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    Simonsays3 reacted to DXCrazytrain in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    Yeah, well I came up with the name! Lol
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from DXCrazytrain in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    Hey give credit where credit is due on this list!
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    Simonsays3 reacted to SpiderMana in Pulling the Strings (Nantex article up)   
    You can make jokes about literally anything that doesn’t invalidate or mock people simply for being different than you
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Covered in Weasels in Pulling the Strings (Nantex article up)   
    I expect ensnare will be quite expensive, probably increasing in price with higher initiative. My initial guess is around 8 points each at the low end and 16 points at the high end. That's very expensive, but I think it's reasonable -- Ensnare completely changes how the ship flies.
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Vector Strike in The Hyenas   
    Don't have much to add to the thread (my Hyenas haven't arrived because of distributor confusion), but I made this for fun

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    Simonsays3 reacted to ficklegreendice in The Hyenas   
    well I preordered 3, so there's my reason to use 3
    For only 1, probably the ESC probe carrier or 404 would serve you best
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    Simonsays3 reacted to MasterShake2 in What? No wave4 talk? No cool things to try and report?   
    That's why you use board edges to make them come at you from 90 degrees where you fly just as good if not better than anything else. Also I feel like you're really undervaluing movement from 4-5 straights or 3 hards combed with linked roll > calcs. You can actually meet most threats at high speed with just those tools.
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    Simonsays3 reacted to MasterShake2 in What? No wave4 talk? No cool things to try and report?   
    Lies of the Jedi, that's what!
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from SpiderMana in What? No wave4 talk? No cool things to try and report?   
    As an all in Separatist player, what are "banks"?
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    Simonsays3 reacted to MasterShake2 in What? No wave4 talk? No cool things to try and report?   
    Honestly, after getting used to droids, I don't miss the banks at all.  You just have to recontextualize how you approach situations.  I approach situations with droids wildly differently than anything else, but it's not "worse" it's just different and my success rate with droids has been a good bit higher than most other squdrons.
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Caimheul1313 in New Heavy Support article about the Clone Wars expansions   
    One note, they aren't 2x7 HP units, they are 2x3 +4 HP units (so 10 HP to start technically) since the shield tokens are shared between the models in the unit. I agree with the rest of your assessment though. 
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    Simonsays3 reacted to jcmonson in New Heavy Support article about the Clone Wars expansions   
    to me it looks like the shield covers the entire unit, not each individual model, so the total health would be 10 not 14.  I think this because there are only 4 shield tokens in the picture.
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from landoro in New Heavy Support article about the Clone Wars expansions   
    I think it might be a mistake to look at Droidekas as only 3 health, since those shield "dodges" basically function as health. So you really get 2x 7 hitpoint units that can then regenerate a percentage of that health and also have the highest speed in the game. Seems potent.

    But it'll depend on how easily you can get them up the field of course. The suppressive gun is a nice addition, as they can do extra work even if the damage output is low.

    Excited to see these guys (and the BARCs) in action!
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Boom Owl in why don't you play TIE swarms?   
    Tons of players run Tie-Swarm. Its been the 2nd best performing list in Hyperspace over a long period of time. Thanks Iden. 
    Its more difficult to play than Beef, but due to Gas Clouds its not actually that hard to use. 

    Outside of how inelegant Iden works mechanically it can actually be genuinely interesting to play against to.
    Both players just have to buckle up for a 75 min game ending at time. 
    I also think as far as its perception when players see it across the table from them they typically get a "sinking" feeling even if its similar to a # of other lists/archetypes.
    "I have to destroy all that? If I go in front of it I might lose? Thats not what I signed up for. I dont actually want to play X-Wing for 75 Minutes"
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    Simonsays3 reacted to TauntaunScout in Modeling for advantage   
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    Simonsays3 reacted to CaptainRocket in "Competitive" vs "Casual", are they really that different?   
    There is no hard line between competitive and casual, it's a continuum.
    This is a perfect example...

    Another thing to remember is that just like everybody thinks they are an 'above average driver', nobody will ever say they are 'too competitive'... oddly nobody is 'so casual' either that they don't try to win.
    In my experience folks have a mix of competitive and casual attributes. Some times and situations I am more or less competitive... and if you have a good balance and we're aligned on the expectations, then I'll probably enjoy playing you... if not... then... well shoot at least we're still playing Legion and players are hard to come by!
    Competitive behaviors in my opponent I enjoy:
    Being knowledgable about unit stats and cost efficiencies, meta templates and counters. Being able to talk about, appreciate, and use synergies.  Cleverly designed lists with clever jank or elegant efficiency. Trying hard to win within the rules and spirit of the game - don't tell me how you would win! Casual behaviors in my opponent I enjoy:
    Pew pew sounds and generally always pausing to appreciate the crazy narrative and thematic things that happen, "OMG can you believe how Vader was such a badass! makes light saber noises and pantomimes force choking" Reminding folks of things to consider before making their move. "Don't forget my guys here have range 4 so I will be able to fire on you if you go that far." Suggesting slightly more optimal choices to an opponent once their intent is clear. "Ok, if you're going there you could split fire..." Being explicit about intent when measuring and moving. "I wanna get line of sight to shoot at that unit, but I'm staying out of charge range of your Wookies." Beautifully thematic armies or lists. Competitive behaviors in my opponent I don't enjoy:
    Lack of appreciation or understanding for why I would choose to not optimize efficiency over theme/lore/jank/Timmy. No table talk appreciating the battle that is being played out by our fantasy toys. General lack of Star Wars lore knowledge or interest. Allowing minor but devastating play mistakes to pass without comment so they can be exploited in subsequent turns. As in, I say "Ok I'm gong move my Boba here behind this wall where there no LOS," then their turn they say "Aha, but you forgot to rotate the model so it points at your deployment zone, and I can actually see the tip of your barrel!" Unpainted units. Trick/skill dice rolling. Casual behaviors in my opponent I don't enjoy:
    Lack of appreciation or understanding for why I would choose to optimize efficiency over theme/lore. Complaining about how the rules/units don't fit lore. Complaining about tournaments. Analysis paralysis.  
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Djaskim609 in Suicide tank   
    This. I think you need to hang back with the tank and use its range 4 guns; that will give you the most bang for your buck. Use terrain to block this sides, and with the containers on, it can totally obscure a unit, such as death troopers. 
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from Djaskim609 in Suicide tank   
    I feel like the real question we need to be asking here is whether or not the snowies getting shot by all of those things outside of the tank would have faired any better. This is not to claim that the tank is the world best transport, but rather determine context. Transporting seems to do two things - it can move a unit up the board faster than it might normally, it can provide better defense with the combination of armor and red dice. The former is hard to deny, especially for a unit like snowies who only really need 2 units to survive the transport to make an impact. The latter can make a case for full scout trooper units, as their defense dice are bad but their offense good, making them a fairly decent transport target. This all comes at the cost of greater vulnerability - anything that can hurt the tank, can hurt it's occupants.

