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  1. Ran the following Sun Fac list yesterday and with a bid, it is mean: Sun Fac (54) Ensnare (24) Predator (2) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: NaN Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 DFS-311 (23) Ship total: 23 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z357X248W127Y279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY337XWW&sn=Sun Fac Swarm&obs= I had the bid each time so that helped a ton but the Nantex's ability to either draw fire or setup the swarm is legendary. It doesn't want to get shot at though and it's super vulnerable at range. The damaged engine crit is catastrophic to it but if you fly it right you can handle a whole lot of the field. Biggest challenge was planning the arcs correctly as you have to sort of think sideways with it - I turned "away" from a lot of things just to tractor barrel in and move them places. Honestly, Sun Fac's offense is secondary to his real utility - dishing out tractors to high init aces. Excited to try this thing more! Will definitely drop predator though - rarely came up and I'd prefer more of a bid.
  2. Hey give credit where credit is due on this list!
  3. Having come from imp swarms of great variety, I get challenges with the brain shift. My adepticon run was tie swarm in extended to vulture swarm in hyperspace and hoo boy did that flop But having gotten more time with the droids, I'll say that the straight into hard-turns with a barrel/calc to adjust the whole group has been a fascinating new way to look at swarms. They play so differently and have arguably better tools to set the location of the opening engagement that I haven't really been missing the banks. At least not when trading them for 5-8 range 3 3-dice attacks with a free crit attached
  4. As an all in Separatist player, what are "banks"?
  5. I think it might be a mistake to look at Droidekas as only 3 health, since those shield "dodges" basically function as health. So you really get 2x 7 hitpoint units that can then regenerate a percentage of that health and also have the highest speed in the game. Seems potent. But it'll depend on how easily you can get them up the field of course. The suppressive gun is a nice addition, as they can do extra work even if the damage output is low. Excited to see these guys (and the BARCs) in action!
  6. Had a good run with a sloane reaper paired with a howl/iden swarm (those two plus 3 academies) but since I run primarily hyperspace and sloane's not legal....CIS swarms for me instead But while I do think that it's a strong list against just about everything, it has a high-skill floor so it takes a whole bunch of reps for new players to get used to it and players who only ever fly 2-3 ships will struggle to get it to do the same of thing. With practice you get down a good rhythm and you only burn your brain when you're in the scrum, but with practice your approach is fairly straight-forward and asks a really tough question of your opponent - can you handle 6-7 double-modded shots and not die? If the answer is no, you better not land in front of my swarm. Of course it's also frustrating when you blank out twice on howlrunner's defense dice or re-roll blanks into blanks but welcome to X-wing. I'd rather have 6 attempts with my list than 1-2 attempts with a ace ship. Missing a 2-dice attack is annoying - missing a proton torp shot can actually lose the game for you
  7. I feel like the real question we need to be asking here is whether or not the snowies getting shot by all of those things outside of the tank would have faired any better. This is not to claim that the tank is the world best transport, but rather determine context. Transporting seems to do two things - it can move a unit up the board faster than it might normally, it can provide better defense with the combination of armor and red dice. The former is hard to deny, especially for a unit like snowies who only really need 2 units to survive the transport to make an impact. The latter can make a case for full scout trooper units, as their defense dice are bad but their offense good, making them a fairly decent transport target. This all comes at the cost of greater vulnerability - anything that can hurt the tank, can hurt it's occupants. There's a lot to be said as well for how the tank was used in the game - if Chewie is last/firsting the tank then what is the tank doing? If Chewie can hit it, it can hit chewie and chewie has far worse odds to live in that exchange. Also, did the other player have orders set up in such a way that the tank can deliver a unit in one activation and have that unit disembark and attack the next? If not, then why put anyone in the tank? Running into a proton charge also seems like a poor move by the tank as those things are specifically designed to affect vehicles. As noted above, the player basically doubled the value of the proton charge by letting it hit two units at once. We can save the listbuilding question for later (two rarer things showing up on opposite sides is a different discussion) but basically it seems like the tank wasn't used optimally. I'd argue that a range 4, 6 dice attack rolling 5-6 hits a shot that also has the strongest defensive abilities in the game thus far is still a good unit
  8. Yeah 90% of my SW knowledge is old canon stuff so now I just rely on the internet and other fans to tell me what's true I know they were Tatooine native in old canon for sure, but with the new stuff, idk if it's ever been confirmed. Still seems kind of funny that they'd have troopers specifically trained in Dewbacks if it's 1 planet only.
