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  1. Hi all - the "opponent" here I would view the outcome as a reduction of 1 damage because: When a temporary fortification/marker is "breached" by a bombardment etc - it's not actually breached, it's destroyed. Therefore the "effects on all its border segments are nullified" line is referring to its destroyed state, not its breached state. So when under attack from THs and not destroyed/removed, but treated as breached - there's no reason to suppose that state is any different to a permanant fort's breached state. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Hi all, My friend and I are new HH players, and have encountered a potential rules issue/ambiguity, and we hope someone can help! When an area with a temporary fortification marker is attacked by forces including flying units, do the defending units subtract one from the total of regular damage in each of the attacker’s active iterations? Or do they not get any reduction? The reasoning for this question being – a fortified area/border attacked by flying units is “to be treated as breached for as long as those flying units remain embattled”… and in the case of a temporary fortification marker, a “breach” results in removal of the marker… So is a temporary fortification under flying attacked treated as a breached (permanent) fortification, or a “breached” temporary fort (i.e has no effect)? Jon
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