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  1. Masablasta

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    I think I know what your confusion is. If you preordered the book from FFG the novella showed up in your cart so you could preorder it at the same time, however if you looked at the quantity it was set to zero. Same thing with the cards, if you clicked on one pack to preorder the other two showed up in the cart at zero quantity so you could add them to your preorder without having to make several orders and pay for shipping on each one. I wish they had a better system for ordering because I really didn't want to pay shipping twice, once for the book and novella and a second time for the cards as there wasn't a way for me to add the cards to my book/novella order.
  2. Masablasta

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    How do power points work for phys adepts in this conversion?
  3. Masablasta

    Re-created Android Character Sheet from GenCon (updated)

    Sweet, great job man. I’m the one that sent the sheets. These look fantastic!