  9. Can we take a minute to appreciate how @Stormtrooper721's favorite Star Wars weapon is not any of the myriad of unique "Star Wars specific" things like light-based weapons or iconic blasters, but a semi-obscure repeating rifle from A New Hope? This is not a knock, I'm just genuinely happy that such a small detail can give you that much joy 😄 I'm personally stoked about getting Dewbacks in the game, as it's a fascinating aspect of the GCW that doesn't really get explored elsewhere (are Dewbacks native to Tatooine? Did they bring them in from offworld? Do they have livestock for this purpose on board imperial cruisers? Or are there troopers specifically trained on how to ride various beast of burden on different worlds?), so I can appreciate. Nothing else to add, just enjoying another fan's excitement - carry on!
  10. I can appreciate that adding ATST mortar dice to an attack is underwhelming. Instead, I'd encourage you to look at the Mortar as part of an overall list instead, if only so you can feel some of the hype You don't take the mortar for the dice. They're white dice. They'r terrible. Maybe you roll well and then woohoo for you, but on the whole they're not made for killing. But they are suppressive, and that's where it starts to fit in with the empire's emerging theme - suppression and action control. By adding another unit with "Suppressive" to the table, you can build a list entirely around panicking your opponent. Deathtroopers, Mortars, and Bossk, combined with normal fire from shoretroopers and DLTs can throw out a dizzying amount of suppression a turn and if you time your activations correctly, you can start selectively panicking things from the board. Pair with "Annihilation Looms" and Strict Orders and not only will your key units have full actions, they'll also be in a prime position to affect your opponent's activation order - do they leave that unit unactivated and risk it panicking, or do they move it now so at least it's not off the board or out in the open to get annihilated? Now if your hope was some sort of scatter fire thing like you might find in Warmahordes, you will probably be disappointed, as it seems like the development is steering clear of those mechanics (no true AOE's - everything is based on targeting a unit, regardless of nearby units). In which case, I'm sorry - it's never fun to expect A and get XYZ instead. But hopefully you can at least get a feel for what the intent is for the game and get excited about that instead? Or do what I've been doing and run the ATST with the new pilot and have decent odds of wiping a unit from the board a turn. It's super fun
  11. I think the intention is to make a suppression focused army, so between 3 ewebs with the generator, mortars, bossk, and DTs, you can throw out an insane amount of suppression in a given round. If you pick your targets carefully you can threaten multiple panics in one round with enough suppressive on the field. That seems potent.
  12. I magnetized both the pindles, the boxes, and the driver dude (mostly for fun). Pics can be found on the SW: Legion FB page, from 4/27. The boxes attach to the back of the tank - it's a small thing but makes it feel more legit
  13. Totally get not having/wanting to get the pieces for snipers/repair droids. I'm in the same boat as I have no interest in painting another squad of scouts, nor additional specialists I've always had great success with Veers between his stellar command cards and his abilities. Spotter is so incredibly strong in empire, and doubly so if you've got two big guns - it's hard to justify leaving at home. The big question you'll want to answer is what problem are your two heavies solving/what question are they asking your opponent? Since they're the focus of the list, you'd want to build around that. I like making my opponent answer questions, so I lean towards - "Can you safely ignore two vehicles throwing 6+ dice at range 4 while I capture objectives?" In that case I'd keep 2 snipers (cuz they're just dead useful in every list) and add another naked stormie unit instead. I'd keep 1 or 2 repair droids around to make it even more miserable to shoot at the big guys and then just be super cautious advancing my stormies to objectives, while raining death from above with the heavies. Not that it'll happen super often but the threat of a heavy wiping a unit from the board in a single shot asks a very hard question for your opponent so use that to create space for your stormtroopers to get to the objectives. So with that in mind, you don't need 10 activations as long as you make sure to remove an activation per round from your opponent
  14. I'd go a different track and commit on 9 activations instead. Had good success with the 88 TLBC and Mortar (always rolling 9 dice) so I'd recommend keeping that. Basically you're relying on your Heavies to do the majority of the lifting so why not make sure they have the support they need: Commanders: - General Veers (80) + Strict Orders (5) = 85 Corps: - 3x Stormtroopers (44) + R4 Astromech Droid (9) = 159 Special Forces: - 3x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 132 Heavy: - AT-ST (195) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) = 235 - Assault Tank (155) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + DLT-19 Rifle Pintle (18) = 183 Total: 794/800
  15. Had a nice detailed response, then it got lost to the refresh gods 😥 Highlights - not a law thread, low odds on anyone here being a copyright lawyer, exact configs are different from general shapes, sort of a silly thread, let people have their toys.
