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  1. Simonsays3

    the new tank

    Man, I wanna face ya'lls opponents. Half of the time my opponent's white dice roll the evades they need to take 0 damage - red dice seem nightmarish. Armor backed by red dice seems scary to me no matter how you slice it. Plus, shooting it with snipers seems really inefficient - you're spending 4-8 activations to hopefully remove 155 points and potentially wipe 1 squad in the process? I know if that was my tank, I'd be happy with that trade. Not only does that free up my usual high priority units to handle objectives/shoot, but also you're visible to the tank. It can shoot back at Range 4. No surges, but it's not strictly an armored transport. And if it does actually have a DLT turret upgrade, it can pull double duty. Maybe I'm using snipers wrong - aren't you using them to hit high value targets like commanders? Burning them on a tank just seems wasteful to me. I can see it more against the speeder as that is guaranteed to carry something interesting but a tank carrying some flamers is going to take far too long to destroy before they're up in your free, likely suppression free. But hey, I never claimed to be any good at this game so maybe I'll just have fun transporting stuff and ya'll will have fun shooting it and we get to be little kids again
  2. Simonsays3

    Coordinated Fire - 32 free aim tokens? yes please

    My apologies, thank you for clarifying my post - I've updated accordingly
  3. Simonsays3

    the new tank

    After some ruminations, I think the part I like best about transporting units with the tank is that it allows you to limit the amount of damage the unit can take. Each shot, no matter many dice rolled, deals a maximum of 1 to the transported unit. That means a 6 unit squad can survive 6 rounds of shooting before dying at minimum. And it only takes damage if the tank takes damage. So you need damage to get through armor and then for the take to fail it's save. That's pretty great odds of survival and ensures that the unit you're delivering makes it to where it's going relatively unscathed. And with the tank's speed (large oblong base looks like it can book!) you won't need to double-move with it often, so even when a unit disembarks, most of the time it'll still get to take it's second action. Fill this thing with snowtroopers, roll up to an entrenched infantry position, and then unload them into your opponent's face. It seems really versatile and I'm excited to see how it gets used. The same excitement holds for the speeder as well - compulsory move let's the speeder be action efficient while also protecting high value targets. I can't think of a reason you wouldn't stuff leia inside the speeder and cart her around the field dishing out tokens and effects with her boss command cards. Take a turn to get her orbital bombardment and then protect her with a high speed transport the rest of the game. Seems good
  4. Simonsays3

    Coordinated Fire - 32 free aim tokens? yes please

    Plural doesn't really come into play on this, as the command card effect has no limiter. One of the cardinal rules of game systems is do what the card says, not what it doesn't say. At no point in the command cards wording does say "you may only pass this token once" or "once per round". So we have established that each time an aim token is spent by a corp unit, it may then get passed to another friendly unit at range 1-2. The rules also allow you to spend as many aim tokens as you have to re-roll dice (Rules Reference Pg 13). Each token spent is a separate instance (spend an aim token and re-roll up to 2 dice), which then triggers the command card effect, which then lets you pass an aim token. If you only have 1 aim token, you have nothing else to pass so the dice mods end. But if you have another aim token, you can spend it, which lets you re-roll up to 2 dice, which then triggers the command card, etc. Without qualifiers like "once per round" or even "1 or more" there are no limits to the amount of tokens you can pass. If you had 300 aim tokens, with the current wording on the cards, you could spend 300 of them and pass those 300 out to any/all friendly units within Range 1-2. It is ridiculous and seems like an obvious loophole but RAW it all fits. If FFG deems it a problem, they'll update the appropriate documents to change it, but for now you can pass as many aim tokens as you can spend.
  5. Simonsays3

    Vader with IRG + Imperial Officer - Thoughts?

