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  1. Thank you for gathering them all in one place! I did notice that Bioroid and Clone are listed twice on pages 9 and 10 in the Species Study.
  2. A few of the careers start with 1 aember, it’s a resource that is found on the crucible though. Once you create the item it’s finished, but can be modified with mods to hard points. You could probably homebrew the ability to upgrade with aember later.
  3. I don’t see why not. You could definitely use it to make magic items. Just need to find a replacement for aember on some of them. The traits that require it could end up being overpowered if they don’t.
  4. Basically when you purchase a weapon or armor you buy a base version and add traits that add various qualities and increase or decrease the value of said item. The traits do things like increase range, increase damage, add weapon qualities like burn, blast etc. There are a few traits that require aember consumption to activate that do some crazy things. The armor traits can add a burn effect to your armor, add energy wings for a round or add boost or setback die to social checks. Kind of like the specialty armors that were in Star Wars, but instead of having a bunch of premade options you can customize them to your own liking. It's a really cool system in my opinion. Where are you at that you won't be able to get it for a while?
  5. Would you by chance have an updated link to your setting? I had downloaded it a while ago, but can't seem to find it and I really liked some of the talents you created.
  6. What’s up with the three new adversary decks? I thought they would have released with this book or the allies and adversaries, but haven’t seen anything yet.
  7. My friends and I are here and showed up too late to join a game this evening, however my group explained to Ryan Ritter at FFG that I’ve been running a game for several years and they wanted to play in a game with me. After hearing this Ryan offered to let one of us run the adventure and asked if we would mind having another player as there was someone else who arrived too late as well. Seeing that it was the same adventure I played in at GenCon, I offered to run it since I knew the content. We invited the other latecomer (Anthony) as well as another gentleman and his 10 year old (Cash) to join us and after a brief rundown of how to play the game, as none of them had ever experienced FFG’s Star Wars RPG, we were off playing. They were able to pick up the basics pretty quickly and I explained more as we went on. We had a great time and really enjoyed bringing new players into the fold. Cash was a blast to have at the table and was the NVP of the game with some of his genius uses of triumph and advantage. My favorite moment was when they rigged explosives and failed to set them up with a remote detonator and Cash turns to his father and dead pans “You’re gonna have to take one for the team...” before I was able to tell them they could set a timer. We had a blast and I really appreciate Ryan Ritter allowing me to impromptu run a game.
  8. I think I know what your confusion is. If you preordered the book from FFG the novella showed up in your cart so you could preorder it at the same time, however if you looked at the quantity it was set to zero. Same thing with the cards, if you clicked on one pack to preorder the other two showed up in the cart at zero quantity so you could add them to your preorder without having to make several orders and pay for shipping on each one. I wish they had a better system for ordering because I really didn't want to pay shipping twice, once for the book and novella and a second time for the cards as there wasn't a way for me to add the cards to my book/novella order.
  9. How do power points work for phys adepts in this conversion?
  10. Sweet, great job man. I’m the one that sent the sheets. These look fantastic!
  11. How do people already have the book? My preorder through FFG still says pending after receiving a pre shipping email a week or so ago?
  12. Thanks CaptainRaspberry, they were supposed to have an affinity to wardens of light but it didn't work out with the rule set. Here's my original design sketch, if I can figure out how to do this correctly.
  13. I've been doing this to delay them going to Mon Cala for months. I had one of their Obligations play out and a lead on a person of interest draw them away. We're probably going to be wrapping up the arc next week and playing a four-session Shattered campaign, so that should give me plenty of time. I hope. Hey, Shattered. I backed that, in fact I'm the guy that created the Florvana.
  14. Wouldn't that be the protect side of unleash/protect? It basically reduces damage from energy based weapons. I don't see why a dark side user can't use the protect ability. Wasn't that sort of what Vader did when Han shot him in Empire?
  15. So your stipulation was no edit, didn't say anything about a second post to rectify an answer. 1- Spinster's Loom was part of the Antrivis Resistance Group after the fall of the Mantooine Liberators. Named after Loom Carplin who was the "Spinster" Travia Chan's right hand. Piloted by a Wookiee which mimics Looms original co pilot Busurra. 2- The Gree built the shield, "Strange machinery and ancient geometric markings are everywhere." 3- no mention of the rearview mirror to spot rebels. I'm guessing they just haven't used that hardpoint to add it on yet.
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