  16. @TauntaunScout said it best, so not much point in discussing further but seriously folks, you can't copyright shapes otherwise the owner of a cube would be a billionaire. Not really worried about Disney's copyright in any way shape or form, for all of the reasons already listed just like I'm not worried about other organization's ability to create themed ships/models
  17. Hey everyone! I've been enamored with our big beefy friend since the start of the game and while it has underperformed consistently for me since, I believe that now is the time! I've got two lists I'm trying to decide between for this weekend and would love the community's thoughts. LIST 1 - Veers ATST Efficiency Spam Commanders: - General Veers (80) + Strict Orders (5) = 85 Corps: - 4x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 272 - Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 73 Special Forces: - 3x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 132 Heavy: - AT-ST (195) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) = 235 Total: 797/800 Commands: - Maximum Firepower (1) - Ambush (1) - Push (2) - Pinned Down (2) - Assault (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) Objectives: - Breakthrough - Key Positions - Sabotage Moisture Vaporators - Intercept Transmissions Deployments: - Advanced Positions - Major Offensive - The Long March - Battle Lines Conditions: - Clear Conditions - Rapid Reinforcements - Minefield - Hostile Environment The goal of this list is to run a standard Veers list with a big scary distraction that can nuke units off the map. Basically the ATST bullies one side of the field while the rest of the group gets work done. It's got 10 activations, everyone has the bits that make them good, and we've even got a little bit of Annihilation Looms counterplay with Strict Orders. Downside is there's no melee protection and the flamers are a bit of an after thought. Plus no room for medic, so double sad. Small downside is also that I don't own 3 strike teams and don't really want to, so there's that as well. LIST 2 - Veers ATST Specialists Commanders: - General Veers (80) + Strict Orders (5) = 85 Corps: - 3x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 204 - Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 73 Special Forces: - Imperial Royal Guards (75) + Electrostaff Guard (25) + Tenacity (4) + Environmental Gear (3) = 107 - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) + Recon Intel (2) = 92 Heavy: - AT-ST (195) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) = 235 Total: 796/800 Commands: - Maximum Firepower (1) - Ambush (1) - Push (2) - Pinned Down (2) - Assault (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) Objectives: - Breakthrough - Key Positions - Sabotage Moisture Vaporators - Intercept Transmissions Deployments: - Advanced Positions - Major Offensive - The Long March - Battle Lines Conditions: - Clear Conditions - Rapid Reinforcements - Minefield - Hostile Environment Obviously on this one we lose an activation, which is huge, but we lose it to add in IRGs, which gives us that Luke/melee protection along with general protection against troublesome Range 4 shots. I ran a version of this earlier (swapping flamers for R4 storms) and it did an excellent job controlling the field, with it only losing oomph when I misplayed some sniper activations towards the end of the match. ATST was a rockstar and I think the Hammer is what finally pushes it into the "good" territory. Anything caught in the open gets eliminated and even cover can only do so much against 7+ hits. Any thoughts?