    There's a lot to be said as well for how the tank was used in the game - if Chewie is last/firsting the tank then what is the tank doing? If Chewie can hit it, it can hit chewie and chewie has far worse odds to live in that exchange. Also, did the other player have orders set up in such a way that the tank can deliver a unit in one activation and have that unit disembark and attack the next? If not, then why put anyone in the tank?

    Running into a proton charge also seems like a poor move by the tank as those things are specifically designed to affect vehicles. As noted above, the player basically doubled the value of the proton charge by letting it hit two units at once. We can save the listbuilding question for later (two rarer things showing up on opposite sides is a different discussion) but basically it seems like the tank wasn't used optimally.

    I'd argue that a range 4, 6 dice attack rolling 5-6 hits a shot that also has the strongest defensive abilities in the game thus far is still a good unit  
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    Simonsays3 reacted to nurglez in Dear Separatists: I <3 U   
    Took my vulture swarm to the UK nationals. Went 5-1, finishing 19th in swiss, 2nd best Separatist player
    couldnt make day 2 so had to drop from the cut

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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from DXCrazytrain in Bossk   
    I can appreciate that adding ATST mortar dice to an attack is underwhelming. Instead, I'd encourage you to look at the Mortar as part of an overall list instead, if only so you can feel some of the hype  

    You don't take the mortar for the dice. They're white dice. They'r terrible. Maybe you roll well and then woohoo for you, but on the whole they're not made for killing. But they are suppressive, and that's where it starts to fit in with the empire's emerging theme - suppression and action control.

    By adding another unit with "Suppressive" to the table, you can build a list entirely around panicking your opponent. Deathtroopers, Mortars, and Bossk, combined with normal fire from shoretroopers and DLTs can throw out a dizzying amount of suppression a turn and if you time your activations correctly, you can start selectively panicking things from the board. Pair with "Annihilation Looms" and Strict Orders and not only will your key units have full actions, they'll also be in a prime position to affect your opponent's activation order - do they leave that unit unactivated and risk it panicking, or do they move it now so at least it's not off the board or out in the open to get annihilated?

    Now if your hope was some sort of scatter fire thing like you might find in Warmahordes, you will probably be disappointed, as it seems like the development is steering clear of those mechanics (no true AOE's - everything is based on targeting a unit, regardless of nearby units). In which case, I'm sorry - it's never fun to expect A and get XYZ instead. 

    But hopefully you can at least get a feel for what the intent is for the game and get excited about that instead? Or do what I've been doing and run the ATST with the new pilot and have decent odds of wiping a unit from the board a turn. It's super fun  
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    Simonsays3 reacted to DewbackScout in Legion Paint Sets Announced on FFG Live!   
    Fail. No Dewback color in the Imperial set.
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from DXCrazytrain in Bossk   
    I think the intention is to make a suppression focused army, so between 3 ewebs with the generator, mortars, bossk, and DTs, you can throw out an insane amount of suppression in a given round. If you pick your targets carefully you can threaten multiple panics in one round with enough suppressive on the field. That seems potent.
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    Simonsays3 got a reaction from Savate in Magnetizing the Occupier?   
    I magnetized both the pindles, the boxes, and the driver dude (mostly for fun). Pics can be found on the SW: Legion FB page, from 4/27.

    The boxes attach to the back of the tank - it's a small thing but makes it feel more legit  
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    Simonsays3 reacted to Red Castle in Imperial Heavy list   
    I only have 2 sniper teams... if I have 10 activations, it would be 4 Storm, 1 E-Web, 2 Sniper, Officer, AT-ST and Tank. What I'm pondering about is if dropping either one Storm or the E-Web to upgrade the officer to Veers is worth it.
    Good point about not really needing 10 activations if I can kill more from my opponents...
    Maybe I could drop the fourth Stormtrooper unit instead of the E-Web to upgrade the officer to Veers. I personnally like bringing an E-Web to the table, it got decent firepower and health so I like it to take/protect objective. Something like this:
    Veers with Esteemed Leader
    Stormtrooper with one more trooper
    Stormtrooper with R4 Astromech Droid
    E-Web Heavy Blaster Team
    Scout Troopers Strike Team with DLT-19x
    Scout Troopers Strike Team with DLT-19x
    AT-ST with Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot, 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon and DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher
    TX-225 Occupier Assault Tank with Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot and RT-97C Rifle Pintle
    799 points
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