades. Lost at time by 17 points. Ugh.
  9. If he's in it, likely because he's with Bail Organa on a trip to check up on obiwan. If he's still the senator to Naboo, no suspicions arise if he's traveling with Bail.
  10. So I enjoyed TROS. Though to be fair, I've enjoyed all the live action SW movies. Some more than others, but none I dislike, or even worse hate. Heck, this one might even be my favorite if the sequel trilogy. That being said, overall the ST feels like a big missed opportunity to me. I have several issues that have been present in the sequel movies that I was hoping would be corrected this time around, but alas. 1) The main conflict/plot: Having it be basically rebels vs imperials 2.0 was lazy. At a minimum the New Republic should have been the good guys instead of the Resistance. 2) Vehicle design: Almost every vehicle design was just a 2.0 version of something from the OT. Again, super lazy and unoriginal. 3) World building: The worlds in the ST are mostly forgettable as they are mainly clones of worlds from the OT. Canto Bight and Exegol were interesting, and Crait to an extent. The rest not so much. Rogue One and Solo did a better job here. 4) Callbacks to the previous films: There were too many nostalgia heavy call backs to the OT, several a bit too on the nose. On the flip side the PT was barely referenced at all, and mostly things the average filmgoer wouldn't pick up on. 5) The chosen one: First of all, never having a single anakin force ghost scene in all 3 movies is a major crime (A voice over in a mess of voice overs isn't nearly the same). So many interesting possibilities there, biggest being Anakin talking to Ben. Not even a mention of his name, though Vader is said in all 3 movies. While the scene where Ben talks to his memory of Han was cool, that would have been the perfect place to have his grandfather tell him the error of his ways.
  11. Since they have the 4k versions on d+ it's hard to justify paying for this set.
  12. During the artwork scenes in the credits, it appeared the original concept was to have BOTH xwing styles attack the station. Maybe as a way to show the transition was underway. I could be wrong though, it wasn't on screen long.
  13. That second shot was flipped. You can tell because the mic is on the opposite side, along with certain parts of the xwing behind him.
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