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  1. I guess I'm just still excited for him anyways, especially if the command cards let him scalpel out key units (like commanders or jedi). Plus it gives another unit option so we can turn a dooku into 2-3 activations, which is nice.
  2. I'm wondering if it'll show up on one of his command cards. Seems crazy that he wouldn't have it.
  3. I know I'm personally okay with it, because these new snipers seem very strong. Especially in factions with either very good order control and token sharing. Plus there's also good reason to actually take the full SF unit, which is a nice change of pace from the GCW
  4. Maybe I'm over-valuing steady cuz the shooting between LOS blockers things (combined with jump, one of the best movement keywords in the game) seems super strong and solves for the white defense dice. Plus 6 health feels like enough of a buffer for the situations where you do end up taking shots. Or at least that's what I'm seeing.
  5. Are we actually arguing that steady on a 4 black dice surge to hit hero with speed 2 and jump is not good? I'm trying to sort out how that's bad and I'm coming up short. Can someone explain it to me like I'm 5? All I'm seeing is him moving between LOS blockers, shoot out 4 dice pierce shots while taking zero shots in between because of steady. Let me know what I'm missing!
  6. Agree on everything except boarding. not because the idea isn't fun, but consulting an unrelated chart to resolve a thing got a bit tedious 😄 But you're absolutely right, the BGs and formation setup was cool and made it actually feel like large scale battles. Frankly, it felt more like what I wanted out of SW Armada than what we actually got. Plus, I don't care who you are, rolling buckets of dice is a party! Do you still have all of your stuff or did you cash out once Spartan Games folded?
  7. Got into both and was impressed with how much HGC felt like a video game. The reaction system was honestly innovative and solved the "my unit got destroyed before it could activate" issue that you can run into with these games. Seriously an underrated game system, just a shame the company was managed so poorly. Still got my HFB stuff and every once and ahwile it's fun to pull them out and do big 'ol fleet stuff. If anyone wants to see what the actual minis game looked like, they'll be at Adepticon. And the community has been doing some dynamite work 3d printing new units to fill in the gaps.
  8. Agree that the gun was made in the worst possible way. I know the canon version has that weak center joint, but FFG no one is going to care if you beef it up so it doesn't break. And I stuck the antennas on the left shoulder blade area - it seems to be molded to fit the rounded shoulder. Or at least the super glue I used made it fit
  9. Not sure if this will help anyone, but I had the most success splitting the sprues into similar sets and constructing from there. It let me not only keep better track of the various droid poses, but also let me do a number of the same pieces in a row so I could fumble on the first one and then have a good method sorted out for the other 4-8. I was using super glue (cuz I'm crazy) but I was also using a toothpick for delicate application and it solved a lot of the "gluing my fingers together" issues and increased accuracy. In order, I'd do the following: 1. Manually remove all but the gun arms and torsos, using the tried and true friction method 2. Cut out the top and bottom of the torso, taking care with the fragile neck 3. Cut out the bottom sprue frame on the gun arms (carefully, as the gun is also fragile) and then frictioning out the whole piece 4. I'd sort the pieces into piles for each droids and lay it out roughly in order (head pieces by head, torso by torso, arms by arms, etc) 5. Glue the head together, then glue the arm pieces together 6. Remove the sprues from the torso (again taking care with the neck) and gluing the backpack (or antenna) to the torso. 7. Glue the legs to the torso and then glue the legs to base 8. Glue the head on each 9. Dab glue on the contact points for the arms and then fit the glued arm/gun combo. Since I'm using super glue, the arms were quite resilient to bending and provided nice friction until the glue set 10. Glue any remaining bits (extra guns usually) I could do a sprue in about 10-15 minutes with this method and again, since I was doing the same thing over and over again, I got faster with each sprue. While I had already assembled one set of b1s from the core previously, the other two only took me about 2 hours all said and done. Droidekas are a whole separate thing, but once you're in there assembling, it starting to make logical sense and there weren't any crazy fragile contact points like you get on some models. Feel free to PM with additional questions!
  10. Ran the following Sun Fac list yesterday and with a bid, it is mean: Sun Fac (54) Ensnare (24) Predator (2) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: NaN Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Ship total: 19 Half Points: 10 Threshold: 2 DFS-311 (23) Ship total: 23 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z357X248W127Y279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY279XWWY337XWW&sn=Sun Fac Swarm&obs= I had the bid each time so that helped a ton but the Nantex's ability to either draw fire or setup the swarm is legendary. It doesn't want to get shot at though and it's super vulnerable at range. The damaged engine crit is catastrophic to it but if you fly it right you can handle a whole lot of the field. Biggest challenge was planning the arcs correctly as you have to sort of think sideways with it - I turned "away" from a lot of things just to tractor barrel in and move them places. Honestly, Sun Fac's offense is secondary to his real utility - dishing out tractors to high init aces. Excited to try this thing more! Will definitely drop predator though - rarely came up and I'd prefer more of a bid.
  11. Hey give credit where credit is due on this list!
  12. Having come from imp swarms of great variety, I get challenges with the brain shift. My adepticon run was tie swarm in extended to vulture swarm in hyperspace and hoo boy did that flop But having gotten more time with the droids, I'll say that the straight into hard-turns with a barrel/calc to adjust the whole group has been a fascinating new way to look at swarms. They play so differently and have arguably better tools to set the location of the opening engagement that I haven't really been missing the banks. At least not when trading them for 5-8 range 3 3-dice attacks with a free crit attached
  13. As an all in Separatist player, what are "banks"?
  14. I think it might be a mistake to look at Droidekas as only 3 health, since those shield "dodges" basically function as health. So you really get 2x 7 hitpoint units that can then regenerate a percentage of that health and also have the highest speed in the game. Seems potent. But it'll depend on how easily you can get them up the field of course. The suppressive gun is a nice addition, as they can do extra work even if the damage output is low. Excited to see these guys (and the BARCs) in action!
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