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  1. This seems unlikely. I'm not actually sure what they use but I just don't believe they're resin.
  2. I think it's setup for the next movie. Things like that tend to have repercussions. It's easy and cheap to take something good and pick at every little flaw until it looks bad and call it smart satire. All those honest trailers and reviews are just people scoring cheap laughs using other people's creativity. It's old, over, tired. Confusing being negative with being smart. The time honored response to any and all criticism. I actually find both of those mostly display a ton of reverence for a lot of the movies they cover. Its pretty obvious in both cases which movies they like and which they do not. The point is that listing a series of details and/or mistakes doesn't actually do anything in proving or disproving the quality of a film.
  3. Yeah, it did, but it didn't hold any weight in the movie. It's like "the emperor already dissolved the senate" line from ANH. In some story in the universe somewhere it matters, just not in this movie. None of the characters or plot required that planet to shoot other planets. It could have been a huge base somewhere and that would have worked. It just felt tacked on. Now, I love this movie and probably rank it 3rd in my personal list. But that's because almost all of the movies have useless bits that don't matter. As to the poster that went on about JJ ruining everything. He basically illustrates one of the major factors I use to just ignore someone's opinion. JJ was the director and co-writer of this movie. He is in no way responsible for the future of Star Wars or the decisions Kennedy and Lucasfilm have made regarding canon. It stinks of preconceived hatreds and wanting things to be bad. I can go into any, ANY, Star Wars movie and rip it to shreds. Some are easier than others, but they're all susceptible. Actually, cinema sins has already done that in YouTube. It's fun.
  4. I've found that I generally agree with the posters I used to agree with on various new forms of Star Wars and I mostly disagree with those I previously disagreed with on new Star Wars stuff. For me, I very much enjoyed the new movie. Starkiller base is the only thing I would personally remove, it's just unnecessary, but it wasn't the focus and didn't really detract from the movie. I'm very happy that, to me, the joy of watching and wanting more Star Wars has returned and I feel bad for those that don't get that out of it. I do draw the line at TFA "killing Star Wars" though. This can't be possible in a world where Attack of the Clones exists.
  5. Yeah, you'd think they made a Star Wars movie or something. Talk about a franchise blatantly designed to sell toys to kids.
  6. I like this game. Let's see, ANH crew: SnivelingKid who shrugs of his dead family like every emo wishes they could and suddenly can block lasers with a laser sword with magic. Totally unbelievable. SnarkyPirateDude who needs to get paid for some deal we don't know or care about. Tries to steal SnivelingKid's girl and for no good reason risks the money he actually cares about to do the lame "save the day" cliche at the end PrincessBuns is cute, but a little to competent for me to be comfortable with. Not the worst, but lots of room for improvement.
  7. Don't really think it matters what Abrams wants. Kathleen Kennedy is in charge of Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson is directing and writing 8. I'm sure they'll get other writers involved, but not JJ. Really, what I'm saying is, JJ isn't responsible for the story of 8, and really wasn't on 7. Sure he had input, but like the marvel movies there are higher powers at work. I think the notion that JJ was entirely responsible for the future of Star Wars is what irritated me most in the run up to Force Awakens. Directors are important but people give them too much credit for things like plot.
  8. TIEs shot down 1 X-wing and took out Vader. That's a net negative. The Falcon flew in a straight line against 4 ties that did do a little damage to the falcon, which had no trouble flying to Yavinand participating in the battle. So not much. The ties also mostly missed a basically stationary Falcon. In all versions they would open up shooting and only land maybe 1 hit per burst. Maybe. It basically looked like the rebels episode with fewer straif runs Hoth has been covered in 1 book so far (Lost Stars) and it's covered from both sides. It didn't go well for the Empire. They got nothing. The rebels escaped with minimal losses. The Empire accomplished no goal that the rebels weren't ceding from the start. Rebels goal was to escape with minimal losses and they accomplished that to a tee. The Empire wanted to crush the rebellion and capture command staff. They accomplished 0 goals. The rebels won this engagement tactically and it's only a win in the most mindless way possible, in the end we have Hoth and they don't. The Rebels never tried to keep it. Endor. It was a disaster for the Empire. They lost a death star and a super star destroyer. Nothing the rebels lost was remotely in that category. On the ground the teddy bears did capture rebel leadership (well, they let themselves be captured), but it was 1 squad and the rebels they captured were almost alone. That was an entire legion of their best troops with armor. The only reading of that is incompetence.
  9. In ANH, if I recall correctly, the tie/ln's shot down 1 X-wing, Vader got the rest. Well, they also took out Vader via incompetence, or maybe Vader would have got them all. As far as missing the walker, they were about as bad at hitting it as they were at hitting the Falcon as it fled the 1st death star, and there were no Jedi outside blocking shots. At Hoth they beat a rebel force in full retreat after they blundered in to close to tip them off. Then failed to stop any transports protected by a measly 2 X-wings. All mooks by the way. Then they lost how many star destroyers flying into rocks? Rebels won at Hoth. They lost nothing of importance, escaped, and took out star destroyers. The whole event was a total disaster for the Empire. At Endor the lost an entire legion of their best troops to a squad of rebels and some care bears. Only one bear died on screen. There may have been injuries, but you only see one death. The space battle above they faired no better. They massively out gunned and out numbered the rebels, lost both a second death star and a super star destroyer to snub fighters and only the death star was able to take out 2 cap ships? Man, that's a **** joke. Even with the shields down they should have crushed the rebels. The Empire has been completely incompetent since day 1. They never really won an engagement against the rebels in the movies.
  10. Yeah, it looked transparent, but I wasn't sure. Also, wasn't sure if you'd done that yourself
  11. Is it still transparent? What did you do with them exactly? It's hard to guess with just the picture
  12. I'm waiting as well, but like the OP said, Josh is a first time KS runner and is plagued by his own success. Honestly I think he's doing pretty well at coming up with solutions to the problems he has encountered. I want my products, but it's kickstarter and I can still play without them
  13. I don't think we can make that assumption at all. TCW started off badly, especially that terrible movie and Rebels only has one season under it's belt. Season 2 is off to a fantastic start and based on that small sample is much better than TCW was at this point. Who is to say that Rebels won't be the far superior product by season 5. Side note, the Kanan comic did TCW era stuff better than TCW in my opinion, but it's only like 6 issues in.
  14. A lot of historians will tell you that is the same conflict with a decent length cease fire in between. Even over the course of WW1 they went from riding horses while wearing bright colors to drab fatigues and gas masks. You could argue using chemical weapons was more advanced and horrify than oat of the weapons used in the European theatre in WW2. The Cold War is really a continuation of that and the problems the west is having with the Mideast can be traced back to WW1 too. I think of it a little like a game of risk. There are battles I the beginning but then people tend to settle in and build up a bit. Sorta the same concept.
  15. Define reasonable. I'm willing to trade my spare for a small expansion (9.99 from online outlets). Seems fair to me, people pay more for 2 autothruster cards.
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