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  1. Hi, Ive recently picked up the core game and a few expansions and have been playing with my other half. As we dont know of any other players in the area to point out our mistakes I was hoping you guys could answer/clarify a few things for us: 1- Do upgrade cards last through out the game or are they single use per game for example r2d2, adrenalin, proton torpedoes, marksmanship, determination. 2- When using the tie bomber and rolling for damage on ships within range 1, does this include rolling for damage on the bomber itself? 3- Can secondary weapons be used each turn? 4- How does using the target lock on primary weapons differ from using it on secondary weapons? 5- Does dropping bombs count as its secondary weapon? 6 and finally, critical damage cards, if the damage reduces either your agility or pilot skill does this last for the rest of the game? and, the action 'roll 1 attack die, on a hit result flip this card face down, is this done the same round, or is it done each round and on the score of a hit the effect on pilot skill or agility is nullified? Thanks very much in advance, it really is apprechiated. Cheers Mattinthehat
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