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  1. It is not a reprint as the original has never come out yet. I preordered day oneish, so I would know. Yes I am salty on it. The mat is like the Star Wars one. It would sit in the middle of the table for all to see. And the initiative tracker would use either tokens from the beginner game, adventures, or made by the players. Void pool you could use whatever you'd like I suppose. And a nice dice legend for new players. I really want to like it..
  2. Me too! So glad to catch it on the ground floor.
  3. Hahaha you bet! I can see where that is frustrating. I only found the first one because of reddit. And the second one because of the other LCGs on it. Welcome to the game!
  4. https://marvelcdb.com http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/marvelchampions/marvel_champions Here you go!
  5. I’m going to necro this thread a little. I too want run the game for regular RPG group. So are by no means beginners. We have played the Star Wars game, so funny dice aren’t too different. I have run a two night session of fourth Ed L5R years ago. And have some other familiarity with the world in the past. So I’m trying to figure out if I go right for the core rules or run them through the beginner game first? I’d like to make this a regular ongoing game for them. Or series of one shots at the least. But I’ve bought both the Beginner Game and Core Book. And not sure which to focus attention on. Any help would be great.
  6. Ah but it’s not what’s on the map that is the fun part. But for the original poster, I wouldn’t worry too much. No one is going to break the door down and arrest you for breaking canon. I always go with once you’re playing nothing is canon. And yes Wookieepedia is awesome.
  7. I couldn’t get past the crab entry..... If your going to “help” people with clan choosing, at least that what I thought you were doing, it needs to be more serious. I’m sure this was for fun. But it was not fun to read.
  8. I think your talking about one of the old edition of the CCG or collectible card game. Alderac made the game and it was a CCG and samurai edition was a old set of it. It has nothing to do with the LCG version put out by FFG. So I would ignore it. Focus on the rules on the product page of FFG’s website. I hope this is what information your looking for?
  9. I contact a local guy about painting my new core set. Wanted 330 dollars Canadian to start and probably more. Basically it was $10 an hour plus assembly and basing. I think he figured each figure would be about an hour or more. There’s another guy who a friend told me charges $20 a figure. So is it extreme maybe. But people pay it. It’s all in the price of buying the minis and supplies to paint them. I agree some seem to go extreme with their prices. But if you want pre painted it’s going to cost. I’d look up people who do it as a profession, if you’re looking for painted. As for the falcon. It might be 3-D printed and the person wants a pretty penny for their work. Just my thoughts.
  10. I have to say that this is inspiring too see! I too am a newish GM. Mostly of my past games have been D&D 5e. But I'm looking to hopefully do a SW game in the future. So this is really awesome as it's something I really hope to do at some point in time. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!
  11. I just finished reading Legacy last month. I'm on legacy 2 now. I'd love to see more!
  12. I'm not sure if it's available anywhere outside of the Imperial Archives book. Which you can get on drivethrurpg.
  13. You know I noticed this yesterday when I was looking at ships in the book again. Didn't give it much thought as the power in my house had gone out. But now I want to know the new stats too.
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