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  1. For the firespray I'd love it to be a jango repaint, but that's not likely until (hopefully) they add clone war era factions someday. Second choice would be a kath scarlet repaint since it's very unique, plus she's a pilot for both factions like boba.
  2. I'm already getting bored of harpoon missiles. They are all anybody uses now. At least with cruise you could use some skill for flying against them since you know your opponent needs to go fast to get the full benefit from them. I mainly fly jousting lists, which are already the worst archetype in the game currently, but harpoons make them even worse since you either can't formation fly and not focus fire as well, or stay together and eat extra splash damage. I'm can live with the condition, it's unique, it's just the rest of the stats that are wrong. It should have either: A) Been 5 points cost instead of 4 (even at 5 points they'd still be better than the comparable assault missiles) B) Used 3 dice instead of 4 C) Not let you keep the TL
  3. If the lambda gets a fix (and i'm not entirely sold it needs one), it definitely shouldn't be a cost reduction. Can you imagine a 5 shuttle list? No way you destroy 50 hit points before time expires in a timed match. Yea they would have hard to maneuver, but 15+ attack dice depending on range is nothing to laugh at either.
  4. Miranda's ability only works with her primary weapon and/or inside her primary firing arc.
  5. N1 V-wing Eta-2 Original Y-Wing Vulture Droid Tri Droid Scimitar
  6. My season is now over. Had my last game tonight. Got the win to end my 3 games losing streak and finish 4-4. Considering I'm in Inner Rim for the first time I think that's respectable. Had a lot of close games so could have done better, but also could have done worse.
  7. Looks kind of like the rings of kafrene from rogue one. But definitely some differences.
  8. So does the naboo campaign tie into the comics? Or did leia defend naboo from the Empire on two separate occassions?
  9. I've been wondering for awhile if the YV had a way to get reinforce if that would be broken or not. The point cost would be the biggest factor I'm sure. It's the ship most similar to the auzi. The YV has more hit points, but being a large base it's more clumsy to fly and easier to bump to not get that sweet reinforce action.
  10. By pure luck I passed another level on the emperor challenge so now I have him at 6 stars. Also had to switch to a new guild again. One of the officers suddenly quit, and the other officer and the leader were both MIA so everyone started dropping like flies. My new guild isn't full or even that strong with the people they do have. But super friendly. Got about a half dozen various greetings when I joined.
  11. Yea not the most exciting list to be sure. All the more reason to add more clone war era ships to the game.
  12. I got all excited until I read the card through. I currently have open crew slots on my bossk build but I see no reason to take this just to increase my PS by 1 for deploying. Especially since I usually fly all my ships together so I already know where I'm going to place him.
  13. There's a big list of rebel and scum ships that would love to take Light Weight Frame. Just saying
  14. Lucas didn't write the scripts personally. They were written by a lot of big tv writers. I think Ron Moore wrote a few actually. But I'm sure he was behind a lot of the story ideas.
  15. I hope the live action series is the one Lucas had started and had several seasons of scripts written and ready to go once it was economically feasible.