  18. The desktop version does now have maneuvers. Haven't tried the app yet.
  19. Man, I wanna face ya'lls opponents. Half of the time my opponent's white dice roll the evades they need to take 0 damage - red dice seem nightmarish. Armor backed by red dice seems scary to me no matter how you slice it. Plus, shooting it with snipers seems really inefficient - you're spending 4-8 activations to hopefully remove 155 points and potentially wipe 1 squad in the process? I know if that was my tank, I'd be happy with that trade. Not only does that free up my usual high priority units to handle objectives/shoot, but also you're visible to the tank. It can shoot back at Range 4. No surges, but it's not strictly an armored transport. And if it does actually have a DLT turret upgrade, it can pull double duty. Maybe I'm using snipers wrong - aren't you using them to hit high value targets like commanders? Burning them on a tank just seems wasteful to me. I can see it more against the speeder as that is guaranteed to carry something interesting but a tank carrying some flamers is going to take far too long to destroy before they're up in your free, likely suppression free. But hey, I never claimed to be any good at this game so maybe I'll just have fun transporting stuff and ya'll will have fun shooting it and we get to be little kids again
  20. My apologies, thank you for clarifying my post - I've updated accordingly
  21. After some ruminations, I think the part I like best about transporting units with the tank is that it allows you to limit the amount of damage the unit can take. Each shot, no matter many dice rolled, deals a maximum of 1 to the transported unit. That means a 6 unit squad can survive 6 rounds of shooting before dying at minimum. And it only takes damage if the tank takes damage. So you need damage to get through armor and then for the take to fail it's save. That's pretty great odds of survival and ensures that the unit you're delivering makes it to where it's going relatively unscathed. And with the tank's speed (large oblong base looks like it can book!) you won't need to double-move with it often, so even when a unit disembarks, most of the time it'll still get to take it's second action. Fill this thing with snowtroopers, roll up to an entrenched infantry position, and then unload them into your opponent's face. It seems really versatile and I'm excited to see how it gets used. The same excitement holds for the speeder as well - compulsory move let's the speeder be action efficient while also protecting high value targets. I can't think of a reason you wouldn't stuff leia inside the speeder and cart her around the field dishing out tokens and effects with her boss command cards. Take a turn to get her orbital bombardment and then protect her with a high speed transport the rest of the game. Seems good
  22. Plural doesn't really come into play on this, as the command card effect has no limiter. One of the cardinal rules of game systems is do what the card says, not what it doesn't say. At no point in the command cards wording does say "you may only pass this token once" or "once per round". So we have established that each time an aim token is spent by a corp unit, it may then get passed to another friendly unit at range 1-2. The rules also allow you to spend as many aim tokens as you have to re-roll dice (Rules Reference Pg 13). Each token spent is a separate instance (spend an aim token and re-roll up to 2 dice), which then triggers the command card effect, which then lets you pass an aim token. If you only have 1 aim token, you have nothing else to pass so the dice mods end. But if you have another aim token, you can spend it, which lets you re-roll up to 2 dice, which then triggers the command card, etc. Without qualifiers like "once per round" or even "1 or more" there are no limits to the amount of tokens you can pass. If you had 300 aim tokens, with the current wording on the cards, you could spend 300 of them and pass those 300 out to any/all friendly units within Range 1-2. It is ridiculous and seems like an obvious loophole but RAW it all fits. If FFG deems it a problem, they'll update the appropriate documents to change it, but for now you can pass as many aim tokens as you can spend.
  23. I've been looking at this kind of list as well and I get torn on a few items. Specifically, I struggle with whether and officer is more/less effective than say an E-web. To wit, I've been looking at something like this very closely: Vader Test - Darth Vader (200) + Saber Throw (10) + Force Push (10) + Force Choke (5) = 225 Corps: - 2x Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Imperial Officer (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 186 - 2x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 136 Special Forces: - Imperial Royal Guards (75) + Electrostaff Guard (25) + Tenacity (4) = 104 - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) + Recon Intel (2) = 92 Support: - E-Web Heavy Blaster Team (55) = 55 Total: 798/800 Commands: - Implacable (1) - Ambush (1) - New Ways to Motivate Them (2) - Push (2) - Master of Evil (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) But I'm not sure if it works better/worse with an officer in back. The extra 5 points aren't really gamechangers, since we can't quite get up to another DLT squad without hurting the effectiveness of the Snowies (really relying on them to do work). What specifically do you expect the officer to do for you? Cuz that's what I'm struggling with currently - not sure what it will be doing. At the least the e-web will be throwing lots of dice at things
  24. Guess it's to focus on narrative play. I mean, it's your table, you're free to run it with any faction you like of course But if you want to be "official", it's a Rebel v Imperial thing.
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