    I've been looking at this kind of list as well and I get torn on a few items. Specifically, I struggle with whether and officer is more/less effective than say an E-web. To wit, I've been looking at something like this very closely: Vader Test - Darth Vader (200) + Saber Throw (10) + Force Push (10) + Force Choke (5) = 225 Corps: - 2x Snowtroopers (48) + Flametrooper (20) + Imperial Officer (20) + Fragmentation Grenades (5) = 186 - 2x Stormtroopers (44) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) = 136 Special Forces: - Imperial Royal Guards (75) + Electrostaff Guard (25) + Tenacity (4) = 104 - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) + Recon Intel (2) = 92 Support: - E-Web Heavy Blaster Team (55) = 55 Total: 798/800 Commands: - Implacable (1) - Ambush (1) - New Ways to Motivate Them (2) - Push (2) - Master of Evil (3) - Coordinated Fire (3) - Standing Orders (4) But I'm not sure if it works better/worse with an officer in back. The extra 5 points aren't really gamechangers, since we can't quite get up to another DLT squad without hurting the effectiveness of the Snowies (really relying on them to do work). What specifically do you expect the officer to do for you? Cuz that's what I'm struggling with currently - not sure what it will be doing. At the least the e-web will be throwing lots of dice at things
  6. Guess it's to focus on narrative play. I mean, it's your table, you're free to run it with any faction you like of course But if you want to be "official", it's a Rebel v Imperial thing.
  7. Simonsays3

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

  8. Simonsays3

    New units spoilers

    I was sort of disappointed with the sculpt as well. Not because it looks bad necessarily, but because the artwork from the card and the box look so much cooler so like you I keep thinking "awww man that could have been sweet!" For what it's worth it was still fun to paint. Not sure why but I dig imperial officer uniforms and would love to see more variants on the table.
  9. Simonsays3

    800 Veers

    I like the idea, I just wonder if you'd be better served dropping the extra troopers and getting another DLT unit in there. If you drop Environmental Gear and bonus trooper on the Stormies, you can fit another DLT unit, bringing you up to 11 activations. That seems pretty potent, especially with the level of trooper removal and impact you have. Do you find you often need the Environmental Gear?
  10. Simonsays3

    Easiest faction?

    But you're still paying full price for all of those toys. Has your listbuilding been held back because you haven't been able to fit 4 Wookie Warriors? I know it hasn't really come up on the imperial side for me at least - I'm already scraping for points to get the tools I want plus protection for them so Palp allowing a free RGs for FA has been more of a bell/whistle versus a fundamental shift in listbuilding. Maybe that'll be different with Krennic and Deathtroopers. TBH it'll be hard not to include RGs in every list with squishy commanders because Luke is still a freaking monster but I guess out of all of the features, this seems like the least interesting one to hone in on. I've found Rebel activation spam backed up by the Wonder Twins is a fairly simple list to play that handles a HUGE variety of threats on the board - sure my 68 point DLTs are better but Rebels can fit more z6s to control activation flow. That's a fairly easy thing for newer players to understand - I get to do stuff with 12 things while you only get to do things with 8. Plus all the semi-required upgrades on the imperial side can lead into sunk-costs pretty quick "need to protect my flamers/DLTs so better add on those extra troopers. And now that I've got 4 corp units and my commander plus entourage, I can put A force upgrade on Palp!" It feels like the empire has tougher choices to make in listbuilding - lots of ways to cover threats but they all require investment and that can get complicated. Rebels in general feel like they can handle all-comers more effectively so I'd probably lean towards them being easier for a new player.
  11. Simonsays3

    3 Big Guys and 15 Buckets

    "I find your lack of Force Reflexes Disturbing" For reals, you really need the Commanders to do work and I'd worry about them surviving if your opponent decides to ignore the troopers and concentrate fire on Palp or Vader. Especially if you're not running RGs, there's not much you'll be able to do to keep Palpatine alive and he needs to stay alive to get to the 1-2 range danger zone. Any long range units will hone in on your guys and whittle them down with relative impunity. I love the idea of having all 3 in there, but I'd just be so sad to see palp die like a punk on turn 2 before he got anywhere interesting. I played a Vader/Palp game last night with RGs and 3x DLTs. Granted it was a bit of a janky game - opponent had twin ATSTs but that death ball did serious work and FR was a huge deterrent. My opponent opted to just shoot the RGs instead, which gave 'ol Sheev the space to get up the board and nuke 2 units out of existence. He died turn 4, but then vader was free to cut things up. It definitely has bad matchups but a few tweaks to up their survivability and I think you'll have something good there.
  12. Simonsays3

    The 4th IRG

    I've liked the 4th as an extension of it's tarpit function - it's yet another model that can either soak up wounds, lock down units/commanders in melee, or (on occasion) eliminate a high value target from the board. If you're looking to cut points and you only need them to grab more than a few points of damage from a commander, you'd probably be better off with Esteemed Leader and some stormies. As is, I always find the first two pieces the most valuable part so the 4th is stapled on the to the unit for me. Plus the Palpatine synergy is so good, it almost always makes the investment worth it.
  13. The short answer to this is that meta's take time to develop, especially when we have all of this new stuff to sort through and if you're going to a tournament to win, would you take the risk on 5 Kasdkjasldkjasldjasdjaskdj or just fly that tie swarm or Aces list that you know works well? As is, I do think Kaqs;dlkasldk;asldk;asl are a good 3 dice platform for scum at close to a great cost. 3 of them for 120 gives you some good options and the swarm version (3x kaskjaskdkasdj, 2x quads, and 1x MG tie or z95) seems decent. Just pairing them with Fenn isn't a terrible idea, though as noted they get PS killed and can get focused down quickly if you're not careful. With that in mind, if they dropped a few points it wouldn't be the end of the world and could open up some interesting partners. Quads are likely to go up, while z95s should probably go down (paying extra points for slots is still dumb and losing an init to boot is just salt in the wound), so if generic scum swarms start to make headway, you'd have room to play with. Drea has the potential to bust them wide open if they get too cheap - if players start to figure out better ways to use her, I could see Kasldnjaskldjlasdjlaskdjlaskj becoming a thing. 3 attack dice backed up by 6 health is nothing to sniff at. PS - yes I know I could just learn how to the spell the ships name but at this point I've committed to "K-hit a bunch of keys" and I don't want to change. I recommend trying it - it's a lot of fun
  14. Simonsays3

    Dewback Attack!

    This is exactly what I want - not too concerned with abilities and whatnot but that layout makes total sense. Maybe be the time to introduce some sort of creature rule (courage value for vehicles? something to simulate the wild creature - maybe they can panic but don't lose actions to suppression?). Get these beautiful models on the table so we can recreate the Battle of Pelennor Fields but in Star Wars. Do it FFG!
  15. Simonsays3

    Are people on eBay insane?

    Pricing for hobby games on eBay is a fascinating study - I've had unpainted, unassembled minis go for above MSRP while fully painted/based models of decent quality are getting ignored at half MSRP (not an ace painter by any means but my stuff looks complete). I've also had bits of promo pieces go for outrageous sums - the alt art Darth Vader movie still sold for nearly $100 which is pure insanity. But as with any kind of elastic good, an object is worth what your audience is willing to pay. if someone decides a piece of cardboard with a weirdly cropped picture of Darth Vader is worth $100, who I am to judge? Gotta afford this hobby somehow I can agree with the general idea that no piece of terrain is worth a full $800 to me, but maybe there's someone out there with a boat load of money who's looking for that perfect piece. When it comes to "commissioned art" $800 ain't that bad. It does look good, so props to the maker. Not saying I would personally spend that much on any piece of terrain, but the market do as it do. I would be curious to hear how those who paint minis for cash make money on the deal. The hours invested in each model would suggest either a highly inflated price or an undervalued piece of art - anyone willing to share their math? As is, until someone is willing to pay for my paint job at a rate that matches my hourly work rate, I'll stick with my day job 😀